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March 4, 2021

Russian Culture

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What is needed for Russia as an idea that could unite many peoples, cultures and religions? The paradox is that in a country with so many people as Russia, oddly enough, but "people are missing the people." The total secrecy and distrust of each other for almost 20 years of age formed the man's loneliness and a huge chasm between people. This can give a definition as: "social density". Today, public low density, which leads to one negative thing called a "low state immunity." Events in our country to prove it every day. It turns out that the inefficiency of the state – is not nothing but a low social density or weak civil society. Is the power to think about what she had to create a society? I am sure that half the officers did not know the meaning of the term "civil society".

But, in appear, and the citizens themselves do not know what it is. Millennium management shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Can conduct simple experiments. In Yandex, type the word "public figures" and then the word "sex" and compare the number of requests. Please note that this number requests per month! I must say that sitting on the internet all the authorities and society, but that there is some reality shows public inquiry – that's for sure. That's when the two terms on the number of equal, we can say with certainty that civil society exists in Russia. We return to the traditional national idea. It's very simple and requires no further explanation and extensive tracts.

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