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August 8, 2019

Qualification Examination

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Qualification examination and assignment status of the lawyer qualification examination is conducted in two phases: the answer to written questions from the applicant requested an oral interview and select a ticket for prepare a written response to questions the applicant submitted the required time. General requirements for the exam and apply to take a qualifying exam for lawyers. During the exam Minutes shall be taken, which contains all the questions posed by members of the commission, and a summary of their responses. The protocol is the Secretary of the Qualification Commission and signed by all committee members, as well as a person passed the exam. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Jeff Flake and gain more knowledge.. A person who is full and correct answers to most questions, it is considered to pass the exam.

If, in respect of the applicant, passed the exam, issued a negative decision, he has the right to appeal to the same Qualification Commission, which was seen in a specially established for this day, in the presence of the applicant. Applicant who do not pass the qualification examination may be allowed to resit it no earlier than a year later. Term solution to the question of assigning the status of the citizen lawyer – 3 months from the date of application. Filed under: Chief of Staff. And after making the decision on granting the status of attorney challenger becomes his owner, but before that he must take an oath, as it was since it was adopted shall enter into force the decision of the Qualification Commission of conferring status as an attorney and the applicant becomes a member of the Bar Association. The oath taken by counsel in festive atmosphere. An applicant who successfully passed the qualifying exam can not be denied the status of the assignment of counsel. This is possible only if, after examination and before the adoption of Qualification Commission decisions will be identified circumstances under which the assignment is unacceptable status as an attorney may decide to refuse the assignment of the status of counsel. Possession of the status of lawyer not limited to any terms, including with regard to its age.

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