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June 27, 2021

Ramon Berenguer

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At that time they were only simple pertaining orchards Ecard-Watch, the father of Arnau. The main pastime of the young people of the years in which it grew and formed Arnau de Torroja had to consist, mainly, in training itself in the use of the arms, especially the sword, without neglecting the classic culture that to him would correspond to him by its noble cradle. All this, Arnau and its brothers are clear that when happening the years knew to take advantage of it very well. Particularly what more hill to understand is how was that Arnau de Torroja, born in Solsona like I myself, it would get to be a personage of international stature in century XII, because when I grew in the middle of century XX in the same zone, Solsona continued being remote (even isolated) of the main highways that crossed Catalonia. I can suspect even though by the center of then Catalonia a cross-sectional route had to exist that would arrive at the Pyrenees following the routes from tranhumancia from very remote time. Arnau de Torroja was educated in times when all the estates of the Catalan society were fascinated by the reputation of the Order of Temple, and more when count Ramon Berenguer III died (1131), in the heat of youth, place setting with a layer of the Order of monks with sword, of which he himself was member and great benefactor, yielding to them many earth conquered in the present province of Tarragona (A. Bofarull " Hist.

of Cat." , Barcelona; bowl. I SAW, p.63). In the monastery of Santa Maria de Solsona the monks had a school where the young people of the region were well-educated who aspired to comprise of the convent of devotee of San Agustn, bishop of Hipona (N. of Africa). All this, aside from the parish priests who distributed themselves by the dioceses of the region in order to save souls.

November 1, 2020

April World

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Memory by the first of April. Lehman Trilogy shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. For many decades the imperialism danced into a single footnote, when supposedly collapse a wall called Berlin. But the date on which proclaims the end of ideologies and attitudes in favour of the disadvantaged; imperialism to date can not solve the serious problem of the daily deaths of thousands and perhaps millions of hungry and starving that they populate the world. Army of ghosts who travel the world for a mendrugo bread, while billions of the world’s wealth remains concentrated in a few hands and have a gendarme who has become the world’s policeman for teaching which is the real thought and which is false thinking and checking with adjectives all his enemies as only way to justify the outrageconquest looting of those Nations that do not match the global policeman. Besides must delimit its germ warfare carried out with the sole purpose of reducing the population that is in a State of economic crisis. Policy that come carried it out without no leading world joke or claim by as monstrous genocidal policy being carried out against the peoples of the world imperialism.

It must be two fingers of forehead to realize, how pandemics only are affecting ethnic or social minorities in the imperialist countries and attacking as razing pandemic in countries a few developed and without future. And that or say the enormous debts that are caught our countries as a form of economic subjugation, with the intention of economic and political intervention as seen already in our countries of South America.In all this global panorama, adding our particular vision of things in our territory, arises current and permanent thought heroic and courageous of one of the most lucid and full men that has and will have all men dispossessed and enslaved by the system, I mean the Commander Luis Felipe of the Puente Uceda; who remains in the memory of the man in this territory. Their struggle was frank and determined to give life for his people as demonstrated in table Pelada in the recondite Department of Cuzco.