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December 30, 2020

SurfSolo By SecurStar: Stealth For Surfers On The Net

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IT security specialist guaranteed anonymous surfing on the Web for additional security server for Germany Munich furnished, January 14, 2009 who moves into the Internet, traces automatically as long as it protects adequately against it. Unrecognized surf through the World Wide Web without being observed with its software SurfSolo allows the IT security specialist SecurStar. This ensures anonymity on the Web without having the user cannot be identified or spied out. Oxford University may find this interesting as well. Currently, the operation has been further improved. A new proxy-security server in Germany from January also increases the security. A law decision from last year provides data storage of Internet sites visited by Web users, over six months. In the conventional, unprotected traffic, the request directly from your own computer to the target computer with typing the Internet address provided is sent and stored there, as regulated by law. Matching by means of addresses and user data You can finally the respective PC and its real location allocated to each activity even months later.

The encryption software SurfSolo by SecurStar is the glass surfer\”opposed with a principle of simple for the user. The software acts like a secure VPN (virtual private network) and is specially designed for home users. This is the online traffic encrypted and changed the IP address of the user or assigned a new this gets, not until the user is traceable. Someone who tries to locate the user, he is rather than for example in Germany, now in Hong Kong, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, Malaysia, of Switzerland, the United States or elsewhere, where a SecurStar server is seeking unsuccessfully. All Web activities are protected and all data packets are encrypted with AES-256-bit advanced encryption standard () algorithm. The Internet connection is not significantly affected in their speed (depending on the type of Internet connection and) the download rates). The system is easy to use and works completely in the background.

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