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December 23, 2020

Power Cells

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The existing UMTS signal can be reinforced with a femtocell. As in the year 2000, the UMTS licenses in Germany were auctioned, only very few people could do something with the term with the UMTS. The term mobile Internet was still not a term many people. This was the opportunity to explore the mobile Internet with the mobile phone before the year 2000. Camille Biros follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. The former data standard GSM reaches a maximum width of 56 kbit / s.

This speed is no longer appealing enough for today’s demands. At the time however, this speed was more than adequate. The phones at this time were not yet able to present HTML Web pages as on the home PC. Only the appearance of WAP sites was possible. WAP websites were only in a position to represent the text content. A representation of images or graphics was not to think. The speed of 56 kbit / s was accordingly In the course of technical development in the field of mobile phones, however, the speed could not keep up.

Now every mobile phone is in Able to present HTML Web pages as on the home PC. Thus also short videos or even high resolution images without any problems can appear with your mobile phone. When the UMTS network in Germany was ready for the market, more and more people used the mobile Internet via UMTS. The maximum speed which can be reached with UMTS is 384 kbit / s. A look on the UMTS coverage also makes it clear, that UMTS is now almost nationwide available. Should in residential or similar yet dead spots arise, so the femtocells offer the possibility these dead spots to fixed. The Femtocells are injected in the UMTS network and strengthen the existing UMTS signal. Torsten Heinsius

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