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May 25, 2021

The Holistic Education Of Ramon Gallegos

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In this essay I refer to the issues discussed in twelve books by Dr. Ramon Gallegos Nava, in which are the key elements that give life to holistic education in Mexico. Connect with other leaders such as American Advisors Group here. In these books we find a wealth of information that guides us and invites us to an internal transformation to the evolution of our consciousness, invites us to leave the suffering out of our lives and meet the true happiness, is a full set of possibilities to become better human beings and thus to fulfill the mission that each and we have with the universe. In this work, there are different concepts and the theoretical, philosophical, scientific, educational, etc. Educate yourself with thoughts from Kenneth Feinberg. that provide the foundation needed to understand this new paradigm is that our society really is requiring, in all dimensions, social, political, educational, among others. These 12 books dealing with various aspects to be considered in holistic education, and therefore we need to know to elements improve not only our lifestyle, but also to discover our true essence that is our spirituality, and the great need of transformation. I believe that this may present some of the fundamental ideas of the Work of Dr.

Ramon Gallegos Nava. It is considered essential in the holistic education Perennial philosophy, as a fundamental pillar that helps us understand and have more clarity of our spirituality is like a road that leads us towards it, is not the same way for all, helps us each one to find. Dr. Ramon Gallegos Nava. Founder of the International Foundation for Holistic Education to disseminate their work focused on holistic education and development of consciousness in the global arena.


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LCIA HELENA PINE SERRO MAGALHES PROJECT: READING AND WRITING IN THE FORMATION OF PUPILS. Continue to learn more with: JP Morgan Chase & Co.. BELEM-PAR 2011 JUSTIFICATION This project appeared of the necessity to fill the vacant time of the pupils of the school in the intervals of the lessons. For even more details, read what MasterClass Review says on the issue. Of this form, considering to make possible the acquisition of knowing and a quality education we search through our project a proposal pautada in the reading of diverse literal sorts in diverse contexts. For this reason and knowing that, with the globalization one becomes much more difficult to arrest the attention of our pupils in the pertaining to school space. The great amount of information generated through the Internet and also of the diverse existing vehicles of communication has left the individual to the edge of the construction lack and contextualizada formation of the existing proposals in the pertaining to school space, reason for which, many pupils even though leave basic education and average education with some difficulties in the formation and construction of the reading and the writing. The great majority of the young today is accustomed the distorted languages that created for the young from the social nets. ' ' This type of language in such a way written how much spoken he is ' ' point' ' of the moment for these young that they see from this cultural interchange, a form de' ' to construct or ' ' to desconstruir its style. The language becomes meanwhile, the bias that stimulates the acquisition for the formation of young readers and futures writers, perpassa for the quality and also, for the type of pedagogical methodology that goes to be used for such end. Not only to involve the pupils with materials without definite functions daily pay and yes, to make possible the inclusion of these with the considered material and objectives.

May 19, 2021

Stock Market

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IPO means initial public offering, it is the first sale of shares in a private company to the public so that it can invest in stock market. In general, companies are more new and smaller ones that are looking for capital to expand and grow public bidding on the stock market and selling the first actions of the company. The money paid by new investors who bought the IPO to invest in stock market goes directly to the company. When a company begins trading on the stock exchange said that it made an initial public offering or IPO. Peter Schiff wanted to know more. During the point Com companies boom, companies were created and quickly taken to an initial public offering as a way to get a large amount and volume of money through an IPO reasons to go out and floated on the stock exchange: the most obvious reason that a privately to enter the public market is the one immediately obtain liquid assets or cash in exchange for offering shares of the company in the stock exchange. Another reason is that although the majority of private companies prefer to avoid the entire load comply with the submission of reports and other regulations, a company needs money to expand or generate large sums of money to keep abreast with the competition. The fact is the advantage of offering a good part of the company without losing control of the company.

Successful IPO to invest in stock market in general public accustomed to invest in stock market looks forward to any IPO of any company that considers future. For example the case of the IPO of the company Microsoft. If we very $5,000 in year 1986 in this company on the secondary market, today would have no less than $1.4 million do all the IPO to invest in stock market? There are also IPO that are not successful and others if they are it although not as much as in the previous example. It is important to be aware of the upcoming IPO to invest in stock market and assess whether or not the company that launches them has a promising future. In the course of MPMG free bag of maximum protection and maximum profit you can find the tools to find out if an IPO complies with conditions that can allow you to make lots of money and have also protected their capital. For more profit and less risk! Alejandro Tugender Experto safe investment

March 4, 2021

Educational Politics Democratic

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The importance to argue this subject if justifies for the fact of that the society comes passing for a transformation process and the education systems need to adjust it this reality, in way that in such a way has an equivalence in the significao of the school, how much in its functioning. Currently the society longs for the democracy as foundation of the globalizado world, therefore, this necessary reality to adentrar the pertaining to school institutions, leaving of a democratic management, a time that an authoritarian school is not capable to fulfill its true paper in a society without exclusion. Exactly because, the system of national education already passed exactly for diverse reforms in the Educational Politics and thus, the public school if it finds in favorable condition in offers of an education of inclusive quality and, therefore it has many children in pertaining to school age, it are of the classrooms. With this searchs to answer the following questioning: As we can surpass the challenges and guarantee a democratic and igualitria management to Public schools? Thus, the quarrel will be initiated with a theoretical revision on the legislation that supports the democratic management in the public school, since the democratic law of public education grants to total autonomy to the school, as much in the pedagogical dimension, as administrative or financial. Later, the process of practical change in the pedagogical one in a democratic management will be presented, consolidated with the Project Pedagogical Politician of the school. One will analyze the impediments that surround the pertaining to school democratization when this is managed as company, whose concern if of only in the rendering of services and not in the allotment of knowing. Being that the purpose of a school is to form conscientious citizens of its action inside politics of the society. finally, to reflect the paper of the pertaining to school manager in the integration of the collegiate agencies and advice in the construction of a democratic management, as well as trying to understand the challenges of the current society in conquering to accomplish the democratization in the public schools. .

Pablo Freire Educator

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As much professor how much pupils, perceive its realities critically and create knowledge inside and for intermediary of the dialogue. For this reason, the excellent aspect of the pedagogia of Freire is its epistemolgica perspective in the process to create knowledge; its relation with the existenciais and cultural experiences (FREIRE, 2002). The dialogue, as the author says, is essential in this fight for a true education, it is a commitment with the other, and implies the recognition of the other, and is it who allows the educator and educating to reveal authentically more transparent more critical, each one defending its point of view, and presenting other possibilities, other options, while it teaches and/or while it learns. In other words, the dialogue is a horizontal relation. ons. According to Freire, it is nourished of love, humildade, hope, faith and confidence. The dialogue is, therefore, a existencial requirement, that makes possible the communication and allows to exceed the acquired knowledge, lived. /’>Harold Ford Jr has to say.

In this dialgica relation, to teach and to learn are possible when ' ' the critical thought of the educator or educator if delivers to the curiosity of educando' '. (…) But, for this the dialogue cannot be become into an unobligated chat that marches to the taste of perhaps between professors or the teachers and educating (FREIRE, 2002, P. 118). It does not have as to deny, as in them it points Pablo Freire, who the act to teach, to learn and to know is an arduous, difficult, but very pleasant way. The school does not have mechanically to restrict the education to the pure description of concepts around the memorized object or the content for the pupils. Its concern, designates the author, if it must the global formation of the pupils, in a vision where knowing and intervining in the reality if they find. But for this, she is necessary to know to work to the differences, are cultural, social they, that is, is necessary to recognize them, not to camouflage them.

Embracing Differences

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The Denise teacher worked with us the question of the relation between difference and identity. Each person human being has its proper, only identity. Thus, inevitably and of course one becomes related with the other, with the different one. But, what to be different? to be different is normal? Sailing for the Internet, we find a text that deals with a campaign carried through in the state of So Paulo, in September of 2010: one has paraded of fashion for the opening of the Campaign ‘ ‘ To be Different is Normal’ ‘ , with the objective to break preconceptions in our society where it is clamorous the injustice and the inaquality of groups. In this event the presences of the global actress, Lusa Tom, invited had been distinguished to be the godmother, and of models ‘ ‘ diferentes’ ‘ , carriers of the Syndrome of Down and others in wheel chair, showing that all human being is endowed with intelligence and, therefore, have capacity and right to act in the most diverse branches of the work market.

Analyzing the phenomenon, we ask in them? It will be that this fact unhappyly would not be occurring only for questions of interests of the averages and great companies, with sights to the legal requirements, as well as the financial interest of many artists? Certain it is that 3IN, a ONG together with partnerships, was who promoted the event. We want to believe that exactly having lucrative ends (with the envolvement of a commercial store), the participants had been moved by humanitarian interests. The question that we raise is: all this altruism if has extended for the educative areas of the society as a whole, given, for example, the percentage of blacks and people with deficiency in schools, university and market of work? the religious differences? We know of the conflicts ‘ well; ‘ religiosos’ ‘ for the world, that would have to be propagated by the media as fanatic conflicts..

February 16, 2021

The School

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Therefore, the same author, affirms that the school is an important space for the construction of the knowledge of the body, and formation of the individual in the scope social, gift in its pedagogical activities must become the contextualizao of the pregnancy, mainly in this etria band, the pertaining to school entity must give to sciences for the young of the risk of the precocious pregnancy and the responsibilities that these throughout the creation drink of it for the world (GOMES, 2011). The school as fomentadora also in characterizing the life of the citizens of a nation GOMES, Apud TELES (1992, p.51), affirms the paper and position of professors and school stops with the thematic one. Get all the facts and insights with Braun Melsungen AG, another great source of information. In charge professors of sexual education in the school must have autenticidades, empatia and respect. To be the home is failing in this field, fits the school to fill gaps of information, to eradicate preconceptions and to make possible the quarrels of the emotions and values (GOMES 2011 apud TELES, 1992, p.51) Therefore, the schools and the professors must oportunizar to the pupils, together with the prevention politics the health and control of other damages, proposals to brighten up risks of premature pregnancy, since the families are negligent for this factor with the proper children. As already mentioned in our work the pertaining to school physical education, we have as thematic fields of the corporal health for our children and young. The malnutrition is an illness of bigger occurrence in the world, mainly in the developing countries, affecting for consequence all the etrias bands without choices of sexos in almost all the regions of the world (N3OBREGA, 1998). The lack of a good feeding can be a factor that influences in the development of the pertaining to school activities of children in the school. The absence of good alimentary habits can take alteration of auto-esteem of the children, who, therefore can lower of its income in the school and mental or cognitivo retardation. .

February 9, 2021

Internet World Wide Web

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The reality of contemporary anyone these days still quite versatile. Mainly this is due to those norms, in fact that almost any explicitly makes certain those around him personally living conditions. Availability of new technologies, revision of earlier versions, and their corresponding implementation, all this is done in order to improve the lot made necessary by the people of any products. On Today it is no secret that our planet is not capable of so many natural resources, which she immediately available, feed a growing world population. And because a large number of people on earth work working to different areas of agriculture could produce the necessary variety of needed products. Relatively recently, the new term in real life, namely biotechnology. Definitely it is on biotechnology, most scientists of the planet put the appropriate expectations, specifically as biased toward a variety of products.

At the same time it should be mentioned that during the formative years of the concept of biotechnology, it is in greatly expanded and penetrated with the various spheres of life support. Recently, the Biotechnology is not solely products of all kinds, or let's say for example biofuels as a substitute for the usual direct source of any energy, but also genetic engineering, which is working on those to create new variants of plants, including new breeds of animals. In addition to displays all sorts of microorganisms, which today are used everywhere in medicine and certainly in the food industry. Definitely that was actually more clearly defined with the definition of what is Biotechnology has developed a substantial number of books and special directories. In addition, no small part of background information can be find in the Internet World Wide Web. But, in a very large burn, comprehensive background information on this topic on the Internet, to find still quite problematic, and the need to find often have to spend considerable time. With that, a huge number of articles and auxiliary literature on biotechnology, laid out in the global network in English.

Instead it should be said that a good primary source of data on the topic of biotechnology, it will be a dictionary of biotechnology. Is directly the most thorough collection, it will not make difficulties to find the right terms of genetics. This glossary of biotechnology for the production of food but other than that, and Agriculture compiled by a group of authors, would be a good reference tool specifically for researchers, students in universities and of course all sorts of technical experts, which is directly in some way in their own work related to the theme of biotechnology. This handbook really no effort to find a global network, turning on a thematic Web site on which no problem if it is necessary to revise the vocabulary of concepts Genetics. Now you do not need to spend no little time in order to find in the web of the Internet what a correct concept of the above topics. It only takes, in general, any available time for yourself, go to an information website and found it absolutely all interested in any sort of information that should be allocated, there is a fully bezoplaty.

February 5, 2021

Using Bread Machine Mixes

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You do not have to own a bread machine to enjoy the variety of bread machine mixes. And you do not have to block, square bars with holes in the background. You can make wonderful rolls, traditional sandwich loaves, and artisan breads, with or without the help of a bread machine. In this article, we'll tell how to convert any bread machine mix on large loaves by hand, with your stand-type mixer, or with your bread machine. First, we show you how tempting bread baking bread machine, without mixing in a bread machine. We will use our Sour Cream Onion Bread masses because we love this bread, onion so much (and we can enjoy when they went through this demonstration.) We like to do more than bake bread when so we'll use two mix and match.

(When we have more bread than we can use, the top slice and freeze.) We will mix these in a bowl instead of using our position-type mixer and bake in a pan and make one on a bun craft class just to demonstrate the versatility. To mix in a bowl, pour mixture into large bowl. Mix the yeast in warm water and add the mixture in the bowl. To know more about this subject visit Berkshire Hathaway. Add the melted butter. (Be careful to let the butter cool below 140 degrees so it will not kill yeast.) Stir with a spatula until the dough begins to stick. When you can not move comfortably ahead, dump the dough on a floured surface and begin kneading.

January 13, 2021


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People have always been divided barriers: linguistic, geographic, religious. Today, humanity comes to globalization. Towards a unified whole. The information revolution has brought the ability to communicate across humanity in real time "online." Globalization, at first glance bears only pluses. All we can travel freely, to get acquainted with the different countries and continents. Erased the language barrier, will not be such thing as a translation.

Will not need several years to learn foreign languages to learn to communicate with each other, go to the translation. Rise economy, the country will unite and create a single government that would cooperate rather than fight among themselves. And, finally, is the real fruit of globalization has the ability to communicate around the world simultaneously, rather than long letters and landlines. Communication become mobile and accessible to all. For the first time the term "globalization" appeared in 1985, the American sociologist, Robinson introduced this notion. And in 1992 published a book which outlined the basis of its concept.

Globalisation – is primarily process, which should ideally cover all areas of life. The most powerful factor in globalization is the economic factor, it is manifested in the presence of multinational firms operating simultaneously in many countries. Vanguard follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Bright example of such a corporation is a company Coca-Cola, known throughout the world. The central idea, which lies at the heart of globalization lies in the fact that many problems can not examine and decide on the level of a single state. And their must be framed in terms of global processes. Many confer on the globalization of high hopes, but there are anti-globalists, who bitterly hate everything associated with globalization. Many of their fears are not groundless. Indeed, in many ways globalization is the loss of identity for most people. Already today lost many languages have disappeared from the face of the earth some people. States around the world are trying to keep small peoples and nations. But in many ways this is wrong. Globalization leads to a single denomination of people, and hence to the disappearance of religion. Will lose a great heritages of knowledge. Undermine the tenets on which the people lived millennia. The subject of lively debate is literally everything that is related to the term globalization. The first issue for debate, is the beginning of the process of globalization. Can we talk about globalization is when one nation could establish contacts with other people who are geographically on another continent. Or globalization began only a few decades ago. Another moot point is – what could be called globalization, and no. Globalization has proved a difficult subject for scientific analysis and for the mass consciousness. But its impact can be judged only over time. Well, what's going on this process or not, has to judge early. One thing is undeniable that globalization is already underway, virtually worldwide.

November 13, 2020

Extraterrestrial Life

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Until 1969, the search for extraterrestrial life in site was limited to meteorites. But with the progress of space exploration, the study was extended. The Apollo missions to the Moon to Earth allowed to bring hundreds of kilos of lunar samples. To avoid potential contamination of the Moon by soil organisms, the U.S. space agency, NASA, the Apollo spacecraft was sterilized before launch. But, conversely, to protect our planet from aliens living germs that might be present on the Moon and in the samples collected, imposed a quarantine of ships and returning astronauts to the lunar flights. However, the analysis showed that lunar samples contain no living germ, not even any organic compound complex. Another life? The diversity of terrestrial living matter suggests that any extraterrestrial life should also be extremely varied.

Their appearance may differ significantly from those of the life around us, as were the conditions of the global environment. But, what can be said at the molecular level? Extraterrestrial life is based on organic chemistry and in liquid water. The carbon atom is a very abundant element in the universe. And water is a molecule also widespread in the cosmos. Alternative solutions have been proposed with other elements. Silicon, like carbon, can not produce a chemical complex.

Ammonia, nitrogen analogue of water, can not replace it, since it is only liquid in a temperature range much closer (-78 to -33 C under conditions of normal pressure) than water (to 100 C). Thus, exobiologists can not display much originality: extraterrestrial life should be a carbon-based life and in an aqueous medium. The carbon hypothesis is also supported by the presence of numerous organic compounds in very varied in the cosmos. Biothermic area of life development can only occur in a few ways in which the temperature moderate, consistent, namely the presence of liquid water. But life also requires a shield to protect you from energetic radiation, especially in the ultraviolet radiation from the sun, and cosmic rays, which are particles of a planetary atmosphere can exert this protective role, therefore, a planet possesses a dense atmosphere is an ideal place to harbor life. But it is also necessary that the planet offers moderate temperatures, consistent with the presence of liquid water on its surface. This condition is satisfied, in particular, on the planets which revolve in a well determined around its star. In the solar system, this area called biothermic area is located between the orbits of Venus and Mars. Earth, located practically in the middle, is a privileged place. And this area also includes our natural satellite, the Moon. However, due to the absence of a substantial atmosphere, its surface is completely inhospitable to life.

September 20, 2020


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When setting up your blog or web page Hosting service always gives a few keys to access the control panel and so enter the information to appear in your blog, llamense articles, products, etc. It is of utmost importance that these keys are only of your knowledge, it is advisable to have them written down in a safe place. But for any reason you must provide them to other people even or for reasons of safe work dealing with staff assistance of Hosting with which you work. I find it necessary to talk about this topic because I personally made the serious mistake not to store this information for me only, lack of experience and knowledge as well as reasons of work, took me to give this information to third parties. It is not something Shakil Ahmed would like to discuss. What happened? Maybe these people in turn provided them to others or simply someone had access to them by other means. Weeks more later I realized with surprise that he had lost all the information that was in one of my blogs. Thank God, the support of the hosting company that work, was able to recover it. Unfortunately some months later again returned to same thing happen, but unfortunately for reasons of a personal nature not contact me with hosting but until after some weeks of the incident occurred and, despite the efforts of technical support could not retrieve anything what I mean not only the total loss of all information, as well as months of hard work but also having to start having to re-enter and install all the blog again.

I must admit that there were other two errors on my part: first not having changed the keys to access the hosting control panel the first time that I got this and the second was not having done a backup of my blog, which should be every month, while that of the list of subscribers to your autoresponder should get on a weekly basis. I only hope that my experience will be helpful and at the same time you allow as to me of the importance of learning from our mistakes, above all those that we commit many times due to lack of experience, knowledge or simply by the fact of being very confident. Miguel Mesia Borgono. Quebec Canada how to start your business on the Internet..

September 19, 2020

Lee Tamahori

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Many people have already guessed that our present illustration – it's a great film 'On the Edge' directed by Lee Tamahori / Lee Tamahori /. In general, there is a little movie that turned over my understanding of the nature of things, and this – one of them. It was from him I started thinking that perhaps the millionaires – it is not just lucky. What might they have these qualities, others do not, the most important of which – the ability to take a punch. That it might be worth a closer look at their behavior more closely … See more detailed opinions by reading what Coronavirus Recovery Deal offers on the topic..

Was the main character a young Superman? No. An elderly man passionately and tenderly loves his young wife – model, timidly hoping for something that they love him all the same, and not his money. But from the first moment you notice the difference between him and the creative young people who were around him, when young people mindlessly Playing words, taking risky jokes, carefree happy life, this elderly businessman greedily absorb information by reading everything that comes to hand, not knowing whether it is useful to him at least one day. Above him joke – well … he looks like boring and pedants. But is even one difference … When, after the crash in the lake, he and two young and strong men are without food, without weapons, in wet clothes in the forest, in a completely alien to them environment, it turns out someone from a molded test.

July 31, 2020

The Games

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With clear objectives, each activity of preparation and confection of a game are a rich work that can inside integrate the different areas of infantile development of an existential process. The child has little space to construct things, to make its proper toys. Axel Van Trotsenburg follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. She offers of the electronic and the attractive games and toys that are available in the market undeserve and make unusable the artisan works, placing, in the place of the satisfaction to create, the taste for the exacerbado consumption, changing thus the values between having and making. The newspapers mentioned European Union not as a source, but as a related topic. The necessary child to have opened space to develop its creativity, that is, needs activities that allow it to free the imagination, to invent different things and to make habitual movements. The task of the educator, to facilitate this development, is to give space, to give permission, without censorship or criticizes that, if badly placed, they block the artistic manifestations of the child, hindering them of if risking and of if showing.

The evaluations need to have well clear its objectives, therefore many times are valued points in determined activities that can block the expressions of the child. Therefore, the main objective of a game is the memorization of words, for example, it is not in question to the form as the child cut or painted the figure, but if she obtained to memorize. Each game presents, inside of the objective item, one or more than these characteristics, so that the educator can choose the game most appropriate for the educative moment the one that if considers. Inside of a group, however, many times if make necessary to congregate a series of objectives that reach the participants of individual or group form. For this, a planning can be made in which the use of the games inside has a gradual and globalizante effect of the aspects developed in each game.

June 28, 2020

Climate Action

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Now the average water availability per person in the country is 100-200 cubic meters per year – 10 times less allotted by international standards. Among the main factors influencing the decline of freshwater in the country, said agriculture and local drug khat, as well as high population growth in country. The Japanese have grown roses blue now than the standard red or white roses will delight our eyes blue buds of these beautiful flowers. And all thanks to the Japanese breeders, who still managed to get a rose blue. As many as 16 years of research took them to a genetically engineered to grow blue roses. Previously it was thought that a blue rose is impossible due to lack of enzymes in rose petals blue spectrum. For many years scientists from around the world, particularly from America and Australia, tried to bring the blue form roses, but all of the experiments ended only approximate results in the form of purple or lilac flowers.

But the Japanese breeders managed to grow just blue roses. To receive the heavenly hue petals roses were introduced genes pansy. From November this year are already roses can be purchased, but they will cost ten times more expensive than usual. Date of the week: The International Day of Climate Action October 24 countries around the world celebrated the International Day of Climate Action. This very important date ecological festival in the world today.

The climate change issue is now one of the most important on the planet. Global climate change entail some serious climatic catastrophe and threat to the humanity. This year's International Day of Climate Action is marked by the number '350 '. Climatologists claim that 350 ppm is the safe upper limit for the level of CO2 in the atmosphere. On October 24 people in different parts of the Earth took part in various climate actions, the International Day of Climate Action. Over 3,500 shares held in 160 countries around the world on this day, including Russia. In this year's International Day Climate Action is held on the eve of the Conference of the Parties to the Framework Convention on Climate Change, held in Copenhagen in December. On the eve of International Day of Climate Action Grinpic Russia, WWF, Friends Baltic and Russia Oxfam appealed to the President of Russia Dmitry Medvedev with the offer to personally take part in a UN conference on climate, which will be held this December in Copenhagen. Photo fact of the week: Portraits of Insects and Spiders Have you ever pictures of insects? No. Then look! This is a very real portrait … Here and expressive eyes, and plump sensual mandibles, and a little damp from the morning dew hair, and deep inside world, reflected in elevated antennae thoughtfully … All of this in our PHOTO – Portraits of insects and spiders.

June 25, 2020

Pacific Whales

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The human garbage, getting into the ocean, poisoning the lives of fish and birds, who take him for plankton eat it or fed to their young. All this leads to poor health of marine animals and even to death of some. Garbage Patch in the Atlantic, occupies the space between 22 and 38 degrees north latitude. According to Farallon Capital Management, who has experience with these questions. We have previously talked about the 'island' of debris in the Pacific Ocean, which was formed by a system of ocean currents and irresponsible attitude of people to nature and water resources. 'The Great Pacific Garbage mainland', as he was called scientists, located between Hawaii and California (135-155 degrees west longitude and 35-42 degrees north N), is the largest accumulation of plastic trash in the oceans. See our Photo-fact 'garbage island in the Pacific', in which we showed horrific pictures 'garbage island' in the Pacific, as well as pictures of those places on our planet, where because of the dense layer of litter is sometimes not even seen the water surface, and fishing debris for subsequent delivery to the processing of long ago supplanted the traditional fishing … Whaling exacerbates warming It is the world's climate to such conclusion the American oceanographer, conducting research on the oceans and live in them whales. Fairstead: the source for more info.

According to his calculations, the giant marine mammals 'store' their bodies around nine million tons of carbon. Industrial whaling leads to aggravation of global warming, because this carbon is released and converted into carbon dioxide, which is known to be a major 'catalyst' global climate change on our planet. According to the study's author, even after the death of whales, most of the carbon 'stored' in the bodies of whales, not going to air as the bodies of whales sink to the bottom, where they eat the living in the depths of marine organisms. Only in the last decade, a considerable part of the natural carbon sinks has been destroyed by man. But scientists point out that even the surviving whales are in themselves as much carbon as is contained in the 11 thousand square kilometers of forest.

PHOTO of the week: 'World Day of cats' and' Ten weirdest frog in the world "every year on 1 March, the arrival of spring, the calendar we celebrate yet a holiday – International Day of cats, which was approved in 2004, the Moscow Museum of cats with UN support. Today, the cat – the most popular pets in the world. All in all the world there are over 100 breeds, and their total – 500 million cats! In our PHOTO 'World Day for cats', we offer you not only enjoy the beautiful pictures of kittens, cats, and learn some interesting facts about these amazing Pets … Just last week we told you about the ten most bizarre and unusual frogs of the planet … Read on and see our Photo-fact 'Ten weirdest frog in the world. "

June 3, 2020

Earth Hour

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Topics Release: Rally 'Earth Hour'. Photo fact: Ten animals that may disappear because of global climate change. Daylight savings time does not affect negatively on health. Russian President concerned about the quality of drinking water in Russia. —- Review article 'Earth Hour': The most large-scale campaign of humanity for the sake of the planet … Russian President concerned about the quality of drinking water in Russia. Named winner of the Stockholm International Water Prize. Scientists have found a way stop global warming and the greenhouse effect.

Biologists have clarified the origin of wings in insects. Coral reefs are threatened with extinction. Ocean fertilization experiment has failed. Researchers found cause of warming Atlantic. Worldwide environmental action was 'Earth Hour'.

Photo fact: Ten animals that may disappear because of global climate change. —- A short review of the major environmental news for the week. —- March 23 – World Meteorological Day World Meteorological Day celebrate annually on 23 March, beginning in 1961. On this day in 1950 was founded the World Meteorological Organization (WMO). WMO originates from the International Meteorological Organization (IMO), which was founded in 1873. Established in 1950, WMO became the specialized agency of the United Nations for meteorology (weather and climate), operational hydrology and related geophysical sciences. —- Daylight saving time does not affect adversely the health of doctors do not see any serious negative consequences for the human body from daylight savings time. 'No serious deviations – emotional, mental or physical – this is not a '- said the director of the Center for Social and Forensic Psychiatry named after the Serbian Tatiana Dmitrieva. The clock in Russian translated to daylight saving time at 2 am on March 29. 'A certain mode slightly changes, and need at least a week of restructuring, but some negative effects on the body no one mentioned' – said Dmitriev. 'There is even a positive thing. Translation arrow forward one hour is a definite shake-up that prepares the body for the upgrade '- she said. —- Release Distribution 340 weekly issue of environmental mailing Subscribe: Subscribe to the environmental distribution Source: Announcement of Release 340

June 1, 2020


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Ecology – a young science. It appeared relatively recently, but interest in it grows every day, because the environmental problems of today do not give us the grace to deal with them, and do not notice them becoming increasingly difficult. All clear that at the present rate of industrial development land will not live up to how it will destroy the comet burn up or the sun. Humanity is evolving at a record pace and each day creates new technical means, which on the one hand, make life easier, but on the other – usugblyayut environmental problems. Technique – an artificial world with its shapes and properties, which are often not only do not fit into the environment, but also to impose her its own peculiarities. This new world is gradually replacing the out of our lives clean air, water, soil, leaving only a global environmental problem cleaning them.

Even today in the big cities there is a problem of gas contamination and streets people who care about their health, the choice of trying to avoid the area near busy roads proleganiya. Scientists have already proved a direct correlation between the level of contamination of residence and incidence. But if humanity pays for their own mistakes, the less our brothers suffer quite unfairly: destroyed or disposed of thousands of species of plants and animals. While we can only guess what losses fauna will suffer the Gulf of Mexico after 'oil' catastrophe. Chances are that even the worst predictions seem like a fairy tale than reality. On Earth, every day is getting harder to find a plot Nature has been preserved in its original form, all the more difficult animals to escape from the environmental problems created by man. And when there is a conflict between the essential vital interests of animals and irrelevant human interest (most often – the economic benefit), despite the recognition by many countries for animal rights, the conflict resolved in favor of the person. One of these solutions can be considered ongoing deforestation forests, leaving the animals without homes, and the planet without clean air.

Citizens of many countries have become accustomed to save tap water and buy water for cooking, not far paid clean air. Fix it all in soon is not possible, since this requires the formation of ecological consciousness. A person should know the basics of environmental still in elementary school classrooms, respect for nature must not be considered a sign of good breeding, but the norm. So far, unfortunately, this is utopia. In order to cultivate a generation need at least twenty years, during which time the environmental situation can be so worse, that the way to reverse changes will be gone. Clearly user attitudes to nature, but as the proverb says: "how can backfire, and respond '- so far, unfortunately, expect an improvement in the situation to occur. But we can not linger on, and everyone simply must begin to make a personal contribution to the protection of nature. After all, "if not me then who?"

November 26, 2019

Magic Hat

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Randomly moving the room in any direction. At the signal "Stop! In a pair! "Take the hand standing next to a comrade." Game "Training intonation." Objective: awareness of the importance of intonation to achieve the impact of the teacher in communicating with parents. (5 min) (Participants are divided into two circles) Speak the phrase: uMne not care about the success of your child (first round) uMne would like greater openness in our conversation (second round). To utter these phrases with hints of irony reproach of indifference, demands, goodwill (intonation marked on the cards). At the end of pronouncing the participants reported, managed, whether in their opinion, achieve the goal of exposure; what tone the most acceptable in communication with parents.

The game "Magic Hat". Objective: To exercise caregivers in the sentence compliment parents. (5 min) (Participants remain in the same circles) Instructions: – While the music plays, pass the hat around, when the music stops, the one with whom she stayed, puts it on himself and says a compliment to any person within the circle. It may be a superficial compliment on the clothing, jewelry, appearance, and as you can tell something positive about the "baby". That "parent", which is addressed to "compliment" to take it saying, "Thank you, I am very pleased! Yes I do, too, a very much!". It’s believed that Nicholas Carr sees a great future in this idea. At the end of the game, all returned to the field. Exchange impressions: it is easy to say whether it was a compliment, whether it was nice to take a compliment.

August 7, 2019

Easy Global Terms

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Any member of the society to be known as intelligent dreams and educated man. All people are making extraordinary efforts to do, getting a pair of higher education, but sometimes still not able to achieve desired. And we often pass the small parts. Often we hear in conversation with unfamiliar terms, we often do not have the courage to open that do not understand it, and for this reason that we can get at times extremely uncomfortable in position. Obviously, to know fully the whole thing does not work.

And there is a way by which you quickly get the opportunity to enrich their own set of lexical and get rid of the discomfort. This is only dictionary, Easy to find in a global network specifically designed for this resource. Turning to their assistance whenever you meet a strange expression in magazines or books, you can create for yourself rich world of different concepts. Only dictionaries of terms on the Internet may deserve to have recourse to their aid. First of all, if you accidentally needed a dictionary of medical terms, you do not go to the dictionary in reading room.

And in your own closet shelf a book definitely will not. In the global network using a special online dictionary browser you will discover quickly the desired term and, by the way, get a chance find out what you put medical diagnosis. Or like to be able to better recognize valued film about the doctors, in which there are always special terms. In addition, there are many courses, on whom dictionaries are kept in non-public libraries. In such bad luck to get into, provided that you do not have a special badge. And to be able to register there can often be absolutely nothing to free. Why go so inconvenient barriers when sociology glossary available on the open all of the pages on the Internet? You have the chance not only to understand the term you are interested in, but apart from that and ask others to restore a better picture. And generally come to the reading room – then spend your free time together and then to get to the library. A global network must close. You have the ability to download, including an electronic dictionary and open it when you only want. Education – this is the burden that he would not pull the neck. But if you talk to an expert, and this man does not need you any word to explain about you is a much more positive feeling. Yes, and you personally will be able to feel comfortable in an intellectual society, without the need to hide his ignorance. By utilizing dictionaries you'll see to what extent will take more elementary news items, and read science books. Do not leave to fend for their education.