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July 6, 2013

Really Make Money

Category: General – Joan – 8:11 pm

There are so many places on the internet that offer the possibility to earn money through various and varied methods, which leads us to the conclusion of ask the sailor if this is really possible. Pages of this type we’ve all seen and we’ve seen comments in these webs of people claiming to have won a certain amount of considerable money with these methods, but someone really know someone in person who won money on the internet. This is perhaps an urban legend, or simply a scam. Well, what we want to find out and in this we are, is this same. For 2 or 3 years I’ve been introduciendome in this small big world and I’ve been taking my conclusions, which are summarized thus: it is possible to make money online, but it is also possible to fall in numerous scams. There is more chance of falling into scams that earn money and that must be taken into account. As in most of the media, if it is not at all, the main source of revenue comes from advertising, this is that moves the world, and of course, internet. Taking into account that internet all users form it with their websites, forums, blogs, etc., then we are part of the internet. Advertising moves to us also. The problem is that we usually are on the side of the consumer, but, and if we are positioned on the side of the advertiser, the person who puts the ads and not in which sees them.

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