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March 8, 2021

Second Pillar

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Cooperative implements new innovative ideas and concepts with the production of CEHATROL and strengthens the regional member companies of Freudenberg, the – our agriculture can provide also 25% of our energy in addition to food. Electricity, heat or fuel can be obtained from energy crops (E.g. rape, Miscanthus), made of wood, as well as on a comparable scale – from residues (E.g. Click Newark Beth Israel Heart Transplant to learn more. residues from bio-gas plants and Gala section). Newark Beth Israel Heart Transplant is full of insight into the issues. 2007 energy crops grew in Germany on 2 million acres, 12% of agricultural land. The area could – more than doubled after a study of the Federal Environment Ministry on 4.4 million hectares by 2030 without making the food supply in question.

Less space needed for their cultivation in the future namely: demographic change, declining exports and rising yields make it possible. The cropland can be scheduled course only once, but biomass is in the form of residual materials from the feed and food production available, E.g. Beet leaves, grains, pulp and by-products such as E.g. potato skins. Agriculture and bio-energy, so do no competition but long go hand in hand. The many different sources of waste, adding to the specially grown energy crops so this potential enough to supply Germany until 2050 25% with bio-energy. Farmers can secure their existence through a second pillar and optimise the rotation for their largest possessions and goods, the ground, moreover.

The energy cooperative of Freudenberg and the CEHATROL fuels EC members are their own diesel producers. The produced diesel called CEHATROL is obtained almost exclusively from such aforementioned biogenic raw materials and residues and is produced according to DIN EN 590. Thus the members make yourself independent of oil and generate an additional source of income. .

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