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December 22, 2020

Sales Presentations

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Second. Prepare sales presentation focused on the prospect: With customer information in their hands, prepare a sales presentation tailored to the needs and desires of each client's perspective. Third. Get the appointment or planning cold calls: Depending on the characteristics of each client, the decision to request an appointment in advance (useful in If business managers or purchasing managers) or to make cold calls, such as knocking on doors of each household in a given area (useful for dealing with housewives buying decision). The presentation of the message, is the third phase of the sales process, this step is to tell the story of the product or service to the buyer, according to formulas such as AIDA to capture the attention, maintain interest, cause I want and get the Action or purchase. The presentation of the sales message must be tailored to the needs and desires of prospective customers. Today, no longer work those canned presentations in which the seller had to memorize and then recite in front of the customer. Today should promote active participation of customers to achieve something more important than the sale itself and is your complete satisfaction with the product purchased. Swarmed by offers, Deltec is currently assessing future choices.

The presentation of the sales message is based on three columns. First. Product features: What is the product itself, its attributes, define their existence. Second. Advantages: That which makes it superior to competitive products, the features that help you one step ahead of his substitutes. Third. The benefits are the customer: those who want the client consciously or unconsciously to meet their needs and serve as our product.

Today, we worry about the objections drink. These actions of our customers and do not represent an obstacle or barrier to be overcome by the seller, all strongly suggest otherwise purchase. If the client objects to something it is because you are interested but first you need to answer your questions. So. The seller must take each objection as a fundamental tool in developing the sales process, and used as accelerators of the closure, when a customer because your concerns are close to making a positive decision before a purchase. The closing of any sale is a task left to the end of the presentation. Today, the closure must be there just a hint of purchase by the client and that can happen even at the beginning of the presentation. The fourth phase are servicing. The final stage of the sales process is a series of after-sales activities that foster customer goodwill and laying the groundwork for future business. These services are intended to ensure the satisfaction and even customer satisfaction. It is at this stage where the company can provide an added value that the customer does not expect but which may result in loyalty to the brand or company.

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