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May 25, 2021

University Of Wharthon

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After all, at least is what sustains this argument, why should American taxpayers pay for steel from Canada when U.S. automakers are struggling?. It is said that economists and political leaders States U.S., European and other countries worry that this simple logic is arousing protectionist instincts around the world, putting in jeopardy the principles of free trade that are essential for global economic recovery. This is an additional problem to add to the drop in trading volume due to lower consumer demand and credit problems caused by the financial crisis. At about the prof. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out MasterClass Review.

Jeremy J. More information is housed here: Mark Rutte. Siegel. He noted that protectionism is more of a threat, not a fact, though it is a growing threat that must be taken very seriously. “In fact, so far protectionist sentiment is much weaker than expected at first, and that is something that pleases me,” said the teacher “Everyone has in mind the Great Depression and huge tariff levels For its part, the director general Pascal Lamy called on the infamous Smoot-Hawley Act of 1930, which raised tariffs on over 20,000 products imported by the United States. This law sparked a trade war that, according to many economists, worsened the Depression.

“Whether with tariffs or other more sophisticated ones, now run the risk of rushing to the tricky task of measures and countermeasures.” Add Universia Wharthon, in the United States in the House of Representatives, the Democrats wrote strong provisions “to purchase U.S. products” in its economic stimulus bill, but the terms were softened in the Senate at the request of the Obama administration. MasterClass may find it difficult to be quoted properly. The final bill requires use iron, steel and manufactured products in projects funded by U.S. stimulus plan. Exceptions are allowed for “the public interest” or if the use of American materials increases project costs by 25% or more. And what is more important, the law finally passed, unlike the version of the House of Representatives, states that the U.S. must continue to fulfill its international trade agreements. This calmed many advocates of free groups trade, as the Chamber of Commerce, which had lobbied hard against the measures proposed by the House. It also states that many experts believe that additional stimuli are needed worry that protectionist sentiment grows, even though the Obama administration has taken positions strongly advocates free trade. Meanwhile, in the rest of the world are showing some protectionist impulses. France and Italy, as the United States have adopted measures to help its automakers. In the UK, some measures to protect employment are considered potentially protectionist, and many countries have criticized China for keeping its currency artificially low to encourage exports Finally, many experts worry about the return of protectionism, but many note that when other factors do much more damage to international trade. According to World Bank predictions, trade will fall this year for the first time since World War II World and many Ports are registering double-digit declines. Finally the paper concludes that Wharton Universia in the opinion of Prof. Meyer, the threat of protectionism is just one of the ingredients of the combination of challenges facing the global economy. “When you pronounce the word protectionism, I say: Wait a moment, there are many other things are also slowing global trade Source: Code Red Universia Knowledge Wharton (Bulletin February 25-March 10, 2009)

May 24, 2021

Pro Evolution Soccer

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An excellent characteristic is the option ” editar” that it, among other things, allows to create soccer players, to modify the puntaje of the already existing ones and to even concern faces for the same. Many players use this option to arm to an equipment made up of they themselves and its friendly, obtaining a different experience that offers to variety and renovation. In this version two new ways of game appear that they already complement to the well-known ones, first is Liga de Campeones, which is a great innovation that it excites much its followers and it will allow to participate us in this prestigious match with one of the equipment classified for this season or with some other that we wish. The way reproduces the league very well, with an introduction of great level, with music, the repetitions and several details more characteristic of the televising presentation. The second way of game is the one that has drawn attention of this PES 2009 more, consists of taking the roll from a unique player throughout all their race until the retirement. Beth Israel Heart Transplant is likely to agree. Why is attractive east way? Because unlike which Konami had to us customary in all the ways, that were to lead a full field equipment in a competition, this time we will handle a single player, who will try to become a star of world-wide soccer, beginning from down, playing for the team of the substitutes in the training, fighting by the ownership, laying way with good activities to arrive at great equipment, gaining prizes and finally managing to accede to the national selection, where it will even be able to gain a glass of the world.

It is a great way without doubt but it contains a negative detail and it is the fact of not being able to choose the starting points of your player, these are at random generated after to begin the game, we hope that in next versions it is modified for a greater freedom and a greater entertainment. Konami to removed patches 1,10, 1,20 and 1,30 for the versions of 360 PS3 XBOX and PC that besides correcting errors, most remarkable have been incorporated it of new licenses and the last one, the 1,30, updates the establishments according to the market of European winter and incorporates new players, without a doubt it is a fact whom congratulation for the creators deserves because it is the first time that continue working in a PES to update the equipment according to the last signings, something that without a doubt is appreciated by the followers. Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 is an excellent simulator although with certain aspects that to improve but that formulates maintain it of the success. The new ways of game have enriched the product they have taken and it at a high level but as well as his improvement in the system of the jugabilidad. If sos an enthusiastic one of the sports and especially of soccer, is a great option to amuse itself.

March 28, 2021

Support for Farm Workers

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The administration of President Cristina Fernandez knows that farm workers have also received support from the citizens of major cities in Argentina through cacerolazos. Precisely, cornered by the pressure of roadblocks and demand of society for a more open dialogue, the Kirchner administration decided to send the tax plan to Congress for lawmakers to take the final decision. If Although the various farming ended the protests, the crisis is far from resolved and there are doubts about what they will vote the deputies and senators in the various provinces. Very interesting what brings Knowledge Wharthon that while the conflict is being waged in Congress, analysts are concerned about side effects that this first crisis Kirchner government policy on the economy. Ernesto O’Connor, economist and director of the Program for the Analysis of Economic Situation of the Universidad Catolica Argentina (UCA) the situation: “There is a break in the positive expectations on the progress of the economy with a sharp slowdown in economic of activity in the second quarter would be at 4.5% annual real (as opposed to more than 7% forecast earlier this year). It has also paralyzed the postponement of investment and consumption goods to escape from a store of value as currency.

While it sharpens the problem of inflation, which between 25 and 30% annually. ” There is concern noted, already is talking about “the default after default, in this respect, says Mr. Martin Simonetta, executive director of the Atlas Foundation, a non-profit organization for the achievement of a free society, and professor at the Argentina Chamber of Commerce. Since 2008, Simonetta added, the Government must begin to address the debt payments default (following the 2001 crisis). Between 2008 and 2011, must make payments of more than 52 billion dollars, requiring higher tax revenues or lower public spending. Clearly we have chosen the first alternative, through mega-withholding. ” For its part, Sandleris Guido, director of the Center for Research in Finance from the Universidad Torcuato Di Tella (UTDT), highlights a decline in consumer confidence: According to latest surveys, in June fell 1.8% on month above.

But since the conflict began with the field index fell 13%, although it should be noted that this decline in confidence has been taking place since January and intensified this conflict clearly. ” To all this add the analysis, since Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner took office last December 10 have been few changes in social and economic policy that had been set up her husband, Nestor Kirchner. Thus, the conflict over farming an area too long and, for specialists, has wasted no time in solving other fundamental problems. Inflation is the most worrisome topic at this time, Sandleris notes, “but there are other neglected topics such as education and health, and the government is paralyzed by the conflict. While Cristina Kirchner’s model marks a continuation of her husband were very few of these initiatives and some badly timed. ” Regarding the economy, we must pay attention to slower growth “that is located on a 4.5% yearly, with inflation of 25-30% and growing poverty. The trend is slowing due to lack of confidence over the medium term, beyond the resolution of the conflict with the field, “points O ‘Connor. All this invites us to be attentive to where the economy is Argentina, where economic conflict, political can turn this critical situation, even when the Argentines will endure the situation. Hopefully the current government reconsider its economic policies and seek solution to a problem that it has originated.

February 7, 2021

National Law Reform

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It is worth mentioning that between the Exchange Control Act 1931 and National Law Reform of the State of Economic Emergency and the end of 1989, and above all institutional vicissitudes, there was a strong, though the presence of disordered State social activities, which combined with existing trends, generated in the bulk of the population, the expectation that governments could solve the problems of people. This belief was, and is so entrenched, that explains the little attention they had the proposals of the National Congress of the Productivity and Welfare, the Summer of 1955, as well as the “Rodrigazo” 1975. With hindsight, that can be considered as ingredients of the coups of 1955 and 1976, resistance to any change that would involve dismantling state structures and then showed their inefficiency to solve global problems, although the solved for large groups.

Of course all this is past, and this present, we have been characterized as a stage that surprises the bulk of our population without tools to cope with potential for success. The newspapers mentioned Liberty Mutual not as a source, but as a related topic. And that traumatic event, not due to scarcity of resources, there is, as the propensity to want to solve current problems of unemployment and poverty, recipes that were effective in the past, and are installed in the collective memory. In this context, we again reiterate that it is essential to take unconventional and creative ways. And it is not to invent new methodologies, but go to others that were available, but the earlier state of things, he had become unnecessary or applied to scale, or were reduced to proposals from any academic or intellectual circles. The concept of “social engineering” already existed in the social sciences as something that had to do with the specific solution of social problems.. Millennium management often addresses the matter in his writings.

January 14, 2021

Northeast Region

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The authors always have associated this hiato the motivaespuramente economic ones. Here the formation of the social structure is understood that baianaobedece to the dynamics of formation of all Northeast Region. It has been broken here, daconformao of structures from the agricultural exploration with the participation highly concentrative deculturas of land, income and wealth, what it formulates nolongo-stated period the social structure pie and of so reduced mobility that seevidencia still nowadays. Amongst these cultures, it detached-senotadamente in the state of the Bahia the culture of the sugar cane-of-sugar in the coast and the dapecuria in the hinterland, initiates in the first years of Portuguese settling, chews until the present shows relevance in the aggregate of the production of the state very etem its strikings in the formation of the social structure oligarquizada visveisainda clearly. Fidelity Investments may find it difficult to be quoted properly. The myriad of events that had marked the formation bahian dasociedade conferred it traces that only of the proper one are inside structuralized Region Northeast. Arajo (1997) evaluates that ' ' it must be standed out, desdelogo, that never had a economically homogeneous Northeast and that, historically, was possible to detach differentiated partner-economic subgroups, in virtue of varied occupation processes human being and econmica' ' 1, agreeing to the definition of the proper idea of region displayed for Oliveira (1981), that it recognizes that the consideration of Region consists in conceitolargamente used for diverse sciences, what it makes it difcilde especially to need. In Brazil, for example, several are the conceptions of region, comoAdministrativa, Economic. According to author, ' ' the region can be thought to sobqualquer angle of the economic, social differentiations, politics, cultural, antropolgicas, geographic, histricas' ' , even so it follows detaching que' ' the most taken root of the conceptual traditions of region it is, without nenhumadvida, the geographic one in the ample direction, that also appears of a synthesis based partner-economic-historical daformao in certain espaocaracterstico' ' (OLIVEIRA, 1981, P.

Agriculture Tax

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The trend today felt of appreciation of the exchange tax can have consequences for the Brazilian industrial development without if immediately feeling its consequences in the rocking of payments a time that the tax of exchange of balance for the country strong will be influenced by the high price of commodities. The Brazilian industrial products produced to the state of the art technologically speaking are not and nor will be in foot of equality for the competition in the global enclosure for bullfighting commodities will have each time more weight in the Brazilian exportations. (Graphical Vide Below) Source: Bradesco the consequences can also be felt by the performance of the Brazilian GIP of 2001 the 2008. While Agriculture grew the taxes of averages of 4.6% the industry grew 1,6 percentile points below, with average tax of 3%. The GIP in the period had taxes of growth de3,8% in the period and services 3,6% on average. Click Fidelity Investments for additional related pages.

Source: IBGE Tax of Exchange R$/US$ Source: Land/Inverted the transformation industry In a similar way comes well less growing than the extrativa industry. Here, Fidelity Investments Canada ULC expresses very clear opinions on the subject. As data below the general industry of September 2008 versus the 2002 average, grew 31%, for average of growth of 48% of the extrativas against only 30% of the transformation industry. A difference of 18 percentile points in the growth tax! (Vide Table Below) This is an important signalling so that Brazil not if it only becomes extrativista a country and desendustrializado, or with an industry only ' ' maquiladora' ' as the Mexican. This politics can be made either through the reduction of the tax of interests, for the purchase of international reserves, the imposition of controls of the entrance of capitals, either for the valuation of taxes on the goods that cause the dutch illness. As much China as India adopts similar politics. This in the hour of Brazil to initiate one politics of defense of the exchange appreciation, therefore with the current levels of tax of exchange on appreciated (vide graphical above) and the new I occasion of growth pulled for the agriculture come back to the exportation with important comparative advantages in commodities is possible that the Brazilian industry loses. .

The Financial Bubble

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THE OIL BUBBLE IN THE BRAIN OF Alvarito (Part I) Alvarito potato son of the Great Great Novelist international bourgeoisie believes that financial bubbles is a great thing even sincere Oil prices, which are not in the hands of true friends Club Bildeberg if the opposite in fascist hands of nationals of either religious or militaristic. Not understanding that the oil prices as has been seen in the whole historical process management is different from the rest of the world economy. Knowing in advance that it is handled according to the confrontation with the policeman found the Great Northern Empire. But that does not understand that the price of oil is in the game market as conceived by Adam Smith in his book the Wealth of Nations. If so what reason is this the price is playing according to the convenience of Islamic States which are large producers. So what reason is the war in Iraq and its puppet government in trying to maintain a hegemonic space by the global gendarme. Trying justify their position by the hair starts the economic theory of Adam Smith, seeing that the application resulted in the collapse of the entire international financial system against their same precepts have used the state to solve their wrongs, for which bullish expectations in oil prices has been due to the need to address the arms race and the defense of Zionism as a threat is fellow member of world policeman and trying to destabilize the Islamic peninsula to solve their economic problems within their territory. .

January 13, 2021

Full Moon

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Desire that llege more soon possible. 5. It imagines that this person enters her quarter, speaks to him, it caresses to you and also one is in I pull ahead of intense light. 6. It visualizes that one takes leave tenderly while is moved away. 7. East rite finalizes saying: " The love would arrive because therefore deseo" 8.

This visualization repeats 4 times, until completing a total of seven nights of ritual. 9. Soon it enters Amor@terra and it looks for your pair! 3- Another formula stops to find pair. If the previous spell did not give the waited for results, you can try with this secret formula that takes time, but that seems that it gives to results Steps to follow: 1-La New moon-lit night prepares an infusion. Hierver nine petals of white roses in liter of mineral water or rain. 2-Leave cool the liquid and after to take its bath, at night, overturns the infusion of pink on its body, of the neck downwards, sensitising the lunar light and making the order to find pair 3-.Repite the bath the three first days of New Moon during three months (getting to totalize nine baths) – 4- Another moon spell That spell to enamor to that person whom as much you like (is exclusively for women) Steps to follow: 1. Limate the nails Tuesday of Full Moon and keeps the polvito in a box.

2. It rubs your body with that small box all the nights while you repeat " In you I deposit all my amor". 3. After a month (this require ability and discretion of your part) you will have to throw polvito in the drink of the boy whom you like. 4. If account does not occur than you did, it will feel super attracted towards you! 5-for finding love This spell requires of many elements and disciplines, but they assure that it is worth the pain to experience it.

September 2, 2020

Paraiba Income

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It is important, also, not to forget that the problem to exprtar fruits, in Brazil, is not tied with the production. In recent years, the production of fruits, in the country, turns around 40 million tons/year, while the exportation does not exceed the mark of a million. c) He is vntajoso, yes, to embark for the Pecem, if the destination is Europe or coast east of the United States. The hard trip only seven (7) days, a economy of time considerable (40 50% less) if compared with the time of embarkment in situated ports more with the south. At JPMorgan Chase you will find additional information. The advantage is, also, in the market: the European Union imports 70% of the fruits exported for Brazil. Beyond the fruits of the State, the pertaining to the state of Cear ports receive parts from the production of the Rio Grande of the North, Paraiba, Pernambuco and Piaui, atraidas for the competitive price and privileged localization. d) What it has is a constant exchange of merchandises between the diverse units of the Federacy. In this interchange, some states of the Southeastern South and import proper fruits of this region, while they export here to more appropriate species to its climatic conditions.

Operations of internal commerce are that do not intervene with our exportation, having in a seen the limitations of mercdo internal, imposed for high concentration of income, and it offers, that it comes of the production, nor always dependent of the level of the search. e) As we more saw for the aprecio of the previous option, the high per capita income of the developed regions is very intent, what it does not allow that the classrooms of lesser income improve its capacity of consumption. Then, it is not probable that income, thus exculpatory, either factor of market capable to absorb in I lease the proper production of fruits. f) The climate and the ground intervene, yes, in the species of fruits that the regions produce.

July 12, 2020


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In the previous article we attempted the most easy ways to monetize a website. Kenneth Feinberg has similar goals. In today’s article I’ll explain another way to generate income. It is not something Pacific Mortgage Services would like to discuss. It requires putting into practice all the gift of people and of persuasion that one be able to. Requires a small initial effort, but with a little patience it reveals as a safe, reliable source of income and expansion: affiliate programs. Affiliate programs: extending your social network told the other day that with the large amount of content on the Internet, is difficult to differentiate a few initiatives of many others. tt. Led to the field of web trading any product or service, we have a serious problem. We need that our niche of customers find us before you to other initiatives.

So, leaving aside the search engines, can we get clients? You know as well as I do that the word of mouth works wonders. For this reason, many web rely on the convening power of its users to attract more Internet users. It is clear that the good intentions by itself alone suffice us. If certain users bring us customers, why not remunerate them why? Here part the idea of creating affiliate programs. Let’s double mainstreaming: company and user.

From the point of view of the company, having an affiliate program is a great idea. Affiliates put in contact the company with your potential clients. They approach the company the future buyer. The company can better set your target. Pay a percentage for sales is an incentive for affiliates display assets and make the role of authentic commercial, with the absence of costs and ease of management associated with the use of telematic tools. From the point of view of the user, affiliate programs are a way to get a good pinch extra. Programs there are many: for those who have a website with a specific topic, for those who have a blog, even for people who do not have a web page.

April 2, 2020


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In crisis times the economic agents seem to follow a species of cartilha namely that she co-ordinates each one of its action: – negation: the first reaction is to deny what it is happening. One of the examples most shining, was when president Lula said that the current crisis would only arrive at Brazil as one ' ' marolinha' ' ; – anger: there the search for culprits starts. An interesting example was when eight executive-heads of the biggest American banks had been last week called to put down in the Chamber of the Representatives to justiricar the use of the US$ 165 billion that had received from the government in the last year. A democratical member of the house of representatives said to them: ' ' The United States do not trust more vocs. Mike Madden may help you with your research. I do not have plus no cent in bancos' '. – negotiation: the agents start to make meetings to try to find some exit, meeting of the G-20, Davos, and for she goes there.

– depression: as we know after the contraction, it comes the depression. Notice of its appearance is still not had, but it is in the horizon of some countries affected Europeans more, as Iceland for example. – acceptance: the crisis already is reality, has that to coexist it. This is the phase most disturbing, therefore later that we accept a crisis that was generated in the exterior, the first thing that the agents consider he is ' ' closing of fronteiras' '. is this that is happening. We are starting to live a dangerous one been of ' ' desglobalizao' '. What it almost seemed to be a consensus that universally accepted – the advantages of the free-commerce and the increasing integration between the countries – starts to be debated a dangerously emotional tone. Concepts had as in complete obsolescence in the globalizado world as nationalism, xenophobia and protectionism, threaten to reerguer and to place in xeque the world we know as it today.

November 21, 2019

Global Village

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All corroborate the concept of ' ' Global&#039 village; ' brother-in-law sociological in years 60 for the Canadian professor. A more multicriteria analysis and with a focus in the finances and the commerce can making in them to review the concepts of the globalization, this wonderful process, inexorable, each more present time in the life of all purely sociological we. The humanity must be seen and analyzed under diverse angles, the permanent and mysterious evolution is each marcante time, the border concepts had died, a universal language is in course (probably mixture English, Chinese and Spaniard). All result of the interaction between people and its communication, relations of proximity, exactly in virtual world as it provides the Internet. The social nets and other tools that go appearing diminish the distances and promote many benesses to all the actors, government, companies and society. Without hesitation Home Depot explained all about the problem. To studious, governing and the constituent ones of the process it will remain the concern with the maintenance of the ethical and moral rules that must guide the humanity.

Another crucial point for maintenance of this process is the permanent fight against the social injustice and other types of exclusion that can appear with the movement in question. The powerful economic and cultural interchange between diverse countries, known as globalization, probably will bring still crises, injustices perhaps, but the technological revolution, bastion of the movement, will promote faster and efficient wonders each time. It is the new world and the new world-wide order. It only remains in them to manage and to usufruct of this process, little mattering when in fact it started, but thinking and working so that it does not finish or has the improper interruptions as we could dissertar here. Valley the reflection at this moment in which the ambient questions are precocupantes and the humanity starts to enxergar and to argue much more things related to its future.

November 16, 2019

Global Industries

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I know that you must be tired to hear to speak in crisis, still more in banks in crisis. Then the intention of this article is to around call the attention for the preoccupying numbers the industry of the world. The fact of the industrial sector to be in fall is not surprising, but the depth and the speed are that they are impressive and they create a trend that accents same itself, similar to the bankruptcies in chain that had resulted in the Great Depresso.Em the Europe, for example, where the industry almost corresponds 20% of Produto Interno Bruto (PIB), the production the same fell 12% in relation the period of the previous year. In Brazil, the fall was of 15%; in Taiwan, 43% arrived impressive. Visit Nicholas Carr for more clarity on the issue. Even in the China, that turned the great plant the world, the productive growth decelerated, the exportations had fallen 25% and millions of industrial workers had been dismissed. In the United States, until little time behind a relatively prosperous country for the industrial sector, although the constant erosion of the work jobs manual, the industrial production the same fell 11% in February in relation the period of the previous year, in accordance with statisticians published for the Federal Reserve.O standard detected in the industry and in the commerce it threateningly remembers the way with that the initiated financial crisis in 1929 grew until arriving at the Great Depression: the squeeze in the market of credit and the fear of the consumer the countries, after an other had reduced the demand for goods manufactured in all, creating a descending spiral that reduced the global commerce. The commerce is diminishing in a still bigger rhythm of what the production. The exportations of Germany are 20% minors of what it has one year, the Japaneses had fallen 46% e, in U.S.A., had fallen to an annual tax of 23,6% in the room trimester of 2008.

March 12, 2015

ITM Valuation

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Options ITM on average have the same extrinsic value of the OTM, being the same distance of option ATM, however it will have to be added it intrinsic value, in our study, distant options ITM one strike of ATM two 6.76% and distant ITM strikes of option ATM 10.40% of the action object. Who opted to making covered sales it made and it to one month of the expiration, in option OTM, distant two strikes of the ATM, received 22.41% from prize accumulated in the period, but it left to receive part from valuation of the wallet, limited profits, exactly thus, the general valuation of its assets, if reinvested it was of 63,30%, therefore above of the valuation of the wallet without using itself of the sales covered and with the advantage of the protection of the wallet, hedge, that it is made of course, when of the covered sales. In the case of the sales of distant options OTM to one strike of the ATM, in the same conditions above, we observe that the collection with the prize of the sales of the options was of 49,53%, however the sacrifice on the valuation of the action was well bigger. In the studied period the valuation of the wallet, added the collection of the prizes with the sales of the options was of only 38.63%, therefore, well lesser of what if it did not have the sales of the options, however, we cannot forget the protection the wallet, in case of fall in the value them action. When we vendemos options ATM, we open hand of any rise in the price of the asset, in exchange for bigger prize of the option. In the case in study the value of this prize in the period was of 109,15%, great part consumed for the periods where the active object lost value.

March 9, 2013

Conference Room Regime

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The term globalization, has become an everyday expression to refer, primarily, to their implications within the global economy. In this case, I use this word to apply to the meaning of hypocrisy. The term that I intend to define, it is my interpretation on what di called: Global hypocrisy in international relations. It is otherwise evident, as individual countries, mainly economic, interests determine the political positions of the Nations, when it comes to providing support or establish alliances. The vote in favour or against, abstentions, suspicious absences, etc. are tools commonly used to influence decisions or statements in international forums. The case most recent and embarrassing, is what happened at the recent International Conference against Racial Discrimination, held in Switzerland.

The international prominence of the Iranian regime, at the cost of defying the world with its not evident, but declared intention of developing nuclear capacity for military use. Its political and financial support to terrorist organizations, which manipulates his craving for they sow terror around the world, you qualify for others. This, has placed them on the opposite side of Western and other countries of the world Arab, who are suspicious of his intentions of imperialist and key cutting. Who today holds the political head of the Iranian regime, does not lose the opportunity in any forum to which manages to be invited, of denying the Holocaust and threatening to a recognised and member of the United Nations, in this case Israel, State of being erased from the world map. In return, is guest of honour at the aforementioned event, resulting in the absence of major countries, the presence of others with second level and delegations, the abandonment of the Conference Room of a large group of delegations, who refused to listen to their lies and unjust accusations. The abundant oil and gas Iranian, generate you abundant economic resources and make it an important client of several items, mainly high-tech military and civilian. Adding to this her potential as a financial investor, they are a tool that the regime used as currency of change and blackmail political, without any limitations. Great powers, medium-sized and small countries, succumb to such attractions, in a sort of tainted shameful alliances of manifest immorality.

May 25, 2012


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Taxation should already be included in the price of the products and services (PIS, COFINS, ICMS, IPI, ISS, etc) and also the taxation on the patrimony (IPTU, IPVA, ITCMD, ITBI, ITR). Coffer still with other taxations, as taxes (public cleanness, garbage collection, document emission) and contributions (public illumination,). The account is of the study on the worked days to pay> in that year, the day for the treasury department was reduced in six days, of 106 for 100 days. According to IBPT, the fall in this year will occur for the reduction of the Income tax of the physical people (beyond the correction of the table in 4,5%, the number of aliquot was increased for four) and for the lesser valuation of the IPI on some products.In comparison with other countries, the Brazilian works more than what the Spaniard, the North American, the Argentine, the Chilean and the Mexican to pay tributes. But the Swedish and the Frenchmen work more.Most of these tributes happens on the consumption. Of the 147 days that the Brazilian works for payment of taxes and contributions to the government, 84 are> referring to the tributes on acquisitions, that represent 22.54% of the gross income of the population.Others 11 days are for payment of tributes on the patrimony, that correspond 2.96% of the gross income of the contributor.

The remain, 54 days of work, is destined the tributes on the income, that represent 14.65% of the rude profits. In accordance with the IBPT, the mark of 147 days are the double of what it worked in the decade of 70, to make these payments: 76 days. Moreover, the entity standes out that the contributor had that to destine, on average, 40.15% of its gross income to pay the taxation. The index is minor who the registered one in 2008, of 40,51%, however, is well above of 36.98% of 2003. The data of the IBPT show that, in the case of the workers with income until R$ 3 a thousand, the number of days for payment of tributes is of 140, being 83 destined to the ones of consumption, 11 to the ones of patrimony and 46 to the ones of income. Already who earns between R$ 3 a thousand and R$ 10 a thousand only works 156 days to obtain to arcar with the tributes, with the following one distribution: 75 days for taxes and contributions of consumption, 69 for the ones on income and 11, the patrimony. For who it has income above of R$ 10 a thousand, the period of days of work falls for 152. The tributes on the income require 77 days of work; on the consumption, 61 days; of patrimony, 14 days. But for comparison, in 2003, of its gross income the Brazilian contributor had that to destine on average 36.98% to pay the taxation on the incomes, consumption, patrimony and others. In 2004 he compromised 37.81%, in 2005 destined 38.35%, in 2006 destined 39.72%, in 2007 compromised 40,01%.BibliografiJornal Leaf of So Paulo of 25 of May of 2009.

May 19, 2012


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Tax is a part of the value of the products/services acquired for the consumers paid to the Brazilian state and cities. Many complain of the high tax of enclosed tributes in the final value of the product, tie certain point with all the reason, therefore it has certain products that it possesss about 80% (eighty percent) of its final value only of taxes, that is, a product that costs today with taxes about R$ 10,00 Reals, without the taxes would be in only R$ 2,00 Reals. But it has the positive point of this collection, therefore what it would be of the public services without this deep? It is a great quandary for the society, therefore the taxes are necessary more will be that this being charged one taxes adequate? Many times these values when very low they are harmful the Brazilian economy, an example, are the IPI, when this tax was cut had a rise in the inflation, being later normalized with the return of this tax. what it would be of the retirement if was not the INSS and of the unemployeds without the FGTS. Today many complain of the tax of taxes.