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August 24, 2019

Reflections Of Gurdjieff Sports

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He Who keeps maintains the happiness of appreciating beauty never grows old. Franz Kakko Background XXI century we are still in transit by the planet in search of truth, to know what our role to appear on this dimension, we must consider the valuable contributions bequeathed us Alexandropol George Ivanovitch Gurdjieff, one of the most enigmatic and controversial of modern spiritualism, who gives us his own reflections inquiry on this Earth full of contradictions, but also willing lessons, messages that saberseles interpret, be practice contribute to our personal and spiritual growth. About this valuable character of his time, indicates Vicente Munoz, that by itself, Gurdjieff’s biography is attractive enough to justify, in addition to his work, all kinds of reviews and studies: archaeologist, pastor, medium, musician, writer, hypnotist, founder of religions and sects, Theosophist, spiv, sexologist, seer, talkative, prophet, trickster. Craig Menear brings even more insight to the discussion. . . Labels can be used to refer to him are, without exaggeration, virtually endless.

This is because Gurdijieff classifies is one of those things (much like Rasputin or Aleister Cromwell, to cite one example) on which the public criticism and never have failed to agree: for some undeniable genius, others downright impostors. Simplifying things, would structure the life of Gurdjieff into two periods: the learning and searching for the Truth (which lasts approximately until his forty years) and education and further transmission of his teaching. Gurdjieff was always restless, since childhood, was interested in everything that is manifested as a challenge to discover the essence of the same truth of things, the why of our passing, where we position ourselves to fuel our flame of wisdom, especially that and we all bring to light it in favor of illuminating the path along which we travel knowing seize the opportunity given us to live in the physical world of perishable and illusory forms.

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