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June 12, 2012

Ricardo Semler

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As theoreticians more recent as Robert Young, the miscomprehended is not present in the act of if investing in new enterprises. The first sight, on the basis of the theory of these scientists, the controller of the Semco could not be considered an entrepreneur, but, in one analyzes more gone deep, to notice it that the acquisitions and partnerships of the company had come of meeting with trends of futures market e, in this in case that, to find new niches of market and solutions to face the dynamics of the market in the contemporaneity, happened as the globalization, is not an activity that a simple investor would obtain only with its vision and experience in the market financier. For the Austrian economist Joseph Schumpeter, entrepreneur is all that one that obtains to destroy standards old, substituting them for others of bigger effectiveness and productivity, and ahead of this definition, do not have doubts that Semler is in fact a phenomenal entrepreneur. It developed a different form to give to some services offering products of quality at an opportune moment in the market and with significant innovations, mainly in new methodologies of work with its team. Exactly in the economist vision of the classic theoreticians of the miscomprehended, he notices himself that Ricardo Semler is in fact an entrepreneur beyond its time, visionary.

The form as Semler manages the Semco group, with focus in the individual, in the people, must be the center of the attentions in a full world of new technologies of information. The competitiveness and the success in the enterprise area of the current days are only reached when ‘ Intellectual’ capital; it is used of efficient form, going beyond the simple use of the knowledge, of experience and of the specialization. The entrepreneur must harmonize individual or collective efforts and to be capable to create something new and creative. The entrepreneur of the Semco if perfectly encases in all the aspects and concepts that can identify or classify an administrator beyond its time, the proper creation of a Corporate Venturing as one of its diversified activities already is the sample enough to certify its profile. 4. Bibliographies 4,1 Books? DEGEN, Ronald Jean. The entrepreneur: bedding of the enterprise initiative. So Paulo: McGraw-Hill, 1989.

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