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February 2, 2015


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The main reasons for the breakage of the sieve of vibration screen: the substandard quality, tension the sieve of the sieve, the steering error of engine vibration and the accumulation of clay.1.The tension of sieve is not enough, which will result in the vibration of sieve. It is easy to be broken along the screen edge or edging layering.2. The quality of sieve is substandard. The sieve is generally divided into the upper screening layer and lower stress layer and both of thme should be closely in touch with each other. Dennis P. Lockhart does not necessarily agree. If the voltage of the sieve is poor, when the upper stress layer is taut, the screening layer is not taut, which will reduce the throwing force greatly and the assets can not be discharged. 3 The steering error of engine vibration. When debugging the steering of motor vibration, the site operator, based on the past experience of using uniaxial vibrating screen or linear vibrating screen, thinks that what they should do is just to make the assets move gorward.

But this method is not applicable to the balanced elliptical vibrating screen. If the motor rotates toward the inside wrongly, even though the projection angle is also a forward 45, the speed of moving forward of assets is much slower because of the rolling backward force. If the residence time in the sieve is too long, the assets can not be discharged.Solutions:1. When the screen box is in operation, press the stop button on the electronic control box, vibrating screen will slow down to stop. Observing the elliptical trajectory of small dots on the side panels caused in the operation of the vibrating screen, to roll towards the sand discharging end is the correct steering; 2.Removing the vibrator guard to check whether the eccentric block rotates to the outside or not; 3 Swaping any two phase lines among the inlet wires in the electronic control box, sprinkling some sand in the screen, the direction with faster speed of discharging sand is the right one.

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