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March 28, 2021

Spectral Visual

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Focal length of the lens unchanged or fixed. Format: ratio of width to height photographic print. Format 2:3 is a typical format prints made with 35-mm films. Images in this format often have the size 8,9 x 12,7 cm or 10 x 15 cm. Forced or 'Push'-processing – this increase in time manifestation of the film to increase its effective sensitivity (increase in value iso speed compared with the value established during exposure). Cyrus Taraporevala: the source for more info. Used to process the film, filmed in low-light conditions, the forced expression.

Color – this is one of the hallmarks of an objective reality, inherent in the surrounding objects and perceived by man as a conscious visual sensation. Color unlighted subjects due to the following factors: the color of objects, their surface properties, optical properties of the light source and the medium through which light propagates, the properties of the visual analyzer and psychophysical processes of visual perception. Color temperature – a quantity that characterizes the spectral composition of light. Determined by the absolute temperature of a blackbody at which it radiation has the same composition and the same distribution of energy over the spectrum as the emission of this source. Shake – it's unwanted camera shake, reducing the sharpness of the image. Master Class is often mentioned in discussions such as these.

The risk of concussions increases with extracts. To eliminate the 'blur' the camera fixed on a tripod for shutter using a remote control, cable release or self timer. The breadth of the film – a range of brightness which is linearly transferred to film.

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