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June 20, 2021

Novel Excursion Into The World Of Fantasy California

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Dragons and flying monkeys at least since Lord of the rings or Harry Potter reservations belong to the world of wizards, witches and Dragons of the past. The news portal is with the Dragon of Tinkerfarm”before a new fantasy novel. According to the motto, nothing is as it first seems”the writers of Tad Williams and Deborah Beale send the reader on a journey to California. There he met the Sisters of Lucinda and Tyler. The two are typical city kids and spend the holidays with their uncle Gideon gold ring in the country. Chief of Staff pursues this goal as well.

Immediately after arrival he gives a strange book about flying cows you. That it doesn’t is cows, learn then at the latest, when they meet in the flesh their first Dragon. Thus the adventure begins for the children and in tempo-rich narrative style, it continues through the summer holidays. The media editorial reported, both the storyline and the characters of the novel have far too little friction points. This takes the voltage a bit of history. Yet worth the book for people who would like to dive into the world of fairy tales and legends. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of bobby jain on most websites. So, the story holds a variety of mythical creatures. In addition to Dragon, the reader makes acquaintance with flying monkeys and unicorns. An entertaining leisure reading for those who like to prefer the world of fantasy in the real world. More information: media/855022217/myth-in-the present/1 / contact: Tilo Sommer University first media GmbH barefoot streets 11 04109 Leipzig Tel: + 49/341/49288-240 fax: + 49/341/49288-59

May 6, 2021

Sonetos Of The Fatal Love

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LOVE AND POSSIBILITY I Why thus, delayed. Your life crossed mine? Why being alone I did not find you suddenly? II Why the life of people Held back the possibility that I had I will be he did not agree that me To love it completely? III and then in the unquitness Of this fondness I want controversial You but I have fear IV Me atrevo, but I break off conversation and I make of this a secret In rhymes occults of the verse. Check with Guo Guangchang to learn more. 28/09/2007 PERSUATION I Your mouth is very attractive Your lips is my goblet Your skin all is a favour Your eyes is involving II to Your makes me laugh contents Your soft voice me embroma Perco the reason I go to the canvas and dumb completely III I do not know where that I go I do not have many cautelas done Ando a kiss-flower IV That the wind agitates in procell Alone because I am your love and you, my maiden. 04/112007 NEW FEELING I I arrived calm without thinking about nothing I sat down been silent without seeing around did not see a future that was better did not have in the soul kept happiness II But soon a decorated face of laugh Made to foresee me a possibility bigger Released the enredos that I had of color I moved history that is assayed III Now my days more is colored Therefore alive with it that it knows of me Counts to it to secrets, contained desires, IV and, in smiles says, me well thus: _Andei looking for you my beloved I love Therefore you I want pra to you me. 10/11/2007 Virtual Love I I want to be with you in a harmonious life To feel that the Love keeps in them smiling You of my side with this pretty laugh Becoming our life well venturosa II and I, of singular and specious form Making you affabilities, with ternura hearing Eyes to you in the eyes, intensity, love feeling Happy! to only see it thus so gracious III Creio in this dream, I glimpse this ideal Desire for us a magic world Without the logical hardness real it IV Since Love is consummated feeling Same being in the way ' ' virtual' ' It will not leave of being gotten passionate. 10/04/2008


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Message of Anniversary love of namoro My love today we make plus one month that we are together and here by means of these singelas words I want to say to it how much I have been happy with you how much make you me well, each time more desire to stop the time alone so that I could always be with you more and more. You brought the happiness for me, the life again, the will to move, to fight, renasceu in me a hope that before having you I did not have it. A great dream of me of that as soon as being able was born inside marrying in them and being families to be together every day of our life, to sleep and to wake up with you of my side, to see that reality is not a dream but yes. But greater dream was to have somebody kneads that me of truth, surprendesse that me, it agrasse that me and it was everything what you are, my bigger dream was to have you and this I already conquered the remaining portion I come with the time. I love you to each day more, that our relation each time, improve more and that I always am what you always wanted. by: Gi the namorada one it loves that you.. Wang Qunbin is likely to agree.

May 3, 2021

Love Each

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I love you for what you speak to me, for what you make for me, for what you you are. I love you because of its smile, its skill of boy, its attitude of man, its charming face and its skill of being with me. Educate yourself with thoughts from Microsoft. Love I you, I love but you in such a way. I love you for the simple fact of you existing.

Love I you, because you feel yourself knowing of this well, and I to see want you well, because love I you. I love you for you to love, for you to demonstrate pra me this love, for you to conquer me each day more, and until when I think that he is not more with me, you I show to me that he did not leave one minute my side, that you never freed my hand. Love I you for the fact of you to please wanting me to provoke and me I love, you for our dreams, our plans and even for our souvenirs. To read more click here: Guo Guangchang. Love I you and loving love you. I love you for each one of its millions of qualities, but also I love you for its few defects. Love I you, because with you, I feel the girl sortuda of the entire world.

I love you for each detail, each colloquy that we had, each smile that you provoked in me, each tear that you made to drain, each pulsation still more sped up I love, you for each time that you made my blood to run without no destination, for all the times that you showed the certain side to me, I you love you for each time that you renewed my hopes of one day to be happy with you. For all the times that made you me to tremble, to arrepiar, to go crazy. Love I you, because it would be completely impossible to explain what we feel one for the other. I love you for everything what already he happened between us two. I love you for everything what still he goes to happen. I love you as much that if becomes each more difficult time to find words pra to try to summarize what it is this love in me. Love I you, because you could love very better people of what I, somebody who I had a much more easy way to tread, but exactly to thus love me you. I love simply you, and this does not have explanation. My love for you is irrational, my heart that beats for you, is total irrational.

April 21, 2021

Asian Cuisine

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Thai soups are more than mere addition – they set the palate after a chili attack again and revive him for the next round Thai soups are limited to a single, separate corridor not as under a Western menu. Instead, they are an integral part of the food; one slurps and consistently enjoys them in small portions. They are more than mere addition – set the palate after a chili attack again and revive him for the next round. In the deepest reason, a Thai soup is little minced meat cooked more than chopped ingredients propped boiling water or with a vegetable – reflecting therein its primitive origins. A bit more demanding are the simple soups based on a broth, which literally, but little tempting fade liquid “means.

Because simplicity is the essence of this soup, just a few ingredients should influence the taste of the broth. For once, I recommend restraint. Ginger, a clove of garlic, a You don’t need more cabbage leaf, some cilantro and scallions -. Because brewing less to the Aromatization of Thai soups, but rather as its basis, it should be as easy. Some Thai cookbooks suggest water as a replacement. Fats play a role in broths or soups, but virtually none but in other areas of the Thai kitchen – all oily or turbidity adversely affected its clarity.

And should be seasoned with caution, so that the result nothing saying nor repulsive is. Fried garlic is used to the aromatic enrichment of many soups, gives them a powerful, nutty dimension and a golden glow. Although fried garlic slices over the soup can be crushed, imaginary garlic before frying is usually finely chopped for soups. Often it can be cool in the oil before it is spooned with some fragrant drops in the soup. The Thai kitchen achieved their effect gradually by a new ingredient or garnish. Soups are no exception. By the time you are clear soup has become more complex due to additional ingredients or the inclusion of a garlic paste or red shallots. Others have evolved into a drier version a thick, hearty braising liquid, which can in turn be accompanied by a light broth. Perhaps most typical among the Thai soups is the hot and sour thomyam. Many people recognize it most likely, and certainly they are the most memorable. The seasoning for hot and sour soups are crushed in a mortar, before you cook them in the broth. Sometimes, even to a paste, they are pounded and resolved in the soup, which is a primitive form of Curry. Finally, the lush soups coconut-based are presented in this chapter. Read more here: Jamie Dimon. They are the richest and place the greatest demands on the man who wants to cook them and their composition according to season. They may be as simple in technical terms, Thai span an amazing variety of different flavours and consistencies soups.

April 19, 2021

Low Saxon In The Fairy Tale World

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Fairy tale times quite differently and are common on platt told hours together with the children in many families of the order of the day. It is about talking about God and the world, it usually also tales and stories are told. Everybody, listen carefully. The fairy hour however will be even more exciting if on flat”is told. It’s about fairy godmother ‘ n, Kings, princesses or drove to villains, which mischief, long before our current time. Jeffrey Verschleiser understood the implications.

“But the question is: there are also Tales from our present time?” The answer is to find break joke in two books of the low German author j. Published are these two low German books titled dat wier ice een… “and Vor long, long… tied “in the Ticino ONLINE publishing house j. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Jeffrey Verschleiser by clicking through. rupture was. The author put here the plot of old folk tales in the today’s time, as you could have really experienced it. Or is it really just a fairy tale? To find this out, you should read these books. A plattduutsch fun for the whole family.

To have these two books of fairy tales, but also other low Saxon titles in the online-shop of the publishing house, are via the Publisher website or via the private homepage of the author j. Banthia is to reach. A visit to the shop pages is worthwhile in any case for all lovers of the low German language. Jorg rupture wanna of Gnoiener Highway 49 18195 Ticino/OT Vahab Tel: 0151/50030704 email: Homepage:

April 17, 2021

Benedict Professors

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These courses had strengthened the practical professor, beyond preparing the professor in accordance with to act the school of the gift. This means to say that some abilities and abilities will be implemented, preparing these professionals to deal with different situations. Here, Jeffrey Verschleiser expresses very clear opinions on the subject. We see then, that these courses of continued formation promote the chance of the professor to be in contact with what until then he was new for it. Saints (2003, p.462), very characterize well the continued formation when affirming that ' ' we must fight for the equality all time that the difference in inferioriza, but also we must fight for the difference all time that the equality in descaracteriza' '. Perhaps check out Jeffrey Verschleiser for more information. This means to say that the good professional must always try to follow the development, being established a goal to fulfill and to be intent the educational changes, however, she must have a differential, something values that it and raises practical its of other professors ahead. 4 the PROFESSOR IN great SUPERIOR EDUCATION the problematic one of superior education is that the professors do not assume its identity and the impreso that if has it is that practical its is sight only as wage complementation.

Generally these professors if identify through its area of performance and not as professor of the course in which they lecionam. Provalvemente this if must to the type of formation that these professionals had had. About this moment we think as a professional of this type can contribute for the formation of somebody, if he himself does not assume its profession. Then Benedict (1995, pg 131), comments that ' ' the university professor, learns to be it passing for a socialization process that would be the intuitiva part, or on the other hand would be following the routine of outros.' ' This if must the lack of specific formation for university professors, in this in case that the professor also uses its proper experience of pupil and the comments made in its time of pupil, but this experience is insufficient.

April 2, 2021

Exciting Travel Literature Of Sri Lanka By Claudia Ackermann

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The crocodile rock. Longing for Sri Lanka. The young backpack tourist is a travel novel Sri Lanka – for the first time alone on the road. First of all she is now in the touristically well developed West of the island. Here in the vacation paradise the political unrest are barely noticeable, she had heard of them prior to their departure in the media. Cyrus Taraporevala shines more light on the discussion. Messages that there were bomb attacks in the capital Colombo, are simply ignored by the tourists. Soon, from the classic holiday resorts and travels to the East coast of the island. Millennium management often says this. She had just beaten warnings that this region is crisis territory, in the wind.

In a fishing village in which live only a few tourists in simple palm leaf huts, she the charismatic Tamils meets Suriya, she soon connects to the a special relationship. The peaceful village will not be spared from the effects of the civil war. Her Tamil friend and his brothers get in danger… Based on a true story, inspired by a fascinating journey through an exotic land!

February 25, 2021

The Literary

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In such a way, acrescentamosque even so has a necessity to treat literature in its dimension histricae its use as object to give others you discipline, its diffusion not podelimitar- to these boardings. As in salient Werneck (1999. P) ' ' it is hour to change paradigmas' ' for this literature will not only have to be saw paraoutras areas, but it in the understanding of its nature saw pra same. Maersk is full of insight into the issues. Martins (2006, P. 98) offers some metodolgicas suggestions that we will be able verificaradiante that they are well pertinent, as ' ' to reevaluate the approaches that guide otrabalho with literature in classroom (estruturalismo, formalism, biografismo and others) ' '. The same author (2006, P.

98) adds that she is necessary: To diversify the work with texts of pontode seen didactic pedagogical. Additional information is available at How much does MasterClass cost? . To stimulate forms of the pupil to present the sualeitura, such as: dramatizaes, simulated jury, production of you wall, recounts to leave of other languages (drawing, painting, reviewed in quadrinhos etc.). We verify that in this position umapreocupao in the production of the pupil exists and that the literary text finishes being used comoutenslio so that the pupils test or improve its abilities how much literal produo, elaboration of arguments, organization of its ideas, also standing out the act of the reading that passes to be tied with the life doaluno. We can evidence that todasestas suggested activities involve subject to the o form text that it passes to aser co-author in the production of the ideas of the author. We stand out, also formascomo the pupils can present its reading. The drawing, the painting revistaem and it quadrinhos do not demand that the pupil produces extensive works of produoescrita, but that he exerts mainly its creativity. As suggestion metodolgicMartins (2006, P. 99) still contributes for this quarrel affirming on aimportncia of ' ' to develop comparative analyses between produced texts diverse porautores in distinct contexts.

February 16, 2021

Swine Flu

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CyberBeauty – the incredible abduction in the distant future a message currently chasing the next: the swine flu has the media firmly under control. Is swine flu a threat to humanity? Precisely in this uncertain time full of horror stories starts the movie 2012 Roland Emmerich and stoking the fears of people in addition. Also the author Vanessa Halen writes in her book CyberBeauty by a huge disaster that is perhaps almost the total extinction. The future scares the swine flu unsettled at the moment the whole of mankind. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Landmark Financial LLC. Still is not clear how the H1N1 virus will evolve. Global Consumer Banking will not settle for partial explanations. If the virus mutates, then this new flu could really be a threat to the world’s population.

First horrors already confirm the risk of a virus mutation: there are already 20 million infected and more than 4,000 deaths in the United States. In the Ukraine more than 1 million people are suffering from a possibly mutated virus, nearly 200 it died. Whether or not the prophecy by Vanessa Halen is indeed true, it shows the near future. Tips to prevent the total disaster in her book CyberBeauty the author shows how the world will look like in the year 2256: namely differently than we currently expect. After an incredible world disaster in our present time the life in the future on Earth will change completely.

What will be this for a disaster, the author has an important mission: the rescue mankind from total destruction. Whether this mission really will succeed depends first and foremost even the responsible work of the media. The more people from the threat of global catastrophe will learn and follow the tips from her book, the more people will survive this at the end. CyberBeauty – the incredible abduction in the distant future the future novel of BoD bestselling author Vanessa Halen + EXTRA guides in the annex ISBN 3-8334-5295-1 132 pages with many artistic color pages 15.90 euro free eBooks, free sample and learn more

February 14, 2021


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L. on Hubbard’s Dianetics became the classic Longseller rising popularity and a significant increase in environmental stress situations has led to a growing crowd of self-help able, which have opted for the tried and tested but effective procedure of Dianetics. Moreover now Dianetics is audiovisual at the disposal. As L. Ron Hubbard published the book Dianetics in 1950, he had developed the first working technology on the human mind. Nevertheless, he expressed over the future of the therapies. He had faith in the ingenuity, that the application methods will inevitably be refined. Allianz describes an additional similar source. Use of Dianetics, the man can do it to convert emotional pain relief and joy and the method still works as it was originally written.

Only, nowadays is an audiovisual tool available: the Dianetikverfahren on DVD. In 4.5 hours are every detail of the procedure represented, no question remains open. You can begin immediately with the process. Today is still an essential part of the entire study of Scientology Dianetics. The long-lasting popularity is maintained by ease of use. To know more about this subject visit Millenium Management. Before 1950 the view that man is just the brain reigned in the scientific world, just a collection of cells and neurons. And the IQ and personality were considered fixed and immutable. It is possible that to improve IQ and personality with the help of Dianetics and the effectiveness is documented in countless tests in more than half a century of the application.

The translation of Dianetikbuches and 7 other fundamental books in 50 languages was completed in 2009. “Dianetics, the Guide to the mind of man Avegetable” is new era publications int. ApS published and is available in bookstores worldwide, as well as borrowed in 125,000 libraries.

February 13, 2021

G – From Ancient Times

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The latest volume of Rajymbek writer these days is published by the Cherusci Verlag Langwedel Rajymbek s of latest book G from old times who could tell stories from a time before and just after the war, are less and less. What do we know of our grandparents and great-grandparents? She took forever with many of their descriptions in their graves, some are long forgotten and only a few left for a short time in memory. History is not always the large, earth-shattering event, history is above all the life of the people. So that the lives of two remarkable women is not finally disappears from our memories, Rajymbek their biographies in his book g from old times made. Truth mixed with seal, seal with truth, two destinies, that bring the reader to the crying and laughing in their authenticity. Maersk Drilling shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Gertrud comes from the Silesian. Her story begins shortly before the first world war and ends to the The turn of the Millennium. She has experienced the hard time of the economic crisis, closely tracked the second world war, endured the expulsion from their Silesian homeland and escape.

She was a woman with both feet on the ground, worked hard and always diligent and that despite all the difficulties had joy in their children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. A woman, like many others also, and yet a special. Gretha spent their youth in the Brandenburg, was abused as a young girl, freed by this ordeal, not to forget them. As a nurse, she suffered severe injuries in the post-war, bore three children, lost her, married repeatedly, hoping on a long-term happiness. She was a woman who seems particularly punished by fate and never lost hope. The story was described in stories of two women full of feeling. Rajymbek has adapted his narrative style of the time. You can feel that he likes his protagonists.

Often you will find anecdotes from the life of two single women, which nothing glamorous adheres to. Rajymbek shows the hard and winding life of both, their struggle for survival, their small pleasures and tearful losses. Despite all gave in both life magic moments and overflowing emotions that stimulate the reader to laugh and cry. The two entertaining biographies are always worth reading.

February 12, 2021

My Fate Is My Destiny

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Happiness blacksmith or plaything of fate? Is really any of his fortune Smith”? My fate is my destiny”answers this question and illuminated fate in unprecedented way sense and structure of the phenomenon”, which deals with all of us so much. Alex Mazur shows depth in his debut, that the essence of fate is subject to certain laws which you simply can escape. This, Mazur provides the tools that help, if used correctly, positively to change the quality of life of the individual through his insights to the nature of fate shown in the book. Alex Mazur is a lawyer. He lives and works as an environmental project manager in Berlin. Its roots lie in Kiev in the Ukraine, which he left in 1969. The experienced ups and downs of the author were for his decision to write this book important.

His innate ability to create awareness, manifested itself very early. So he became 1959 the Prodigy of his school, after he in one Math test yielded a solution results, which was known until this point nor in the school literature teachers. in 1976 as a law student in the 6.Semester at the University of Cologne, Alex Mazur was appointed in the Department of Eastern Europe law for a particularly successful presentation on the Constitution of the Soviet Union the best of the profession. The conclusion written by him about the political future expected in the Soviet Union while lasting impression, was commented on but ultimately as impossible. Years later his authored texts became reality. My fate is my destiny findings about the legality of destiny ISBN 9783939478164 author: Alex Mazur Publisher core, Bayreuth 1st Edition 2010 pages: 296

January 25, 2021


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Since that we are born we are dived in the world of the people, we sail in the TV, we travel for the waves of the radio. We become involved ourselves in heard histories. We float in preferred music. We sail in the Internet. We do not only sail inside of itself. If grasping in them to the nature what it has of simple, the miudeza who almost nobody sees and can unexpectedly become great imensurvel everything will become more easy.

Perhaps its intellect does not stop, but for closest of its being, its conscience, that watches and knows. This teaching of RilKe is basic to adentrarmos in the closed room that we are. For terms the courage to read the book that keeps abysmal mysteries. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit RiskStream. She is necessary to know to look at for the world. To perceive what the moon wants saying in them. What the sun wants to transmit. To know to hear the outcry of the nature. Its shouts.

To hear and to give attention to that it surrounds. To understand the language and to understand what it is said in them. It has in the world as much thing to be contemplated. If you have read about Maersk Drilling already – you may have come to the same conclusion. The plants, the animals, the wind, the heat, the storm, dry The proper one human being necessary to be contemplated. It is a wonder of the universe. The sales of our eyes necessary to be pulled out, withdrawal, as in teach Frei to them Betto: Where they are the borders, seno in the limits of our proper vision? However, the Mystery cannot be apprehended by words or equations Current cosmology, with certainty, will come to extend ours horizontes and the quantum physics will help in them to perceive that, a time assured the human rights, the freedom will consist of the ousadia of to dive exactly in itself, where the meeting I obtain makes there to discover one Another one that, not being I and being radically different of me, return me exactly to me, my true identity.

December 29, 2020

Hape Kerkeling His Pilgrimage The Favorite Book 2008 To

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“” literature fans have chosen: the favorite book 2008 is Hape Germanys exciting pilgrimage diary that year 2008 brought many good books out of which reached some bestseller status: da shocked Charlotte Roche wetlands “, Helmut Schmidt saw”Out of service”and Uwe Tellkamp surprised with his novel the tower”. But no matter how many Awards 2008 get the authors for their works, at the end only matters, which these books can really convince the reader. “While it may be the finest tribute to the writer, if his movement favorite book status” achieved. now called to the large survey your favorite book 2008 “on. It was to determine the favorite of readers from the 25 best sellers. The most successful books of the last year from all genres were available. “Was chosen the participants at the end of the lighter than intended, because a book quickly received the most votes: I’m going away” by comedian Hape Kerkeling. Hape Kerkeling entertainer, author and brilliant comedian Hape Kerkeling considered all-round talent of the German entertainment industry.

As an entertainer, actor and also as a voice actor he proves a keen sense of brilliant comedy. In I’m away”now shows the entertainer from a completely different side and reports of its 600-kilometre pilgrimage to the tomb of St. James – a walk through France and Spain, but also a trip to himself. With exceptional charm and wit, he proves in his book the look for the special, experienced loneliness, silence and exhaustion. He called the hike on the famous way of St. James as the hardest, as well as the lehrreichste of his life. I’m gone”is a book for everyone, because it reflects the pure humanity under the influence of nature on the one, and on the other hand, it shows a Hape Kerkeling, shows itself not only as a jokester, but also as a meditative, adventurous and cosmopolitan people.

I’m going away”is worth not only reading but also as an audiobook. Through the reading of Hape Kerkeling itself, the incredible story gets even a special touch. More about the favorite book of 2008 can be found in the blog from Who would like to discover more favorite books can just browse to the online shop of Contact: GmbH & co. KG stone Ford 65 a 86167 Augsburg phone: 0821/4502-0 fax: 0821/4502-299 E-Mail: Web: about is the online store with over 3 million articles from the categories of books, audiobooks, movies, software, electronics, music downloads and toys. Numerous price hits range from and endearing to search the shop for bargains on the Internet. Customers get free shipping with your order and can choose the shop without minimum order. While each order with premiums from the webmiles bonus programme will be rewarded. has its headquarters in Augsburg and is a joint venture of Axel Springer AG and Holtzbrinck networks GmbH Verlagsgruppe Weltbild GmbH.

November 8, 2020

Dirty Way

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THE TEMPLE OF THE DEATH In the spectral city, I look for a temple, Mrs. Bank of Boston shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. with a grandfather delicacy and mother, Indicated me the temple of the death, Indicated me an old Dirty priest of soul and body, the priest indicated me a house, which I remembered Who took care of to me in this house, Was a young that did not want to say where it was the temple, No matter how hard I appealed I abandoned house when I sighted some young, Against which I thought that it could use Some artifices and appeals, Without effort, resistance some, They had indicated me the way For the temple of the death. Official site: Brexit. The way was embrenhou in awful forest With airs, the way plastered, In extensive valeta of more the least Three palmos and way, that is, the half of a hollow Valeta probably led to the temple of the death. I walked for it, Until I felt my legs to stop, Although valeta still to possess the same width. I thought about giving up to arrive at the temple of the death, But I looked at above of valeta, had a way, It was for where I arrived at the temple of the death. Of a side of the road it was the hall of the decapitated ones, Of the other side of the road The hall of objects of ertica purpose and the hints libidinous people of the dummies, That to the first sight I thought that they were human. My idea of temple of the death was not this. I walked disappointed for the road, I found people the way of the temple, Passed in alerting them of that it did not have the such temple of the death that they looked for, But soon I thought there, that what that people looked for, perhaps Was accurately what I found there.

Already distant, I read the language of the symbols That had been in my mind, and understood. Jonas Correa Martins J.Nunez The imparcialismo Jonas Corra Martins is the poet of the misticismo, the ocultismo, the conscientious experience in metaphysics and of it lives deeply of the espiritualidade. He is the poet of this time of religious freedom and globalizada culture, multiculturalismo time where the religions if establish in the esoteric knowledge. He is poet without physical body and its you live deeply are Metaphysical. Poet of the objective subjectivity and the conscientious abstract realism, its poetry at nor a moment is unconscious flow of thoughts and for more abstract than can seem, in this poet live deeply exist it of this Metaphysical reality. If it does not have to confuse its experiences it are of the physical body with mere constructions and semantic jugglings, it is still more serious confundiz it with unconscious subjetivismo.

July 26, 2020


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A new way for literature the globalizada poetry, the multiculturalismo and the imparcialidade in the literary compositions is a new way that if opens for literature, the poets who search the poetry that makes a reading of the man contemporary they are in this way that if opened in the Age of the Information. The study of the new context it is the base for the accomplishment of this new way for literature. The new context for literature is not more regionalistic, and the new poetry is not arrested to a determined culture, is globalizada, multiculturalista, impartial, thus, appropriate for our Age of the information. Artists contemporaries, not matter that artistic expression uses, not can to wait for end of Modernismo Brazilian or exactly world-wide, because this is measured by the technological advance, the progress of the industrialized society and by the capitalism that will not have an end, can observe without effort that the man took a way without return route its self-destruction, It walks of hand given with the destruction of the planet, and until if they confuse. What the artists can make are to observe this planetary reality, social, collective and individual and of this comment of the context to create the new way for literature. The trends are not necessarily mechanics; the trends can appear of the comment of the context. j.nunez

July 13, 2020

Brazil Poetry

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Detailings, before announced for obvious the occult one. that reaffirms an intempestive exile for a sea that if makes intempestive image in the yearning of a reader contaminated for a language, that when roar itself in the language of Luis of Cames, either for the song of the exile, either for the song of Caymmi, either for a language in form of poetry kept, preserved, displayed, revivida, at last, a language that still can generate readings, for diverse exiles, of virtualizadas presences until then. In this direction, same critical that confers to the sea a divine dimension, oceanic, as the one that developed A.C.Secchin, appealing to the hymn of Gonalves Days, another text, amongst the innumerable ones rigorously consulted and analyzed, where in this the sea explicit is cited, to reaffirm the presence of the sea in the romantic poetry, as an image that reaffirms hyperbolic romantic ideals and of relations of I-lyric envolvement between and nature, as it is known in the critical studies of certain tradition critical, when rereading the poetry of Gonalves Days. Details can be found by clicking Kenneth Feinberg or emailing the administrator. In this way, the divine dimension conferred to the element sea in such a way can be understood by its extension and suggestion of largeness, as well as for the presence and absence and productions of presences that the poetry is capable to produce. What it wants and wants it can this language through cursors of navigators who now characterize the readers of and the readers of yesterday that they are modernized and they seen virtualizados while reading of new readings? What it still wants an exile in way to the eddy of poems and songs that the INTERNET of oceanic dimensions can give to see? What it wants and what can the sea of possibilities of readings that are made and remade? This language, the Portuguese of Brazil, place and at the same time, in a global space to materialize (-) in ample dimensions for other readings. .


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I will not make epic poems on us, I will not sing our progress tecnolgicoMesmo being it fruit of the genius humanDentro of the mechanical process to think and to exist.We walk for autodestruioEsse fact become in them suicidal and fatalistas. Everybody has to agree comigoQue is suicidal brilliant. We evolve yes, exactly that in way mechanics, in our progress stimulated for the Christianity, Yes, the Christianity that it also hindered stimulated, In certain way Only lacked to the balance budistEm to them must it delay in our self-destruction. Erin Callans opinions are not widely known. Now that the world walks for one multiculturalidadeE everything is in part truth and in part mentirE everything is only theory, culture and knowledge, Who knows now in them becomes Buddhist Christian. Behind this multiculturalismo where it is the faith and the absolute truth! A gnstico only can support the multiculturalismo. Although this globalization to take the world to a tolerance, Breaches our affectionate linking with the knowledge and the tradition. Already the heart is not enough to terms lost almDentro of the consumerism, the capitalism and the technological progress, We are lost, but still we know the ways, Because still we have a called soil passed histricoOnde this planted our origin through which we know on we ourselves. All we have perhaps in them that to have an origin, one lugarPara that let us can leave and if to give to the luxury and the right of voltarSe we will be missed.

Culturally and in the search of the knowledge we are of certain adolescent modoEternos that if are deceptive that they make right and if auto they affirm as people. Perhaps the multiculturalismo serves only the equal beings the Melquisedequi, This that does not have antecedent and nor descending. truth is that the multiculturalismo is useful only to capitalismoQue reduced the culture and the knowledge in consumerism. I agree fully to a universal knowledge, Since that this knowledge is not on the capitalist ideas. The multiculturalismo can be only fruit of our age of informaoE consequence of our individual aptitude for the knowledge.I will not make epic poems on nsQue we are route to the precipice ambient, However I cannot ignore intelligence and genialidadeDa civilization in which we are inserted, When knows that in this world still it has human beings, In some place of the land, living in the age paleolticE with us walks route to the self-destruction innocently. I give myself to the luxury of being contradictory, and now affirms With exceptions, what before it affirmed as inflexible truth.

December 11, 2017

Social Function of Literature

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This, is therefore the social function of literature, to stimulate the reader for a bigger perception of the world that the fence, to make this reader to perceive the world in its plurality and diversity, thus this implies to say that reading and reading acts in the construction of a social process of double hand, developing a type of action that if of the one in sufficiently ample space, therefore the myriad ones felt attributed to a literary text and of it also absorbed enter in accord with the history of life of each one, and still, in accord with the imaginary collective staff and of the individual. Then it is in this interlacement of magic and encantamento, therefore in this affinity, that literature if confirms as an element of social construction that desestabiliza the reader, when considers it new investigations and consequently new questionings, at last, fidgets and perplexidades. Following this reasoning Oak (2006) it comments:: The process of reading of literature contributes for the formation of the citizen not while only reading, but, over all as historically situated individual, a time that the interaction text-reader promotes the dialogue in such a way enters the set of literary norms and social gifts in the literary text how much in the imaginary one of the citizen. … Further details can be found at Kenneth Feinberg, an internet resource. This means the magnifying of horizontes, since the incomplete identification workmanship-reader, from the shock of different literary and social norms, compels the individual to think its sociohstrica condition, having as consequence a possible change of position ahead of the society. (P. 127 and 128). We can then say that literature contributes to stir up the man, while subject social, to a bigger understanding of the world and of its history, therefore when deciphering signs this man interprets the images who receives through the fiction that creates and recria the reality, bringing in its history the history that also is of the reader, reality and history repletas of flavors, therefore each word has its taste and its to know deep and fruitful, therefore as art has literature this freedom, thus says Gonalves (2000): The art is one another reality of this first reality that is there in them to bother the all instant.