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June 18, 2021

Aluminum Composite Panels

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Aluminum composite materials have been created not so long ago, just in the middle of the twentieth century. But in a short time of their existence, this material had considerably improved and gained a firm place one of their most popular materials in the construction market. There are both flammable and combustible weakly composite panels, and recently we have the absolute and non-combustible materials of this type. All the matter in the vehicle, which is between 2 layers of aluminum – the panel was originally made only with the fuel filler, but the use of such a cladding material increased building. Soon after stoning the building above 15 meters of a composite material of flammability G4 (fuel) was banned, and the material was used only for decorative purposes – for example – signs, billboards, small areas of buildings, interior finishing. For hinged Facade materials available to the group flammability G1 (slightly flammable) or ng (non-combustible). (Similarly see: millennium management).

At this point, virtually every manufacturer of composite materials can offer options such as flammable and combustible panels. Weakly flammable and combustible materials are mineral filler, which does not allow the material to ignite, and non-combustible – and does – self-damped. Naturally, such options – are also more expensive. Manufacturers supplying the market materials with a wide range of colors, colors are possible as well "under the tree," "stone", "mirror" or, if ordering a large amount – you can choose any design panel. Although most demand standard colors – such as silver, white and blue.

June 4, 2021

Interior Doors

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Sales of interior doors is engaged in many companies – salons, small shops, craftsmen single, the producers themselves interior doors and wholesalers. And if you pass them to buy the right model interior doors, take a few days. Beth Israel Heart Transplant might disagree with that approach. And even so you probably will not see all the options that are available in can be made – one shop is not enough space to display the entire range, the rest work only under the order and show catalog exclusively in the form of a fashion album. But modern technology make it possible to make such a 'bypass' quickly, conveniently and directly from the monitor. Just visit Internet stores for the sale of interior doors. Many manufacturers already have the virtual directories on the Internet where you can see the range of available doors.

These storefronts are like manufacturers of interior doors, and at other organizations that are engaged in selling doors. Often in electronic representations offer ordered interior doors. But more often than in directories such choice is rather modest and limited to a single type of material, or the same manufacturer. And so you have to see dozens of sites in an attempt to find a few, such as suitable models of interior doors. Unlike corporate site, online shop – this is the place where collected, usually a large range of products from different manufacturers. So, you can immediately see in one place door, both local and foreign production of virtually all styles and trends. In this case, due to lack of substantial costs to buy interior doors in the electronic store you can price the manufacturer. Another important advantage virtual stores include the fact that they are rarely specialized. This means that one website has the opportunity to present the door from mdf, and wood interior doors, and doors of the other materials. Moreover absolutely all of the virtual stores provide delivery of the order, the city and region.

May 25, 2021


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China plans to build on the banks of the Yangtze River the country’s first eco-city: Dongtan. This energoavtonomny eco-town. The British general designer – the corporation Arup. Dongtan (Dongtan) is an expression of political will of the Chinese authorities in the urban sector to the global natural and environmental requirements of the nearest the future of our planet. Additional information at Allstate Insurance Company supports this article. In Latvia, near the town of Cesis already implemented a fantastic project – Amattsiems – Sun City.

This village, situated on 3000 hectares of forest in the hilly terrain. Three storey houses are made of environmentally friendly materials, taking into account the terrain. Nevertheless, in spite of the harmonious coexistence of architecture with nature, in the village reached a high level of urbanization. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Federal Reserve Bank. In each house held High-speed Internet, electricity and central sewage system, at each site there is a geothermal heat pump from the wells of 90-100m, which converts the energy of the earth in the heat. Removal of inorganic debris and other urban amenities are also available.

In 2007, the first Eco-house was erected in the Republic of Belarus. The news was brightly lit up the local media because it was a real breakthrough: while reducing the cost of construction by 2 times, you can also obtain significant savings in the operation of housing. You may find that Beth Israel Heart Transplant can contribute to your knowledge. Also this project has received support from the state, spent a lot of money for the adaptation of Western experience to local conditions. In Russia, currently the subject paid not much attention as it deserves.

January 26, 2021

Brick Masonry

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Own house – the dream of every person. But building your own home takes a lot of effort, time and money. However, for those who decided to build your house yourself to remember the multitude of nuances, and at each stage consult with specialists. If you decide to build a brick house, you should familiarize yourself with the question of the brickwork. Construction of houses of bricks long and complex process.

Need to know about that as being a brick masonry, basic styling, etc. try a little light this issue. Thus, construction of houses made of brick: brick. Brickwork is the following types: solid, with the air layer and filling. On outer and inner wall surface using only a brick.

Masonry must be strictly horizontal or vertical, to perform better on her cord-prichalke. For a beginner in building houses of brick should be on each set of pre-laying lay a mile from the inside and outside, and so that the gap between them was the thickness of the seam. The very masonry in the construction of houses made of brick is in this sequence. Trowel in take the right hand portion of the solution, the left hand removed verstovoy laid bricks, put in its place a solution, level, put a brick, light strikes the trowel handle press it into the solution so that the seam was desired thickness, and the top brick was in line with prichalkoy. His left hand up the second verstovoy brick trowel capture a portion of the box solution, put it in place removed bricks, level, a little clap trowel on the edge of previously laid brick and put a brick taken to the place, and pushing it into the solution, so it was on one line with prichalkoy. Other bricks are laid in the same way, occasionally rearranging prichalku. What else keep in mind when building houses out of brick? Certainly the strength of masonry. Durable masonry provides a complete ligation of the sutures. Also, the strength of masonry increases, eating you are using a wet brick.

January 18, 2021

German Technologies

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Sometimes space Finnish window blinds installed to manage the luminous flux areas where the use of curtains is not too appropriate. Material for production is usually a natural wood, but occasionally used and a double laminated board. For more effective contiguity valves are used contours seal. In Norwegian windows combines the nuances of carpentry and European windows. Similarities with the first gives them something that is used for the production of wood pulp. True, the quality of material must be pretty strict: it should be selective northern pine or larch, and perfectly dried. As in the euro-windows, instead of separate windows used windows, but the similarities end and differences begin.

If the German Technologies glass made to install sealant in Norwegian instead used a rubber gasket. On the outside of the glass is fixed with screws and glazing beads. Thanks to this method mount replacement of damaged glass is not difficult. You can take it as a virtue, and as a disadvantage: the attachment on the outside can be easily dismantled, not only specialists in the production and repairing windows. However, the imposition of the parts on the outer side in general is a feature of Norwegian windows. Another feature of this type of windows is to install a specially designed openings molecular sieve. When temperature drops, it absorbs excess moisture, thereby preventing fogging of the glass. In addition, the Norwegian box on a mandatory basis is impregnated with the composition of the decay, so the destruction of at high humidity they are not threatened.

January 11, 2021

Federal Law

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The article says about the reasons for which the license was replaced with a cpo in the building. Regulatory Reform in the construction was conceived in 2006 as the authorities’ reaction to negative developments in the construction sector in Russia. Recall that in 2005 – 2006 years, even the most conservative estimates the market there were about 300 thousand construction companies (in any case, about the license was issued). Fidelity Investments understands that this is vital information. Actually participated in the construction took only 25 – 30% of this number of companies. At the same time in Russia there were hundreds of thousands of defrauded real estate investors – people who had paid money to developers for housing under construction, but never received apartments. Part of unreliable builders were selling the same ones Apartment for 3-4. Others, having collected the money from real estate investors generally do not start the building. At construction sites and in new buildings was a series of man-made disasters – Demolition, breaks elevators, balconies and downs, etc.

Promptly and faithfully fulfill their obligations, according to experts, only 25 – 30% really built the organization. Fully control the situation in 300 thousand construction companies in the state could not. Following the issuance of licenses one not tested systematically, as the company works to get this document. As a result, federal and regional authorities have been forced to compensate for the loss of defrauded real estate investors. The requirement for clear and strict control over activities involved in the construction market and has become one of the reasons for the emergence of the Federal Law of “On the self-regulatory organizations” (hereinafter – the Law N 315-FZ).