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December 29, 2020

Smower Device

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Great advantage makes the machine that it had had a timer. Can program the device to operate over the required number of hours – a very handy option. Pay attention to extra features that manufacturers supplying air purifiers. The humidifier is not always necessary, for example, if your city high humidity, the additional moisture can adversely affect health. The more moisture necessary only during the heating season, which means that 9 months of the year function would not be in demand.

But the ionization of the air rather useful feature, and if you have the opportunity to pay a few more, then purchase air cleaner with a function of ionization. Ionization is useful in almost all cases, ionized, that is charged positive and negative ions of oxygen, the air is beneficial for the body man, saturating it with oxygen. Overview of the most popular air purifiers and ionizers. Smower 20B-06 and Smower 20B-05. This purifier and ionizer, made by German technology, is a fairly successful attempt to create an effective apparatus for a reasonable price. The device has the following filters: photocatalytic, hepa filter, carbon filter, pre-filter and dust collector. Installed uv lamp, safe for humans and animals and kill viruses and germs. Has a "night mode".

The timer can be set to the interval from 30 minutes to 8 hours. Provides a remote control. Block filter is fairly large size, which increases its service life and provides a high depth of treatment. The device has a very stylish design.

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