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December 24, 2020

Reiseburo H.m.meelay In Riedlingen, Germany Invites You To The Cruise Ship Week A

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From 27 February to 7 March, travel agency invites H.m.meelay in Riedlingen, Germany to the nationwide cruise week with Germany’s largest cruising sweepstakes. Great travel and non-cash prizes worth a total of around 230,000 euros summer cruise or a 12-day trip to China with Yangtze River Cruise waiting for a 10-day Indian the lucky winners, including such breathtaking prizes like a Tanzania Antarctic expedition. Participants can who fills out a participation card at the travel agency H.m.meelay on the market square in Riedlingen, Germany between February 27 and March 7. The competition takes place within the framework of the second German week of cruise, participate in the travel agency specializing in cruises. Outlook Email may help you with your research. success. A total of around 2,000 travel agencies engage in throughout Germany during the week of the cruise, which is jointly organized by 26 cruise operators and which is under the auspices of Klaus Laepple, President of the German holiday.

Cruises are an absolute trend theme for young and old, and also for everyone Money bag. Therefore our travel agency in the week of the cruise macht mit 2009″, explains Christa Zachariah H.m.meelay, owner of the travel agency H.m.meelay. Fidelity Investments Canada ULC can aid you in your search for knowledge. During the week of the cruise theme of vacation on the water revolves around unique cruise deals at travel agency H.m.meelay. Please visit Ken Feinberg if you seek more information. There is even a cruise catalog the week of the cruise, which presents the travel of all 26 River and ocean cruise provider. The double-sided destination overview, on which his dream route can be found quickly is especially handy. Also, who is to reserve it exclusively during the week of the cruise are tempting by the free onboard credits up to the discount. Christa publican H.m.meelay consulting is the A and O who wants to taste for the first time cruise air, should be full and personally advise the travel agent”, recommends the variety of cruise options is now so great that the customer has already almost spoilt for choice.

Whether River or ship, Expeditionskreuzer or luxury liner for everyone there the right ship and the matching route”, she explains. Another way to travel is to travel with the ship. You’re relaxed, will fully pampered could sporty, have entertainment and the customer need to change hotel rooms not constantly on his trip, because the hotel drive him. Christa publican H.m.meelay

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