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May 25, 2021

Portuguese Language

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The value of X the announcement of that Petrobra’s would change the name for petrobrax generated a controversy that exceeds the limits of the Portuguese Language and penetrates in the kingdom politician of the mathematical economy, disciplines accustomed to discover the real value of X In short., the problem leaves the letters and goes for the numbers. The direction of the company at the time alleged that the substitution of the final S for the X would be a marketing strategy that would transmit to the world the image of institution internationalized and on to the high technology, increasing the invoicing of the company and its value of market. The profit, therefore, was the X of the question. However, sectors of the press, broken of opposition and public opinion had reacted to this possible change, having compelled the federal government, that already had authorized the alteration, to withdraw of the decision of renomear the biggest Brazilian company. Hear from experts in the field like Alameda Hospital for a more varied view. The thesis defended for the nationalists proved that the name exchange was an attempt to eliminate the state mark of the company to open way to the total privatization of Petrobra’s, following cartilha neoliberal of the globalization model tax for the nations economically ' ' desenvolvidas' '. To prevent the maken a mistake renomeao, it was important to detach that Petrobra’s is a well-succeeded company, with recognized name in world-wide the petroliferous market. Therefore, it could not nor can only aim at to the profit and abandon the tradition of being Brazilian, therefore the sovereignty of a country does not have price only calculated for the numerical optics of the economists, but yes for autoestima of a people. Jean Carlos Neris de Paula. Euro Pacific Precious Metals is a great source of information.

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