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March 22, 2015

Qualities for Future Job

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Teper think carefully about what positive qualities you want to use on future job. Get more background information with materials from Peter Asaro. What do you enjoy doing and that would like to do, even if you had amount of money that would allow you not to work. 3.Reshite where you can apply your talents and abilities, in what area you may be the best. Do not limit yourself to your profession. If you are sincerely and strongly you want, then you’ll find the right job for you even if you have a completely different profession you have a complete lack of experience. Do not be afraid of their desires.

There is nothing unreal. 4.Predstavte his future place in the details work: wages, working conditions, relations with superiors, staff, location of the office, work schedule, career, performed duties. Try to think through every detail. The more factors you take into account your, the more pleasure you will receive in the future of your work. 5.Na for 1 month, working more on the previous job, every day, imagine yourself in the details of your future work. Try to do this several times in throughout the day. 6.Sformuliruete positively and in the present tense a few basic phrases that will reflect your aspirations.

For example: I want to work / work in a team, which adheres to such a property. I want to get / get such and such a salary. I want to be / get pleasure from my work. I want to run / perform such a duty. Etc.

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