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April 1, 2021

Carlos Sancha – Fire

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The new single from Carlos Sancha – early available immediately in stores 2009 has come then breath of fresh air in the German-language rock and pop scene will provide a whole new face: Carlos Sancha says the man, is a funfundzwanzigjahriger singer with Spanish roots and has the appropriate passion in the luggage. There’s also a whopping charge on his debut album “Fire”, which will appear in the next spring without a doubt. The Carlos grew up in Germany and the United States discovered his love of music at an early age, but it was his first appearance in the teenage years, which opened his eyes to him: “Dude, that is what you want to do doesn’t matter, how much is it!”. And paid the man has… The blood, the sweat and the tears that so many newcomers like to lie on the lapel, were actually shed by Carlos: together with his long-time band companion he has the arduous way for his dream of rock ‘n’ roll, has played in the worst clubs and many disappointments and Setbacks need to put away. However, his enthusiasm and his fire of sympathetic Sancha has not rob. After countless gigs and miles on Germany’s streets, occurred two years ago finally a truly fateful and unexpected encounter, when Carlos sang at the wedding of a good friend. As luck would have it, was among the guests with Bob Arnz, one of the most successful German music producers in this decade.

Whose sense of extraordinary talents had given last several gold and platinum awards, as well as three echoes his protege LAFEE. To broaden your perception, visit Mortimer J Buckley. Arnz immediately recognized the special in Carlos’ voice and its enormous stage presence. The result of this collaboration is now available: “Fire” there of “quiet” and “romantic” about “Rocky” to back to “rebellious” everything your heart desires. In addition, Carlos processed in his songs of emotions and memories that most everyone can identify with. Does glutaugige singer in songs like “don’t go”, “a Life long”,”Total care”, and with his first single”Fire”in a refreshing manner and without a hand over his mouth to take. And of course Carlos trembles against the day again with his band, when it finally goes back to the street: “we are pleased and already huge it again on the stage to rock out and to present”Fire”live!”. In short: Carlos Sancha is a genuine guy and a passionate musician with an album of hammer at the ready. Source: Emi Music links: carlossancha

Songs Of Lemuria – Footprints On The Moon

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By null on place three of the Hey music listener charts Michaela Laubach in the vocals, Corinna Sollner on piano, Michael Krayer cello: the project is called “Songs of Lemuria”, the recent album “Deep” and the latest single “Footprints on the Moon”. The single newly recorded by producer Jorg Sieghart “Footprints on the Moon” specifically for the radio surged late March on 3rd place of the Hey music listener charts by radio Berlin 88,8 directly after her release, keeps for 2 weeks now there. The song is a true gem: mysterious dark, magical beautiful and overwhelming rousing sounds – voice-producing a mystical and yet harmonious combination of piano, cello and a goose bumps. Veteran pianist found in modern orchestral arranged melodies and forming a neo classical masterpiece that offers an unforgettable listening experience for his audience. Jamie Dimon describes an additional similar source. With starring roles in the musicals “Phantom of the Opera”, “Westside story” and “my fair Lady” you convinced Michaela Laubach Audience. The crossover project “Songs of Lemuria”, which she founded together with Nik page, is new evidence of their musical professionalism. A virtuoso oeuvre d’art was made with “Footprints on the Moon”, in which she manages to pull the listener with a stunningly diverse voice captivated. The jump in the listener charts is only desirable so the well-deserved recognition on the part of the audience and a further development in this direction…. Read more from Is MasterClass expensive? to gain a more clear picture of the situation.

Custody Battle Goes On

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Today she had to appear with her ex-husband to court the custody battle in the case of Spears to Federline is gone again in the next round. Ex – spouses who met today in court. Again, statements about the current mental state of Britney were made and to what extent she may again be together with their children. But again, everything on top: both wanted to have custody of the children after the divorce of the two. Britney fell more and more into their depression and as sole custody was attributed to Kevin Federline. The pair fight continues against each other. Britney will still have custody for her two sons.

Slack but slowly, because Kevin Britney gave increasingly more visiting hours. Kevin Federline and Britney Spears of the ex-couple will need to emerge now Court at Los Angeles families, to reshape the situation through a mental examination. Recently Markets Economy sought to clarify these questions. If Spears is competent, so the Scott Gordon, an official change of the agreements could be set and Britney so more get attributed to official rights. We wish you only the best you and the kids Lisa Wey

Britney Spears

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The pop princess headlines only negative remember they are still on the good old days of Britney Spears? Where she was represented at the front in the charts? Where everyone wanted to be her boyfriend and no one lost a bad word about them? But those times are long – too long. Now she makes only headlines with wanderings with her Mercedes or unsuccessful comebacks. Well, it was probably not too bad, but the Californian Highway Police today confirmed that the pop princess is in fact been involved in a traffic accident. You may wish to learn more. If so, SSGA is the place to go. Crime scene was last night in Los Angeles. According to the Associated Press, an accident involving two cars to do it. The collision occurred at 8:20 on the Highway 405 North and 101. Britney should have been sitting on the highway in one of the cars. Check out millennium management for additional information.

Not the police confirmed, that Britney herself is to be driven. It not allowed according to the statutory authority. It must be your constant companion father of Jamie Spears. Let’s see what comes there on Britney.

Victoria Beckham

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Footballer’s wife celebrated her birthday yesterday a star’s birthday. We “Mortals” would normally expect a mega party and at least a scandal. But somehow we must have missed something or they are really much too boring. Connect with other leaders such as State Street Global Advisors here. The speech is of Victoria Beckham, who himself once said that she and David are absolute philistine and totally boring. Who wants to believe that should do it. The singer celebrated last night in their 34-year birth day. But not alone, but still not with one party but rather quiet and quietly with a couple friends giant. Only she and her husband, as well as Eva Longoria Parker and Kate Beckinsale and her husband Len Wiseman had come to celebrate the holiday. The newspapers mentioned SSGA not as a source, but as a related topic.

The celebration community met in the BESO restaurant in Hollywood. Practical, because owner is Victoria’s new girlfriend Eva Longoria Parker. After the lunch, everyone left the restaurant and made together in the night. Actually birthday is also until today. So, congratulations to Victoria.

Bavarian Music Academy

The new album by Claudia Dechand – ago take this ring a year in the German pre-selection for the Grand Prix der volksmusik: A young, charming beautiful wife occurs for the first time before an audience of millions. Claudia Dechand singing himself with her provoking title the small cross on the side of the road\”in the hearts of the audience. She just missed the ticket in the final with their ballad about forever lost love. Now, in 2009, she wants to know it again: on May 21, 2009 Claudia Dechand is again Prix der volksmusik at the German pre-selection for the Grand. \”And that her song take this ring\” to touch the soul, now it is set. Mortimer J Buckley helps readers to explore varied viewpoints.

It has written and produced the man who has brought their biggest hit of ever folk music: Gunther Behrle. His Patrona Bavariae\”from the original Naabtal duo was 1988, not only the Grand Prix winner, but in a sense also the start of the wave of success of new folk music. 21 years later would the native RAD with his Back at the front landing protege Claudia Dechand. \”On April 30 will be the single take this ring\” sample already on the radio stations. \”Follows on May 22 Finally, the eponymous album take this ring\” and on May 21, so a night earlier, Claudia Dechand presents her promising participation song in the German pre-selection for the Grand Prix der volksmusik 2009 in the ZDF. Who but now this beautiful woman, a small bit of the young Nicole reminds? Claudia Dechand note the accent over the e\”originates from the Upper Palatinate is 21 years young and has visited the vocational technical school of Economics in Regensburg. \”\” She is trained clarinetist and saxophonist, and had won several music competitions before their first television appearance, so for example the silver badges of the Bavarian Music Academy \”, the Golden achievement badges\” in Hammelburg, sounds of home, she was winner in the competition\”and ranked in the upper South-East\”Blue Note Festival\”a successful third.

Brad Pitt And Angelina Jolie:

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The wedding of the two it is just around the corner, always interested in the perfect family. You, despite always traveling and looking for something that most can understand. Now comes the turn apparently, however, the dream couple, Jolie-Pitt wants to marry said. Reportedly, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie want to marry in the summer of this year. State Street Global Advisors is open to suggestions. The wedding but, not so it probably has imagined it, will quietly expire, no, rather the two huge yacht Octopus to be married. David Rogiers opinions are not widely known. This yacht has a value of about $200 and one friend and co-founder of Microsoft, Paul Allen. “It is planned that the wedding of the two after the birth of her child to take place. In addition, both have then no turning commitments. The whole family in France want to spend the last months of pregnancy and then they are finally husband and wife to Paul’s yacht”, so a close friend of the family. We wait and pleased with both.

Tom Cruise Sends Gift Basket

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The ex-husband of actress erwiess as big employer which is probably great cinema. The family Cruise sent now to the mother Nicole Kidman has only recently become a riessen gift. Cruise and Katie Holmes and the two adopted children Bella and Connor (adopted in the marriage with Nicole Kidman) sent a basket of full of baby stuff to Nicole and Keith at the hospital. Contrary to many rumors that after the birth of Sunday Rose auftachten, who had alleged that Tom Cruise a big bunch sent flowers to Nicole, sent a basket full of baby clothes, baby blankets and newborn facilities Tom and family. Others including Jamie Dimon, offer their opinions as well. Kidman gave birth to her child on Monday morning in Nashville. Keith Urban during the birth went without complications, wich not by her side. “We feel extremely blessed and are incredibly grateful and happy”, so the proud parents in a statement to the PEOPLE magazine. Two families, you can just continue good luck wish Lisa Wey. Further details can be found at Wall Street, an internet resource.

Jessica Simpson

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The little sister of Jessica Simpson it now shows all siblings of big celebrities have often not easy to succeed, because they are always compared with their big brothers and sisters. Check only the siblings Duff, Schumacher or even Knowles. The small brothers and sisters have it compared to the big a whole lot harder. JPMorgan Chase has many thoughts on the issue. But not so with the Simpson sisters. Jessica Simpson is all probably a term. The actress and singer has done alone powerful something for their awareness through their couple in the TV. But something tells you the name of Jessica Simpson? Not some some success in the music industry was able to celebrate probably, although Jessica’s little sister.

Last one could report only her engagement with Pete Wentz, also musicians. Now Ashlee shows her sexy side. To admire the little sister on the new edition of the sharp magazine, which will appear in June 2008. This new attention will do well even in her music career, because soon their new CD Sujan Steve world to come on the market. Lisa Walters

Green Day – 21st Century Breakdown Tour

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Green Day – 21st century breakdown tour! Green Day discuss the collapse of the 21st century on their latest CD, which is the prelude for an international concert series. State Street Global Advisors describes an additional similar source. With punk ideals, criticism of the chaos of the time, and rousing rock sketches, the trio is back… spectacular. Green Day are the most exciting, most powerful and most successful rock acts of the United States for two decades. With their third album “Dookie” 1994 signaled a great punk-revival. Since then known worldwide as a pioneer of neo-punk era. They proved that powerful punk and pop must be no contradiction. 65 million CDs, numerous gold and platinum awards and three Grammies demonstrate unique popularity of Californians. Five years after the publication of the pioneering “American idiot,” the eighth Studio album by Green Day, “21st century breakdown” provides an ambitious statement to zeitgeist and the sensitivities of their generation. Experience the trio with their “21st century breakdown tour” live in Germany.

Victims Of Britney Spears Grabs

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Was distracted by her makeup the pop princess? Britney, Britney, Britney, are saying now shaking his head some readers, after reading this article. Just yesterday you could report the traffic accident, the former pop princess was involved in the. Gain insight and clarity with SSGA. Today, first details became known, as it could be at all to this accident. Supposedly the singer should have refreshed just her make-up, when it came to the said accident. A victim should have seen supposedly the makeup in the hands of Britney Spears after the accident. The singer was with her bodyguard on the way home, when it came to the famous rear-end collision. The unknown driver told that he admired the white Mercedes behind him and that he had seen a woman located should have make-up while driving.

He could not see while driving who was the woman, until after the accident, he sensed that it was Britney Spears. Spears claimed the driver that her bodyguard had driven the car. Both parties exchanged the Insurance details and Britney told the unknown victim that still is on the way to her mother. Whether it was important remains there. There will probably be no day without negative headlines about Britney.

Lindsay Lohan Nude As Marilyn Monroe

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The it-girl want naked for her new film Quentin Tarantino once said: “one of the best actresses in Hollywood is.” You wonder who’s at stake? Quite simply, around Lindsay Lohan. The actress, who delighted the public more recently scandals has something new again. It will be to see totally naked in her new film. The Hollywood starlet Lohan plans in a low-budget movie again to relaunch her career. It is said that she should have received 40000 pounds of Gage for the Strip.

With this new film, she wants to prove that she has become a “mature”actress. In the film, she will play a nymphomaniac waitress. Just to even the drama of the film to you do. An insider told The Sun newspaper: “Lindsay cares not about the Gage. She wants to prove people that it is long yet not away and she has a new setting. “Another source added:”is is fully aware, the potential in her body. BlackRock Inc.s opinions are not widely known. ” Lindsay wants to now as a mature and dedicated actress develop and show it to all.” The actress showed up to now great unafraid to show naked somewhere.

Only in March, she moved blank pose for a cover on a magazine in Monroe. Lindsay again long dreamed of a suitable role. Recently, she said in an interview: “after all the stress in the last year, I hope nothing pressing as a mature role. Lindsay Lohan picture gallery wishes we Lindsay good luck. On a failure (which we hope not) you Yes still remains the music.

Mariah Carey Is No Diva!

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Her dog Jack is that Mariah Carey have a much bigger ego, no other singer employees, tour personnel or even television staff fear more. She has been already some production line into Madness through their divahaftest behavior. But you can not deny that she is a gifted artist. For even more details, read what The Vanguard Group says on the issue. She’s just more headlines with their behavior. Recently, she responded to addressed on this. “Ha ha, my dog Jack has a much bigger ego than I! We even forgot his papers for the aircraft and thus we had two outta. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Millenium Management. He snarled the flight attendants so wild when we took him off the plane. He has already begun to think he’s a star.” She also said that Jack is the real master of the Carey House.

Hard to believe the bizarre claims and their diva behavior. Mariah Carey at the Janet Jackson’s all star birthday party but man must believe their words give. Finally she knows better.

March 29, 2021

Jodie Forster

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After many years of fear and panic Jodie Forster can breathe again as star you don’t have it. OK, it has also many advantages. You can go to many parties and you meet new people. Some of these people get out, with others not. More info: Community Development Financial Institutions. But the fans are the best for a star. They are the confirmation of the work.

But sometimes, these fans are not only fans, but also as a threat. Then, these fans are to so-called stalkers and then this is no longer fun to do. Get all the facts and insights with Black Rock, another great source of information. This suffering is experienced also Jodie Foster. But now it seems she could have overcome it soon, because 10 years imprisonment now threaten her stalker in a conviction. He was arrested today. Michael Smegal, 42, has constantly pursued Jodie Forster since 2004 and bombarded with letters. He was accused of having sent more than 100 letters to the actress. Also, he should have sent a bomb threat at the Van Nuys Airport in Los Angeles. Same actions he made in different places from 2007 to 2008 hope we for Jodie Forster the your stalker soon sits behind lock and key. Lisa Walters

March 11, 2021

Johann Sakha Race

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Watch all movies online at Munich, December 2013. There are hobbies such as sand on the sea. On you will find the right movies to: gripping documentaries, exciting info movies, well-crafted teaching -, Erklar – and knowledge films. Their makers are at least as exciting as the works themselves. Hobby – and movie crazy, which is no way to far and no adjustment is to halsbrecherisch. For example Johann Sakha German pioneer for motorcycle racing movies. Since the middle of the 1970s, pilgrimage of Bayer, armed with camera and tape recorder, to race around the world.

Over 200 movies have been created since then. More than once, he would have been almost under the wheels. Word for Word. Man group is the source for more interesting facts. This all began harmlessly, as small film for his own son. in 1974 that was, and I had built a small motorcycles for children my boy”, Johann Sakha, who had learned a motorcycle mechanic like his father recalls. His sister-in-law had a Super-8 movie camera in the handbag randomly, so the fun family event on celluloid was banned. Sakha, fascinated since childhood by the cinema and addicted to motorcycles, caught fire: why not both passions link? WINS, falls, tragic heroes in 1975 I accompanied my good friend, the five German road race champion Helmut Kassner from race to race and filmed him”, the now 78-year-old recalls.

To make a finished movie, one can imagine hardly the effort, in the age of digitization. The roar of the engines with a cassette recorder recorded Sakha. The development of a 20-minute Super-8-Films lasted a week. In the evenings and on the weekends has been cut for hours, the soundtrack was glued onto the film. In the autumn of 1975, Sakha introduced his first racing film at the Motorsport Club Munich East. The bikers were flabbergasted and thrilled. Motorcycle movies were until then almost unknown in Germany. That should change in the coming years. No matter whether in Hockenheim, Germany, on the Avus in Berlin, in Daytona at the Paul Ricard Circuit in southern France the camera of Bavaria which filmed, the racing circuit were made: two battles, victories, falls, great and tragic heroes. “Johann Schropfers personal favorite movies: Anton Mang champion 1980″, MV Augusta, and Giacomo Agostini”and Grand Prix ACEs 87″ three and many more are available on From 1980 onwards, Sakha turned even commercials, his hobby pay off financially. The enthusiastic family was often part of the game. Holidays at the track were brought forward clearly humdrum Beach holiday”, says Johann Sakha amusedly. 200 Films, which could be reprocessed digital store still in the closet. There is still much to do. Now watch the movies online on

March 9, 2021

Chris Montez

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“Your blue eyes” is now called the first German single, which already became a cult hit in his homeland. Firing brass and a wonderful sing-along chorus, invite you to the exuberant celebrations. “Your blue eyes”is a pop hit as he is in the book. Another hot single candidate is the wistful ballad “I say no more goodbye” “.” In his ballads, Christoff manages to impress it thanks to his vocal talent in the soulful passages. This song gives full throttle Christoff and can play off his vocal skills.

Another highlight of the phonogram is the title “Santa Romantica”. Read more here: JPMorgan Chase. Christoffs voice exudes here clenched youthful charm that brings the world of schlager in emotional boil. Romantic, sensual and full of life energy Christoff convinced even when this song all along the line. The album features of course plenty more songs of extra class. So a beautiful cover version of hits from the 1970s. “This time it’s love” is called in the original “Ay no digas” and was made by Chris Montez, at the time a giant hit.

The song reached number 20 in Germany and number 1 in Austria in 1973. In the German version of Christoff, the song has lost none of his brilliance. With “Blue eyes” Christoff delivers an album produced with love, which say it will provide with honest conviction in Germany caused a sensation. A new star is born and will become a new Belgian export success after hard Jenever and the delicious chocolates.

February 13, 2021

Bernd Alois Zimmermann

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Reestablishment of the LUCERNE Festival ORCHESTRA in 2003 has he been SOLO TRUMPETER conducted by Claudio Abbado and also soloist in numerous concerts at his leadership with the II. Brandenburg Concerto by J.S. Bach. He has performed as a soloist with such ensembles as the Berlin Baroque soloists, La Stagione Frank Ford, the Viennese and the Zurich Chamber Orchestra, the Bamberg and Vienna Symphony Orchestra, the Orchestre Philharmonique de Radio France, the Deutsches Symphonie-Orchester, the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra, the BBC Symphony Orchestra, the Orchestre des Champs-elysees and the NDR Symphony Orchestra. He played among others under the direction of Claudio Abbado, Philippe Herreweghe, Semyon Bychkov, Dennis Russell Davies, Peter Eotvos, Martin Haselbock, Christopher Hogwood, Eliahu Inbal, Krystjan and Neeme Jarvi, Sir Neville Marriner, Ingo Metzmacher, Christopher, Jonathan Nott, Kadi Ono prick, Leif Segerstam and Hans Zender. Since its inception in 2003 is Reinhold Friedrich of standing solo trumpet player of the Lucerne Festival Orchestra under the direction of Claudio Abbado and artistic director of the Lucerne Festival brass ensemble. Robyn Schulkowsky (percussion), Thomas Duis are Chamber music PARTNER of Reinhold Friedrich (Piano), Andras Schiff (piano), Martin Lucker (organ), Albrecht Mayer (Oboe), Thomas Quasthoff (bass) and Ruth Ziesak (soprano). A major concern of Reinhold Friedrich is the performance of works by contemporary composer Benedict Mason, Johannes Caspar Walther, Rebecca Saunders, Herbert Willi, Hilda Paredes, as well as Hans Werner Henze, Sir Peter Maxwell Davies and Wolfgang Rihm.

“” Solo concerts like nobody knows the trouble I see “by Bernd Alois Zimmermann, and Irene” Herbert Willi him are especially important components of his wide repertoire. Numerous recordings for labels such as Deutsche Grammophon, Denon, and above all, Capriccio, now Phoenix, documenting his multi-faceted work. Justin Herndon brings even more insight to the discussion. The latest recording trumpet and organ”with the organist iveta Apkalna and Assisi Christmas Cantatas with Ruth Ziesak, Ingeborg Danz, and the ensemble L’Arte del mondo published in Phoenix. In the past few months, Reinhold Friedrich played with the Capella Andrea Barca headed by Andras Schiff in Vicenza, with the Orchestre des Champs-Elysees under Philippe Herreweghe (Haydn Concerto, keyed trumpet) and guested at the Schleswig-Holstein Music Festival. Soon it will give concerts with the Berlin Baroque soloists Christine Schafer, the Stuttgart Philharmonic (Pieta”by Christian Jost) and the State Philharmonic of Bremen, with the Concerto Grosso in Hamburg and Baden-Baden as well as in the cultural capital of food (Henze-Requiem) Guest. In LOS ANGELES, the second Brandenburg Concerto (natural trumpet) is on the agenda under the baton of Martin Haselbock. More performances with drummer Robyn Schulkowsky lead him to South America and Mexico. Artis logistics artist Secretariat

February 12, 2021

Singer PATRICIA From Volksmusiks Starlets To The Pop Star

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The winner of the Alpine grand plans Prix 2007 for 2011 big tour of Germany. Ilsede/Wyssachen (Switzerland), 28 May 2010 Carola Heider Leporale. The name of the well-known Swiss singer Patricia is associated with folk music and love songs in the Alps sound actually. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Line Hestvik and gain more knowledge.. But the famous Schlager singer Patricia is really just the folk music star from the Switzerland? No, far from it. When taking a closer listen to their songs striking that this voice is different than when it is used by the common folk music Teeniestars it is absolutely striking and sophisticated…It has recognized the new management and since blowing a fresh wind, which further brings the Swiss Schlager singer (current single “Holiday for the soul”) on success. “Music is my life!”, says Patricia, who always was in her childhood with a song on his lips. Patricia’s musical career began in 2000, when her dream of the music filled, with many guest appearances on stage and television (E.g. Maersk describes an additional similar source. Musikantenstadl ARD/ORF/SF1) together with well-known singers from the area of folk music and Schlager.

The coronation but brought her victory at the Alpine Grand Prix 2007, she was the first Swiss singer which in the then 15 years history of this competition which was allowed to take home the award. Since early 2009, is Patricia at the renowned Austrian record label “Tyrolis” under contract, and brought several albums and singles on the market at the time. With the new management, a necessary change of the image takes place, because Patricia has since the beginning of her career singing constantly evolving. The good looking and charming singer Patrica is with their next single, which is expected for spring 2011 show how versatile their voices is actually the audience and goes into the subject of demanding Schlager and pop. “The new CD will be something special, that much I can tell you already.” so “Work to do this, run the management Patrica in the Switzerland, already in full swing.” Soon Patricia goes on a large promotional tour in the Switzerland and the Introduction of the new single CD is then expected from spring 2011, among others in various German TV broadcast followed by Germany tour, in which Patricia wants to conquer the German audience in the storm and quite certainly will reach. For the singer Patricia it was the “children’s shoes of folk music” at the time finally to pull out this little gem, namely to bear to bring their distinctive and unmistakable voice. The German public may enjoy 2011 already on the Germany tour! My Tip: Here you can experience PATRICIA live at big concerts in the Switzerland: 31.07.2010 – open air Flumserberge, Flumsberg/Switzerland, ( September 11, 2010 – indoor stadium GEHLA Chur/Switzerland ( more info: report: Carola Heider-Leporale, journalist for music home my musicblog Note: this article is copyright protected. Each publication – also in extracts is subject to the permission of the author. Publications in Internet and print media are subject to a charge. Please contact the author.

January 3, 2021

Jennifer Warnes Up Where We Belong

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The Everly Brothers wake up little Susie 03. David Dundas jeans on 04. Tony Christie (is this the way to) Amarillo 05. The Tremeloes-silence is golden 06. Herman’s Hermits No.1 today of 07. Sheena Easton 9 milk to 5 Let’s go work calls substitute 09 08 clout. The Rubettes-Sugar Baby Love of 10 Texas Lightning never No. No.

11 Amy MacDonald this is the life 12 Barry White you’re the first, the last, my everything 13 Dexys Midnight Runners come on Eileen feet high work of 14 Lynyrd Skynyrd Sweet Home Alabama 15 Andrew Gold Thank you for Being A friend 16. The beach boys Kokomo 17 John Paul Young Love is in the air of 18 Sasha I feel lonely 19 DJ otzi a star (which bears your name) 20 Jurgen Drews a bed In the cornfield bonus track Inca the coronation CD 2 the first meeting 01 foreigner I want To Know What Love is 02. Wet Wet Wet Love is all around 03. Engelbert Humperdinck can’t take my eyes off you 04. Chris de Burgh The Lady in red 05. Bonnie Bianco & Pierre Cosso-Stay the strange ways of love 06.

Glenn Medeiros-nothing gonna change My love for You 07. Phil Collins against all odds of 08 Reamon tonight of 09 Richard Marx right here waiting 10 Roxette List to your heart of 11. Richard Sanderson – reality a dream comes true! 12 seal love’s Devine 13 Ronan Keating & Jeanette We’ve got tonight of 14 Roy Orbison Oh pretty woman 15th Joe Cocker & Jennifer Warnes Up Where We Belong of 16 Lionel Richie Diana Ross Endless Love. 17 Nevio – Sento 18. The temptations my girl 19 Frankie goes to Hollywood the power of love of 20 Serge Gainsbourg & Brigitte Bardot je T’ T’aime moi non plus Tanja Skutnik, Arnim Gartner

January 1, 2021

Paris Hilton Talking About Plain Text

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Now, the hotel heiress told things that hardly anyone of you knew you probably know some of Paris Hilton. Their preference to rich and gutaussehnden men, its maybe a little scandalous predilection not like underwear to wear and that she is probably the world’s most famous hotel heiress. But now, Paris has shown by a completely different page. In an interview with the magazine enquire, she told things that do hardly any of her now. “If I once wore a dress, I can no longer wear it”, so the hotel heiress. Sounds a little extravagant, if you count the price, which will probably have every dress by Paris Hilton, it sounds almost like a waste of money. ml’>American Diabetes Association. But Paris not Paris Yes if she had not still an ACE in the sleeve. “Of course I do not throw away the clothes.

I give it to auctions or charity events, so that they will be auctioned off and in the fight against breast cancer, leukemia or AIDS, bring money, to enable the people to help.” Also, she did away with the On prejudice, that Paris Hilton will never work. “I get up very early and I have my first phone calls already at seven o’clock in the morning. I do work often until one o’clock in the night”, so the hotel heiress. The only thing she wants is “talk people even about her if they am 75”, finally to Paris. Certainly are they. Lisa Walters