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October 29, 2019


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In a report of organizations of marketing by electronic mail, were stated that the directed electronic mails have generated an average of 664,000 dollars to the month in income-more of four times the one of a month 159,000 dollars of the electronic mails that do not do it. Those that makes businesses onlinea travez of motors search do not recognize the potential of personalisation of electronic mail. More of 79% of the salesmen in line, the segmentation of the electronic mail figure like its maximum priority for the future next. That is right in front of automatization and personalisation of product recommendations (76%). To evolve beyond the basic segmentation of attributes the personalisation degrees they include an ample phantom. Years ago, first using the name of a person in an email marketing it was considered of vanguard. Nowadays, the basic electronic mail and personalisation of the specific contents can be based on the sort, geographic location, and the metric ones of electronic mail of answer (for example, the rates of opening, click-through, the percentage of abandonments, etc.) the points of data are quite fundamental and will limit the personalisation precision that an electronic mail and marketing of motors search can reach.

Ideally, the personalisation also takes advantage of a basic client data who reflects so much the historical activity and in real time the interaction with a Web site, as well as out of line the data of activity of the channel. Nowadays, the marketing of motors search or the email marketing, the behavioural techniques of commercialization must be used with the purpose of to make sure a good position in their niche specific market. By means of the use of demographic information vital personnel, you can specifically settle down clearly his messages of marketing to target of the client who its company is looking for. These points of data can be: Activida in real time of the Web site historical activity Web site (for example, newness and the frequency) Purchases and events of conversion Payment search and visualization of announcements of click-through Survey of the participation buys in the store Calls to the analysis center interactionProfitability (that is to say, the clients of high value of seasonal activities (for example, the vacations of summer) the necessary processes of integration and analysis and technologies for the segmentation and the personalisation more outposts are not in march in many organizations. For example, only 18% of the salesmen in line own the data of the activity of the Web site in order to give sent messages of electronic mail. Nowadays the email and marketing of motors search must use several specific techniques of personalisation with the purpose of to make arrive their message concrete that wishes its market.

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