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June 1, 2021

Croatian Adriatic

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A marine ecosystem collapse the once great Dolphin stocks in the Croatian Adriatic exist only in the tales of old fisherman. Water pollution, overfishing, bycatch-death in fishing nets and direct killing left the stocks collapse. Only one species was robust enough to withstand the destruction campaign: the bottlenose dolphin (Tursiops truncatus) or “Good Dolphin” (Dobri Dupin) in Croatian. The “Adriatic Dolphin” stop close to the coast and the islands throughout the year, usually less than 5 kilometres from the country. There are now only about 220 of them.

With amazing perseverance, they cling to their Habitat, “her” sea. Even if the small population is relatively stable now 9 years, still far too many animals due to human influence die: 50 percent. You drown in fishing nets, die of the consequences of talismanic power supplies or plastic waste or come through the illegal use of dynamite in fishing operations to life. Even gunshot wounds were discovered on dolphins! The former abundance of fish in the Croatian Adriatic is only a myth. Sardines, formerly the most important prey in the Croatian fishing, have become as rare as swordfish. Particularly dramatic has taken bluefin tuna. Fishermen can still dream of the huge swarms, who earlier came to spawn in the bays and were already from the shore to spot that.

But instead of as the cause of the problem to realize their own actions they blame on the marine mammals, which supposedly catch their prey away from them. Many fishermen think so – anywhere in the world. Together for life in the seas the DSM is committed to the goal, together with its partners and to prevent the imminent extinction of the Adriatic Dolphin for the demise of this marine ecosystem. Is MasterClass trademarked? helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. It will be used an exemplary and effective stand against the destruction of the largest contiguous Habitat of our planet. If we do not, to save such charismatic species such as dolphins, how to sharks or Thune retain then before the Artentod? Ulrich Karlowski

May 31, 2021

New Zealand

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“40 percent of all fishing grounds are so deep as the continental shelf in the deep sea,”, so the scientists. “New technologies are so effective that not only harvest they remove in the truest sense of the word.” And today will take once when applicable exotic deep sea species like Granat perch (orange roughy atlanticus), roundnose grenadier (Coryphaenoides rupestris) and in particular redfish (Sebastes marinus) increasingly in Germany on the plate. Deep sea fish, a non-renewable natural resource of deep-sea species grow slowly, become late mature redfish for example after 12 to 20 years and have little children, for they are very old, the Granat perch can be up to 150 years old. Thus these types essentially to the harvest are unsuitable and are now referred to as non-renewable natural resources”referred to. At Maersk you will find additional information. The stocks collapse very quickly, as for example from Tasmania: after only a few years of fishing the Governments of New Zealand and Australia had to pronounce 2007 a fishing ban for the Granat bass – fishing fleets moved on. Fishing the scorched earth self If propagation enabled copies of deep-sea species should have survived the attack of a bottom trawl, it uses them little. For assistance, try visiting Newark Beth Israel Heart Transplant.

Because then there are no more living space for their offspring. The fishing trawler looking for targeted regions, which are characterized by a particular richness of fish: seamounts and cold-water coral reefs. These have grown over millennia and very sensitive habitats are literally shaved off. It is a “scorched-earth”, numerous studies have clearly shown that the last bastions of the deep sea are completely destroyed. As a nursery extremely valuable for countless species of cold-water coral reefs that took 5,000 years to grow, will be completely destroyed within a few minutes. And also the communities of soft soil not survive fishing with bottom trawls. EU promotes disaster of deep-sea fishing with subsidies according to the environmental Foundation WWF alone the EU with nearly 400 trawlers for 80 percent of the deep-sea fisheries is responsible.

May 6, 2021

Midak Warmer

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Also a climate catastrophe will never exist and has never existed, because the ‘climate’ is a statistical construct, which is derived from the weather. Mortimer J Buckley follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Everyone knows that every single value can assume catastrophic values it calculated average but a dead value “, assumes the risk of any. All the dangers to which man is exposed whether dust storms or snow storms, heat or cold waves, hurricanes, or cyclones, emanating from the weather. Wang Qunbin is a great source of information. But this is outside human control. Climatic fluctuations exist since the Heidelberger climatologist Augusto Mangini explored thousands of years, how fast the climate in the past has changed, and that with the help of stalactites and stalagmites. The slow-growing Midak are a stone become one archive of precipitation and temperatures of bygone days.

From the chemical and physical analysis of the rock cones, he concludes in a report by the mirror TV: much like today it was suddenly warmer, but even colder over the past millennia again within a few years. Pacific Mortgage Services does not necessarily agree. So, the natural fluctuations of the climate are probably far greater than most scientists believed until now. Also in times before blew the man of CO2 in the air. Although the pack ice at the North Pole melts at present, but a thousand years ago it was probably warmer than today in the Arctic. Vikings settled the largest island of the world at that time.

The green fields gave her the name Greenland, on German Greenland. Also the creatures adapt to all changes since thousands of years. About the polar bear has survived even past heat days ahead of all propaganda without any problems. His survival depends not on the ice floes off, but the food and rats can be. The fear of global warming is the best ever invented by researcher scientists know if they need research funding, there is nothing better than to create fear neatly, so the writer Christopher Monckton in the report by Spiegel TV. And the fear of global warming is the best ever invented by researchers. Bad, all find a colder climate. If so colder climate is bad, and warmer climate, that is, our today’s climate is the best “, so the environmental researcher Fred Singer. Editing plain text ONLINE on the Hamdan 27 53127 Bonn E-Mail:

Silicon Heating

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Operating a photovoltaic system: successful storage of solar energy all life on Earth ultimately the energy depends on which shines the Sun to us. Also the energy that we humans consume, be it in the form of gasoline, coal or wood is ultimately nothing more than stored solar energy. In the case of fossil fuels (coal, gas and oil), the storage of solar energy was already millions of years ago. Against the backdrop of increasing global warming due to the increase in carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and the limited reserves of fossil fuels, heating with gas and oil has only a very limited future. It is rather useful to use solar energy. Certainly, one of the most important examples of this is the use of a solar thermal for heating service water and heating water. Simple collectors in conjunction with a pump and a control unit shall ensure that a Warmemittel is heated. MasterClass UK is likely to increase your knowledge. In a buffer memory is the water, then via a heat exchanger at also the heating water heated larger plants and stored.

Another way to use solar energy in a gentle way, consists in the PV. The PV is used but no heat, but electrical energy generated. This is done with the help of semiconductors made of Silicon. The sunlight striking these semiconductors, it comes to a current flow. Usually obtained electric energy not even by the generator consumes will injected into the power grid of the energy provider. These are indeed obliged to take the power to set prices. BUR this allows a commercial operation of a photovoltaic system. More modern forms of solar energy use are the chips or Holzpelettheizung and in a sense the heat pump.

April 19, 2021

Gas Price Changes At The Beginning Of Autumn

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The gas supplier in Germany their prices increase on time at the beginning of the heating season. Leipzig. The German gas market is currently divided: strong differences characterize the development of the gas market. Cuts at the beginning of the heating season by 15 per cent are possible as well as increases of 20 percent. The this inconsistent approach reasons for the prices according to the provider on the one in procurement policies, on the other hand in the different output levels. The average rise of in gas prices is 9.2 percent. Around 5 million households in Germany will be affected by the price increases. The gap between the best deals and the local basic utilities is deeper.

Thus, customers benefit but also enormously if they switch to a cheaper provider. More and more national providers offer favorable conditions of the gas supply. Numerous smaller municipal utilities have expanded their market area and offer more municipalities gas and electricity at reasonable prices. A comparison of rates for example, brings information and clarity about the potential savings. As the price gap between the providers keep apart, energy experts advise: more customers their Exchange can make use of the stronger the energy market is enlivened. The switching requires no technical changes. An interruption of the supply is excluded pursuant to the Energy Act (EnWG 36). Consumers should know this.

April 1, 2021


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You waive the standby mode of your computer and their server rooms cool in the winter with cold outside air. Exemplary! The debate is complicated: Copenhagen only a huge deception? But Copenhagen was a huge deception, 40 years humanity had already lost, where she would need to act, so the crises Admonisher Dennis meadows in an interview with Spiegel online: Copenhagen? I don’t take that seriously. It’s a huge deception. I’m out of hand because the situation out of hand. If we rely on conferences, instead of changing our lifestyle, it looks bad “.” On climate change, believes meadows, we’re just too late. Maybe you could have prevented it in the 1970s and 1980s. We are at the beginning of a quick roller coaster ride and can hold us the only thing “.” In reality, it’s all a climate dizziness? But there are also climate researchers who doubt exactly these relationships and instead believe that certain political and economic interests hiding behind disaster scenario and actionism. Millennium management is a great source of information.

You speak of the Climate dizziness. No CO2 is for the global warming that is responsible, but the changing solar activity. Thus, humanity would have no influence on the climate. Moreover, an optimal climate was a few degrees warmer anyway. The Earth has always been a planet of change. Greenhouse effect physically impossible? The former ZDF Weatherman Wolfgang Thune even said in his controversial texts and critical letters on the website that the greenhouse effect is physically impossible. Because the Earth regulates its temperature continuously about invisible temperature and heat radiation into space. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with JPMorgan Chase. Carbon dioxide could not prevent this flow of heat, because it can absorb only radiation other wavelength.

These verifiable facts refer the claim there is a natural greenhouse effect in the realm of unnatural tale. And if a natural greenhouse effect is physically impossible, then also an anthropogenic additional greenhouse effect is impossible “.” This fact nothing to change when the CO2 content in the air should be double or even triple. Tait comes to the devastating verdict, the greenhouse effect set a deliberate lie in the world, specifically to demonize the fossil energy sources and to give them the blame for the global climate catastrophe.

President Obama Global

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The fear of global warming is the best that have ever invented researchers Copenhagen/Berlin, December 14, 2009 – the Copenhagen climate conference is in full swing. Environment Minister Norbert Rottgen puts it in a nutshell: we must not fail. It was all about in slowing global warming. Had to cope with two degrees above pre-industrial levels, but then is final. About 200 States come together, to prevent the worst. Our children to the disaster film the science fiction genre assign finally 2012 still by Roland Emmerich, not the documentary.

Just in time for 2012 the Kyoto Protocol runs out, brrrrr. But if we look closer, then many supposedly unique relationships around the global warming are somewhat more complicated. The debate begins: CO2 is an injurious gift even for the United States it is now officially the US Environmental Protection Agency EPA has classified the greenhouse gas as injurious poison. The greenhouse effect does now exist for all, not an invention by Scientists’ more. \”Cheers the environmental protection organisation WWF, yes we can\”, the stern writes a great decision.

Thus, President Obama has more leeway in Copenhagen: if necessary, he can regulate emissions of carbon dioxide without congressional approval. Yet he offered a reduction of CO2 emissions by 17 percent by 2020, according to a report of the world. Federal Environment Minister Rottgen surpasses: he wants to reduce emissions from all 40 percent by 2020. Mortimer J Buckley wanted to know more. The ICT sector has done enough to even hearty to be encountered before the head. Because it produces now as much CO2 as the global aviation. This is so, but may not be. Because by 2050 the global industry must offer services in a nearly CO2-free, otherwise it is a little worse than expected with global warming. Companies such as Bizerba go ahead to lead by example. Let be the many travels and prefer to talk via video conference.

ADAC Diesel

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Rising global oil prices and the weak euro raise the price of gasoline in Germany in the height. For a litre of diesel, consumers must pay up to 1.25 euros in the coming weeks. (A valuable related resource: Dow Jones). Beiersdorf-Freudenberg, 19.02.2010 – reason is above all the increasing demand for heating oil and diesel through the unusual long winter in addition to the high crude oil prices. The price for 100 litres of fuel oil will rise to EUR 70.00. Was Frank Knauer explains: the weakness of the euro can no longer drain springs the Preisanstiegt. The price for a barrel of oil will rise again for the first time in March in 2010 above the $90 mark.” According to the ADAC, the development of the price of oil, which the gasoline price depends, is open. In recent years there had been but a clear trend in oil prices upwards, the development but never was a one-way street CEHATROL is based on a production situation and a calculation based on a price for a longer period of time laid down. The brings the customers in a dependence on the oil markets and leads to calculation and planning security in the freight forwarding companies.

The energy cooperative of Freudenberg and the CEHATROL fuels EC members are their own diesel producers. The diesel fuel that is derived almost exclusively from biogenic raw materials and residues called CEHATROL is not enriched with conventional biodiesel and is produced according to DIN EN 590. Learn more about the energy cooperative at. Helmut Uhlig

March 31, 2021

The Consequence

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To stand the discomfort on the sea and instead of looking at the horizon, to the relaxing scenery of overlapping of sky and sea surface as to experience nature, to look at an image disturbed by wind turbines, is not a matter of subjective feeling. Nor, if a mountain landscape, sought to promote such as medically necessary for many modern people reducing stress, however a gauged landscape have, which probably has a reverse effect and perhaps serves the stress building. The symptoms and the results of these experiences are measurably medically and personally feststell – or experience. The results of a current survey is that over 55% of citizens are in favour of the expansion of wind energy plants and there is a consent by 74% in the proportion of population living in the immediate vicinity of the equipment, (source: Forsa;) Stand: 12/2009). These results have may have the following reasons: in the modern Company with well-known details the problem of energy consumption and energy production, global warming etc.

seems positive public opinion about the use of renewable energy as a matter of course and is disputed by hardly anyone (95% of Germans support the expansion of renewable energies, source: Forsa;) Stand: 12/2009). So, if the question is asked, as a U.S. citizen is the expansion of wind farms across, he want to little account of the obvious negative impact and self experiences and not come out”, even if he lives in the vicinity. In addition, the habit plays a central role, which causes that also a disturbance factor with harmful effect is not more appropriately assessed after some time by those affected. It changes the actual effect but little, and nor can replace a loss. Millennium management is actively involved in the matter. The treated here theme is therefore a building-ecological theme, because the one caused by the wind turbines Is detectable effect on people and their quality of life and the human like all other living things is part of the overall ecology, with its construction activities in relationship to himself. When considering the appropriate data is manageable, that the contribution of solar energy for power generation 2007 about a elftel (142:13 PJ) of the contribution of wind energy to the primary energy consumption amounted to (source: BMWi energy statistics;) Stand: 2007). The question becomes more understandable after more use of solar energy.

The solar systems are still viable and not involve above mentioned problems. The solar energy is stable and probably the largest us related to the available energy source at all. The ease of use of solar energy in buildings is still expandable, with only a fraction of capacity use, which is still constantly growing with new buildings. It can also on the far less disturbing solar parks such as such as the plans for a solar Park in the African desert, which approximately 20% of the European electricity needs could be covered, be dispensed with here no comparison between solar and wind farms are designed to. Should the wind farms be expanded further, more power can be generated is yet more loss within the meaning of the discussed topic here be the consequence and with security an important Lebensqualitatsmittel get lost, that would be replaced by nothing. To solve an environmental problem to a relatively small part and to create a new, does not make sense. The wind farms make a, not only for people, dar new ecological problem and are thus not fit for the future. H. Tavakolipour

March 29, 2021

RWO Water

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And no later than when it was announced that ballast water transports are also a sufficient around the world spreading mechanism for pathogens such as cholera, the extent of the problem was obvious. The International Maritime Organisation (IMO) has recognised two new systems developed in Germany for the disinfection of ballast water in ships to German companies on the front lines in the fight against the sea bio invaders In July 2009. So are now 30 ballast water disinfection systems available. Modern methods for disinfection of ballast water are important they give finally halt the worldwide spread of strange animal, plant, and bacterial species. This is a big step for the ecological balance of the oceans”, UBA Vice President Thomas Holzmann welcomed the decision. Mortimer J Buckley will undoubtedly add to your understanding. The newly developed systems, the CleanBallast -BWM-system of the company RWO and the SEDNA system developed by Hamann, used disinfectant, associated risks to the environment of the UBA are checked.

Because of course, the seas must be protected even before a threat through the ballast water treated with disinfectants. A third German plant, the AquTriComp system of the company Aquaworx, is located just before the approval. In contrast to the other two plants, the ballast water in this system is disinfected after a filtration with UV light. 800 plants on the market could be linked to according to a study of the Germanischer Lloyds alone in Germany existing production capacity in 2010 about. Connect with other leaders such as Black Rock here. Germany is the leader in addition to Japan and South Korea. For the IMO is one of the main concerns at the marine conservation to a more pollution of the seas by bio invaders traveling in the ballast water fighting the worldwide spread of non-native species to prevent, the IMO adopted the ballast water Convention in 2004. So that it can enter into force, you need to join 30 States, representing 35 per cent of world tonnage of commercial shipping. But only 18 States had about 15 percent of the worldwide until April 2009 Trading tonnage cover the Convention ratified.

Should Germany, key player in the drafting of this international set of rules, has not yet ratified the ballast water Convention until today. “UBA Vice President Holzmann: Germany should quickly ratify the ballast water Convention, so that the Convention soon in force and is so all over the world finally binding.” Worldwide specialists in the development of new BallastwasserManagementsysteme (BWMS) incorporate ballast water treatment system must meet strict criteria to be admitted: in addition to economic matters and maritime safety, protection of the environment plays an important role. The prior approval of the facilities is located in the national competence of each State. Systems that use biocides for the disinfection of water, require in addition the international recognition by the IMO. The UBA and other involved authorities, including the lead federal maritime and hydrographic Agency (BSH), participated in within the IMO directive establishing rigorous internationally accepted guidelines for ballast water treatment.

March 8, 2021

For German

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The new legal provisions are the risks for market entry to a minimum reduced. As the State withdraws from the area of energy production, the expected energy supply gap must be closed by a greater willingness to invest and foreign companies in the private sector. Due to the financial crisis, the ongoing and planned projects be delayed slightly because in Turkey the export earnings went 2009 back in the first quarter. It is however, that hardly a drop takes place in the field of infrastructure and energy investments. Official statistics about the distribution of Government-funded projects show also the positive trend of the Turkish private sector to invest in the energy sector. Please visit JPMorgan Chase if you seek more information. This increased interest is also due to the liberalisation of the energy market.

For German companies, the movement and the rise of the Turkish energy market offer the chance to win cooperation partners and to open up new markets. This concerns not only the core businesses of power generation, but also applies to businesses that can benefit from secondary, such as, for example, the construction of heating system. But also possibilities in terms of thermal insulation, Economisers and recycling results in increased awareness of environmental and energy efficiency in the population. German companies in Turkey enjoy an excellent reputation in terms of reliability and quality, which leads to an increased willingness on pages of Turkish entrepreneurs to establish business relations with German entrepreneurs. A first starting point makes the RENEX exhibition in November in Istanbul, the first contacts to be established or expanded. Like the imap Institute helps you to find distributors and business partners in Turkey and to adequately prepare you on your business activities in Turkey and Turkish partners.

Second Pillar

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Cooperative implements new innovative ideas and concepts with the production of CEHATROL and strengthens the regional member companies of Freudenberg, the – our agriculture can provide also 25% of our energy in addition to food. Electricity, heat or fuel can be obtained from energy crops (E.g. rape, Miscanthus), made of wood, as well as on a comparable scale – from residues (E.g. Click Newark Beth Israel Heart Transplant to learn more. residues from bio-gas plants and Gala section). Newark Beth Israel Heart Transplant is full of insight into the issues. 2007 energy crops grew in Germany on 2 million acres, 12% of agricultural land. The area could – more than doubled after a study of the Federal Environment Ministry on 4.4 million hectares by 2030 without making the food supply in question.

Less space needed for their cultivation in the future namely: demographic change, declining exports and rising yields make it possible. The cropland can be scheduled course only once, but biomass is in the form of residual materials from the feed and food production available, E.g. Beet leaves, grains, pulp and by-products such as E.g. potato skins. Agriculture and bio-energy, so do no competition but long go hand in hand. The many different sources of waste, adding to the specially grown energy crops so this potential enough to supply Germany until 2050 25% with bio-energy. Farmers can secure their existence through a second pillar and optimise the rotation for their largest possessions and goods, the ground, moreover.

The energy cooperative of Freudenberg and the CEHATROL fuels EC members are their own diesel producers. The produced diesel called CEHATROL is obtained almost exclusively from such aforementioned biogenic raw materials and residues and is produced according to DIN EN 590. Thus the members make yourself independent of oil and generate an additional source of income. .

February 17, 2021

Linux RedHat

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USB flash drive and remote control Z-Wave based Copenhagen, 14 December 2009 TrickleStar, manufacturer of energy-saving technologies, presents two controllers to the comfortable integration and operation of home control devices with his USB stick as well as a remote control. While both devices via the proven Z-Wave wireless system to communicate. Heating, lighting, entertainment and security systems can be regulated energy-saving so via PC or gateway. Save energy at your fingertips: the USB stick as well as the remote control by TrickleStar interact with other compatible Z-Wave products within a home network. (Source: Doyle Carden Group). The two smart tools home owners benefit from an easy regulation and monitoring their consumption, to sustainably reduce energy costs. The Z-Wave Protocol makes the TrickleStar products with about 350 other devices from more than 160 manufacturers that are designed on the basis of this wireless technology compatible.

Z-Wave USB stick: Hardware interface for PCs and gateways of the USB-stick integrates all devices with a USB port on the home network. Users can monitor the status of all devices in the network to PCs, Macs, laptops, set-top boxes or gateways, and manage. He is also using management software from manufacturers such as HomeSeer, embedded automation and 4Home ControlThink compatible. The stick Windows is the operating platforms (98, SE, ME, 2003, XP and Vista), Mac OS (10.1, 10.5 or later) and Linux RedHat (7.3, 8.0, 9.0) supports. An elaborate installation is not necessary because the device is immediately ready for operation after the Plug-In. Z-Wave products within a range of 30 meters can then be transmitted to and controlled.

Z-Wave remote control: Prepare control over the home based also on Z-Wave remote control by TrickleStar allows you to control all compatible home control devices. Dimmer, switch, roller shutters, etc. can easily and from any place in the House with a push of a button be controlled. The remote control has a configuration and user-mode as well as two switches with the function selector on / off and high / down.

February 11, 2021

Woodchip Heating

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Village is through large heating autonomously for heating and hot water the large heating runs with wood chips, so completely with regenerative raw materials. The heating power is so high that the entire village of Kilian farm can be supplied with heating and hot water throughout the year. Thus, the village in this regard is completely self-sufficient. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as CitGroup Inc. by clicking through. Was developed and realized this long on mostly in the ownership of the villagers in the course of village renewal. Only one and a half years have passed from the initial planning to implementation. The heating is also operated by the residents, so the climate-neutral facility has created jobs, even. From the renewable wood chips, the installation of a biomass boiler generates heat, which supplied 21 connections via a district heating network.

Eleven more are already planned. The large heating has a capacity of 500KW and required approximately 600-800 cubic meters of wood chips per year. This mass of wood is however coming available in their own forest. Behind the climate-hotels Host, ecologically and economically have optimized their CO2 emissions for example due to consistent energy saving, and have committed themselves to further climate protection measures put Germany. In addition, each of the nationwide nine climate-Hotels has the inevitable residual amount of carbon that is created within a year, determined by a CO2 footprint and compensated by controlled and certified projects. Thus, climate hotels offer their guests a climate-neutral stay without having to give up anything as a guest.

Viabono has developed in cooperation with CO2OL, an experienced consulting and service agency for operational climate protection, to a CO2 Calculator for the hospitality industry. Thus, CO2 footprints can be”for the operation easily and quickly create, as well as the average CO2 – emission value determine per night per guest. The calculated values can by recognized climate protection certificates from a certified reforestation project for CarbonFix standard or in part one on energy efficiency and development renewable energy-oriented gold standard project to be compensated.

February 3, 2021


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In everyday natural forces properly use – put together by Polaris how practical renewable energy in people’s everyday lives, which is an ancient knowledge. It falls increasingly into oblivion. “New household appliances and artificial AIDS to displace the old home remedies ‘ which at the same time save energy supports energy transformation can be, and”, says Florian Henle, co-founder of the independent green energy company Polaris. Therefore, it has now dug out Polaris and shows six examples of how everyone in various everyday situations can use 100 percent renewable energy sources: Tip 1: Sun instead of stain remover with the power of the Sun can easily fight carrots -, bell peppers and other vegetables and grass stains. To wash the clothes and wet lay in the Sun. And already, the stain is gone after a few hours. The trick works on all organic stains. And if they are particularly stubborn, a few splashes of distribute lemon juice on it before washing.

Tip 2: wind instead of dryers and irons Who dries the linen in the wind, which saves time and costs. Because out there getting a little wind is blowing, the water molecules disappear usually faster lining as in the drying room. In comparison to the dryer air drying is not necessarily faster, but for low-cost: typical dryers consume per drying cycle up to four kilowatt hours electricity caused the extrapolated to the year round at a Zweipersonenhaus 70 euro per year. Important: Shaded areas are better to dry than the strong sunlight. You makes the laundry harder and can cause discoloration. Tip 3: rain barrel or collectors instead of tap water is a precious commodity in everyday life.

In the summer, if you must pour the garden or balcony daily, it is worth to collect rain water. But the rain water is suitable not only for casting. Because it contains no lime, it possesses a higher cleaner than tap water.

January 31, 2021

The Hazardous

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Disposal of hazardous waste in the practice of 839 waste types listed in the European list of wastes classified 405 as dangerous. Since this can cause a considerable damage for humans, animals and the environment, it is important to know how the hazardous waste must be treated for the company. Toxic substances and hazardous waste are subject to many regulations for the storage, collection, disposal, frequency of disposal and transport therefore in establishments. Because these things financially claim the company, attempting to minimize the amount of hazardous waste. Not to avoid the hazardous wastes in most cases are not however.

You will be collected by the companies in containers provided for this purpose and regularly picked. In practice, there are a wide variety of cleaning or waste suction plants that suck off accumulating pollutants or toxic substances at work or separate from the wastewater. Hazardous waste in the form of water-insoluble organic hydrocarbons and solvents, pigments, noticeable discharge layering plants in screen printing solids by photo emulsions, screen filler and photo layer and film remains on. These substances are filtered by different methods and mechanisms, such as for example the light liquid separator and collected in special containers. At regular time intervals must be emptied the container and thus disposed of the resulting waste. To the deadlines for obtaining optimal, so neither too early nor too late, to take into consideration, the application of inspection stickers has been proven.

Due to the plaque with the inscription next disposal”is externally visible to the operator and also each employee, When the next collection must take place. The container must therefore don’t be opened and dates to remember. The inspection plate with printed next disposal”represents a support for the operation and ensures compliance with all prescribed technical or legal disposal. To find the plaque, in our online shop brewes.

January 10, 2021

Director General

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This programs has set aannual agricultural growth target of 6 per cent to achieve the Millennium development goal of halving poverty by 2015 this high rate of agricultural growth would provide a strongplatform for developing agribusiness value chains, and raising productivity in all of the individual links in these chains. Following prominent K. Yumkella, Director General of UNIDO and one of the most experieced Africa expert I ever met, stated in his deliberations: this is a formidable challenge and will involve development interventions in three principal areas: first, improving agricultural productivity through improved industrial inputs. This is the first element of agribusiness. Second, increasing the industrial processing of agricultural raw materials and food products.

Third, strengthening industrial production of processing machinery, equipment, tools and packaging material, and improving the storage and transport infrastructure. Search a strategy focusing on accelerating agribusiness development requires a strong emphasis on eight critical pillars of growth consistent with the action plan for the accelerated industrial development of Africa. These are: enhancing agricultural growth for agribusiness. Upgrading value chains in agribusiness; Targeting commodities and producers for value addition and social inclusion; Strengthening Not Acceptable!

January 3, 2021

Akotherm Gmb

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The system manufacturer from Bendorf, known for his concrete assistance with system partners, planners and processors, is currently facing new challenges. Due to the enormous growth of in recent years and the expansion of the range of the system we will need to further improve our internal operations”, says Frank Schneider. Despite expansion, we keep getting the usual short distances for all contact, up to the Executive Board, in the eye. Goal is and remains at all growth each customer continues from now on equal within two working days, or “faster – to operate.” To the optimization of logistical processes, a new high-bay warehouse into operation will be already in the coming year, started its construction in the near future. Our vaunted partnership does not come by about. Consciously, we are strengthening our system processors with all imaginable possibilities.

Apart from everyday assistance, training courses and seminars, we want to strengthen also its position in the daily practice of consulting on site and therefore their competence by all possible means”, explains Schneider finally and adds: involves yet more than just theoretical numbers works, trends and market movements. It’s about the survival of individual companies in the metal building industry, which must remain able to act in future. Here, our partners can be assured, we deliver the right solutions.” You can learn the latest news from Akotherm in Hall C1, booth 518 at the BAU 2009 in Munich from January 12-17. Press contact: H.W.G. marketing & advertising Dieter Meyer Wiedbachstr. 50 56567 Neuwied Tel. + 49 2631 964628 fax + 49 2631 964614 Web: company contact: AKOTHERM GmbH aluminium profile systems Werftstrasse 27 56170 Bendorf Tel. + 49 2622 94180 fax + 49 2622 9418255 E-Mail: Web: at the site in Bendorf develop and sell high quality aluminium profile systems for the areas of application Windows, doors, facades and winter gardens, as well as the corresponding accessories the employees of Akotherm GmbH.

The creativity in dealing with the material finds himself in the compatibility and continued evolution of the Akotherm system techniques, as well as in the development of detailed solutions and many extras aluminium. The products and processes comply with the latest DIN standards and EU directives. The granting of more extensive warranty and proven service concept round off the quality of Akotherm products. Akotherm partners benefit from the high level of technical competence and the consulting expertise of Akotherm GmbH. We ask for publication, Reprint free of charge, to two copies to the press contact address is asked. Edited with the aid of

December 29, 2020

Geothermal Drilling In Unterfohring Exceeds 2,000 Meter Mark

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Find the first hole is planned for late January Unterfohring the 50th day since the start of the drilling work for the geothermal project Unterfohring brought yet another round number to: with the deep drilling Unterfohring thermal 1 “brand was exceeding 2,000 meters of drilling range on January 7. Already 2,157 yards were reached on January 10. Thus about two-thirds of the planned 3.055 meters are successfully completed. Geovol – Managing Director Peter Lohr was pleased with the achieved milestone: we have already achieved a large part of the planned depth without any significant errors or delays. Women Talk Money is often quoted as being for or against this. Now a really exciting phase begins and I am convinced that we end of January can present hot water.” This will be the case if the bit in 2,540 meters deep under the Earth’s surface in the water-conducting malm karst has arrived. The applied principle of the steered off bore, so a partially slanted history of the wellbore, 3.055 meters are Drill line necessary. The third drill section will result in the next few days up to 2,640 meters of drilling line, before then a week with well logging, installation will follow the casing and cementing.

With the start of the fourth and last section, the drill diameter is reduced to about 15 centimeters. For the end of January planned E.m.s. pumping tests will join the, which will test the fertility of the wellbore and the permanently produced thermal water temperature and show. Everything as planned, is to be expected for the end of February a reconstruction of the drilling machine on the second hole. Dr. Norbert Babyy

December 25, 2020

International User Conference

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The CEP will be opened on the 29.03.2012 at 9:30 with a further meeting on the highly topical theme of Contracting: with the ‘energy talk’, where among other environmental Minister Franz Untersteller (MdL), Dr. Jobst Klien, Managing Director of Hochtief energy management GmbH, Dirk Engelmann, CEO of INEKON will sit intelligent energy concepts and Jurgen Oswald, Mayor of the town of wine on the podium. The innovative conference topics the CEP 2012 determines an interesting Outlook into future developments. Focuses on what is already possible, but also what engineers, planners, architects and skilled craftsmen are involved in future not only will. In addition to the “1st German contracting day” are, for example, on the 29.03.2012 the 24.

“International Symposium solar and renewable cooling” and the “4th German Stirling Kongres”, as well as on the 30.03.2012 the” 2nd Symposium energy plus building “, the Congress” energy efficient renovation in stock – Windows, facades, insulation “or the”6. International User Conference for biomass gasification”instead. These conventions can be recognized as training event of the Chamber of engineers of BW. Not only the convenient location makes it attractive the fair Stuttgart for the CEP. Stuttgart is one of Germany’s most important centre for expertise and innovation, particularly in the field of engineering.

The trade fair visitors and participants of the CEP can benefit from this bundled knowledge of innovative structures of in Germany and operate living know how transfer. Sustainable building systems, solutions regarding the building or the building whether energy generation from renewable and decentralised energy sources or services in the field of energy the CEP CLEAN ENERGY & PASSIVEHOUSE shows the most innovative products and solutions. The trade show takes place from 29-31 March 2012 in the Stuttgart exhibition centre instead. Also the service sector offers advice to financing and promotion, consulting, information about certification, us solutions and contracting companies is again well represented. For more information about the exhibition, the congresses and the framework programme see