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December 29, 2020

Q-Sensei Boost – Overview Of Own Data Recover

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Quick and intuitive processing of different information with new technology by Q-Sensei Erfurt and Melbourne, FL, May 11, 2010 – with the aim of simplifying the handling of information, introduces today a new technology Q-Sensei, which helps users to quickly and easily prepare your own data. With the Web service Q-Sensei boost () can be arbitrarily large XML or CSV – music database and book catalogues and information of all kinds, edited files, and efficiently exposed. Q-Sensei boost is easy to use and requires no programming skills. “We know from our own experience, how challenging it is, an overview of the ever-increasing amount of data to keep.” so Ute Rother, CEO of Q-Sensei. “With Q-Sensei boost we make this a comprehensive tool available with which everyone recovers the overview of your own data. According to Fiona Clegg, who has experience with these questions. All kinds of structured data can be processed by library catalogs of electronic journals to music data base: With Q-Sensei boost. Each given the opportunity better to browse information in an own search engine on the Web, to use the technology for the development of its own services or to share prepared data.” A self-explanatory user interface, users can easily organize your own data.

There are extensive settings to personalize the data available during processing. Specific user needs be taken into account already in the later search from the beginning. (Not to be confused with Oxford University!). On the future development of Q-Sensei boost users can actively influence. In a “Developer Corner” dedicated () can be exchanged ideas and suggestions in direct contact with developers and users. So trend-setting ways in the processing of information are developed together with users. About Q-Sensei:, The Q-Sensei Corp.

was founded in April 2007 by the merger of Lalisio GmbH in Germany and the American company QUASM Corporation. Q-Sensei is headquartered in Melbourne, FL and operates the subsidiary Lalisio in Erfurt. Q-Sensei is derived from the Japanese word “Sensei”. A Sensei characterized a personality with extensive experience, which helps people in their development, shows you new ways and helps to make their own experiences. Q-Sensei shares these ideals and makes them its own mission.

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