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May 2, 2021

Spanish Poems

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“A Pan of Memory” is the poem that closes the first part. And the title poem takes us to the Laja of children where it appears baker’s yeast from memory. At the end of the collection we will meet again, on a recurring basis, the word bread. In this poem we meet again with the house that was the size of the world, with the same experience, with a time in his grave, which could symbolize a dead past, under baseboards, in every crevice, the grass is born – life – like the hair of the dead and see how life comes death. These few memories are my only / certainties … Interestingly, there are writers who doubt the reliability of memory, such as Spanish novelist Paloma Diaz Mas, and here William tells us that only in memory has an awareness of the accuracy of the past. Childhood is the leitmotif of this first part of the collection, rain, water, pots, celery, rice, parsley, and basil, are, as I mentioned earlier and as is repeated throughout the poems, elements that make up the daily bread of memory that gives title to this poem and the poet returns to the end.

And read again in the second part of the book. The characteristics of childhood are: ignorance of old age (and deterioration) of death. The child also does not differentiate between sleep and wakefulness – between magic and reality – between hand side of the mirror, that is, reflecting real and what’s more alla.El closet could be a symbol of the tomb of William was talking about earlier, which stores the old and the dead, home to the grandfather fallecido.El poet perhaps already as a child, living among the shadows, lives next to the dead, without any fear, perhaps for that very ignorance that everything is alive will die one day.

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