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August 13, 2012

Social Welfare

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Contrariando the fashion of neoliberalismo, the world today, attends to a return of the state intervention in banks and private companies, release of bilionrios loans, protectionism of market and promotion of workmanships for the creation of jobs, call currently of neo-interventionism, a species of new edition of ‘ ‘ New Deal’ ‘ ‘ ‘ New State of Welfare Social.’ ‘ No longer Brazil, the economy that came in recent years growing, the crisis also arrived with everything, although the announcements of the government of that it would not affect the country in such a way, the numbers demonstrates the opposite, where the resignations already only surpass 700,000, being that Brazil would need to generate to each year about 1.000.000 jobs in order following the population growth. The announcements of self-sufficiency of the oil, discovered of new deposits of oil and natural gas in the layer daily pay-salt and the diversification of commercial exchanges with new partners for the world had mainly not been enough to contain the crisis. Although all the negative effect of the crisis, I believe that it is a possibility so that the man rethink its form of life he can make and it of sustainable form, in such a way ambiently as socially. A new democracy, where in fact it exists and includes all the society in the benefits of the globalizado world and half technician-scientific and informacional it is a way, thus searching, the necessary balance between the economy, the environment and the social one. Great concentration of income, bilionrios profits without the requirement of the social counterpart in job guarantee and income, and the wild consumption needs to finish. Luciano Coast.

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