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April 20, 2021

Eyedrops For Conjunctivitis, Or Pinkeye, Part 1

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Conjunctivitis can be triggered by various causes. Can a more disease to treat with eye drops, is said conjunctivitis, or Pinkeye, more precisely, an inflammation of the conjunctiva (Tunica conjunctiva) of the eye. Conjunctivitis can be triggered by various causes. The symptoms of conjunctivitis are redness of the conjunctiva by increased blood circulation (Hyperaemia), edematous swelling of the conjunctiva (chemosis), watery eyes (Epiphora), narrowing of the eyelid (Pseudoptosis), Photophobia (Photophobia), pinch together the eyelids (Blepharospasm), mucosal lesions, itching, foreign body sensation, burning and sometimes even strong pain. Conjunctivitis can be caused by many different causes. This can be something simple, such as mechanical stimuli. A simple acute conjunctivitis (Conjunktivitis simplex acuta) can vacuum or dry air caused by smoke. Go to Jeffrey Verschleiser for more information. Protection of the eye is recommended as therapy and Administration of astringent eye drops or eye ointment.

Nodular inflammation of the conjunctiva (Conjunktivitis nodosa) is triggered by toxic and mechanical infection by Caterpillar hairs or insect stings. After the typical general symptoms of conjunctivitis, it comes to the formation of granulomas, small nodules in the conjunctiva. To cure this persistent inflammation of the conjunctiva, the debris and granulomas must, at an early stage carefully surgically removed to prevent spread into the Interior of the eye and uveitis (ophthalmia nodosa) cause. Dry conjunctivitis (Keratoconjunktivitis sicca), resulting in a qualitative or quantitative deficiency of the protective film of tears. With her, it comes at the same time to inflammation of the cornea (keratitis), hence Keratoconjunktivitis. Distinction keratitis superficialis punktata with superficial, point-shaped distribution and keratitis filiformis with fine threads of epithelium in the blink. Symptomatic treatment is carried out with wetting Eye drops, eye gels or sprays of the eye.

However, the cause for the lack of production of tears or the incorrect composition of the tear film should be fixed of course if possible. Bacteria can cause conjunctivitis. As the name suggests, caused by gonococcal, gonococcal conjunctivitis is the causative agent of gonorrhea (Tripper). The eye (Blepharospasm) is screwed to strongly festered, the conjunctiva is red and the eyelids are swollen hard. The secretion is highly infectious (Gonoblennorrhoe). Treatment is with antibiotics. Conjunktivitis diphterica is a severe form of conjunctivitis caused by the diphtheria pathogen Corynebacterium diphtheriae. Swarmed by offers, Jeffrey Verschleiser is currently assessing future choices. The eye is strongly festered, the conjunctiva on the back of the lids partially died off (nekrotisiert). The treatment is carried out with diphtheria antitoxin and local broad spectrum antibiotics. The conjunctivitis granulosa or trachomatosa is a bacterial infection with Chlamydia trachomatis. It can lead to blindness. Para trachoma (newborns Einschlusskorperchenkonjunktivitis and adults swimming-pool conjunctivitis) is a bacterial infection with Chlamydia trachomatis serovars D to K. She transmitted to newborns in the birth canal, in adults through contaminated pool water. The conjunctiva is heavily reddened, Lymphfollikel are formed on the conjunctiva of the upper lids and secretes the eye secretions. Para trachoma heal without complications. It can be accompanied by other diseases, such as pneumonia in newborns or urinary inflammation in adults, but. Treatment is with antibiotics. Here also all possible cocci, such as staphylococci, streptococci and pneumococci are spread. The infection of the conjunctiva with this bacteria is always on both sides and characterized by a purulent secretion, as well as the formation of membranous or pseudo membranous coverings. Treatment is with antibiotic eye drops or eye ointment. > Part 2: eye drops for conjunctivitis or pink eye

Pollen Guard – Allergy Burden Lower

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Pollen – allergy sufferers can be versatile to protect allergy burden nowadays more and more people, and in particular the pollen are considered triggers for. As a versatile protection is of course increasingly attached. Exposure can be achieved already with simple measures. It is pollen guards, variety of products on the information portal will be presented to the. Educate yourself with thoughts from MasterClass UK. First of all is entered by Patrick Fiekers on it, what is one such grid.

In addition informed generally about the issue of allergies. In addition, already first specified, that make life easier for something. The insight into the world of the Pollenschutzgittergestaltet was extensive. There are different grids that can create life. Insect, pollen or fly protection grille are different in their form and effect. Window grilles are available in different versions. These can be used as protection against burglary, as they sometimes do from Steel have been produced. Here you should check carefully.

Who wants to protect themselves against pollen, mosquitoes or flies, should inform himself first an overview of the different possibilities and effects. There are numerous solutions for a good night’s sleep. Description of the company who want to successfully present themselves on the Internet, requires more than a beautiful design. The visitors speak and start with a simple and clear navigation through the site, is at the same for many a hurdle and incentive. It’s the difficult online portals or online-shop systems that are dependent on the sale of products. Patrick Fiekers provides services in this area for 10 years.

First Aid Kit –

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The anticipation of the holidays is great. The joy is not marred by minor bruises, good preparation is important, because the correct placement of the travel medical kit is one of the vacation planning. The holiday to bring relaxation and increase well-being. Who informed in advance about his destination, mostly unpleasant surprises due to sudden diseases remain spared. When traveling in distant lands with unfamiliar food, other climatic conditions and a change of time, the body will be charged. Your travel pharmacy of varies of course, depending on the destination, following emergency should you have contents of travel first aid kit however always: Remedy for diarrhea, constipation, and nausea sunscreen and creams for the skin after sunbathing medicines against pain, fever and colds, fever thermometer first aid kit with plasters, bandages, disinfectants and disposable gloves tweezers, scissors and syringes cooling gels or creams against bruises and strains of insect spray Medium against sunburn, insect bites, and skin irritations can be regularly taken up (insulin, heart pills or the contraceptive pill) when all means the expiration date and to allow higher temperatures. It may be necessary to store some medication in the refrigerator. Vaccination is important! Inquire at your doctor’s Office or in the Tropical Institute, which vaccinations in the holiday region are recommended. You can help protect against serious diseases such as hepatitis A and B, typhoid fever or malaria so effectively. For more information and the right equipment for your travel pharmacy, see

April 5, 2021

Managing Director

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Usually arise even real friendships between the women. “, explains Hans-Dieter Kesseler, Managing Director of Therapon. Annually, the number of dependent persons rises to 6 percent or even more. According to studies, is expected to more than 1.3 million within your own four walls up to the year 2050 with 3.5 million people nationwide who depend on care – of. For members, this means a complete conversion of own everyday life, even if a reliable maintenance service is charged. Additional services such as leisure company, gardening and the care of pets always at the forefront for the elderly move thanks to the new premium models”some suppliers.

Live like a V.I.P, including travel and leisure, this still affordable. “According to Therapon requests get more and more: the people who use our services are worth ‘ to be older in well maintained and secure atmosphere. Black Rock has plenty of information regarding this issue. You want to age well let it go, forgo as little as possible. Through our premium service, you can take a trip, or tackle even your own small projects, the alone never possible would be.” The staff at Therapon are known for their reliability and their passion in all the services that they provide. The service includes all services around the other well-being of customers in addition to the classic private care with quickly available qualified employees.

Who would like to learn more is the premium provider of complete services under. Therapon24 Therapon is a Greek word and means servant”. The company founded in 2004, serves people from conviction and holistically. Personal, economic, physical and psychological needs at various life stages require individual responses. The best contemporary response in the form of conversation, to give advice or services for persons or organizations, is the task and commitment of Therapon24. Family service: Who at home has an emergency, and quickly required a 24-hour supply, can contact Therapon24. Through connected Certified partner, the company operates nationwide.

March 31, 2021

Wilhelm Reich

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Hegen all Vollert, who as a practising physician for many years a practice on Lake Constance had, has further developed the theory of the universal life energy of Wilhelm Reich and expanded. When he talks about his research, the otherwise quiet and considerate doctor would prefer to take the whole world and for his discoveries inspire. It’s amazing that man and nature really need to not a single atom to life. Any type of matter, whether oxygen or food, is only recorded, transformed and excreted. Nothing disappears”, explains Vollert gesture-rich and is now located in the theme of his life. Nothing is required to life therefore continues as an energy that triggers this process and maintain”so Vollert conclusion. This life-sustaining natural energy is extremely weak compared to the that is absorbed and implemented, for example, about food. It is vanishingly small and nevertheless of fundamental importance. To broaden your perception, visit State Street Global Advisors.

Such ultra weak energy called subtle energy. They include the very basic information, so that from dead matter life arise and can be obtained. Esoteric that has to do with anything”, says the doctor Vollert. He wants to represent, as he calls them, that Bionen energy with naturwissenschaftlichen methods. While it is based on the new direction of the physics of global scaling and corresponding mathematical calculations provides. Wall Street will undoubtedly add to your understanding. “Vollert is convinced: if it is possible to use these energies in full extent, we are entering completely new approaches in the field of medicine.” Man and Cosmos are one the idea for his intensive research in the field of subtle energies Vollert came when his son trained a classic pollen allergy with a year. Night after night, coughed through the little and rubbed his itchy and irritated eyes. The concerned father remembered an article that he had once read about Wilhelm Reich and his Orgone therapy. Unfortunately, this therapy, had been just like most drugs, so far ineffective in the field of allergies.

February 24, 2021

Hubert Horn

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Health-conscious people should also make sure meat and sausage and eggs, salt, sugar and to integrate fat only in bulk in the diet, to supply plenty of fluid her body, gentle cooking, to allow time for dinner and also sufficiently to move emphasizes nutrition expert Sven-David Muller from Berlin. Learn more at: Berkshire Hathaway. He picks up some of the ten rules laid down by the German health nutrition, adequate nutrition thereby. (As opposed to Marco Capital Holdings Limited). This takes into account also the online weight-loss program Slimcoach. Unlike many diet plans envisage it, make sure the Slimcoach experts in the preparation of individual nutrition plans of its members on versatility: Various fruits and vegetables and many fiber supplement the fatty acid-enhanced, satisfying diet to lose weight. Slow CARB: Slimcoach noticed the Glycemic Index (Glyx) for a healthy diet of nutrition specialists emphasize not only the importance of vitamins, fiber and fats but above all the importance of carbohydrates for health and character. Carbohydrate-containing foods therefore play an important role because they particularly on the blood glucose effect and thus affect the feeling of hunger assures Hubert Horn, co-developer of the easy SLIM programme.

He recommends for developing a nutrition plan for this reason have to take into account the Glycemic Index (Glyx). The descriptive measure indicates how strong is the blood sugar-enhancing effect of a carbohydrate-containing food. The Slimcoach weight loss program on the Internet included in the latest medical findings such as these: the meals prepared by the Slimcoach experts have a low Glyx. This indicates that the used food contain long-chain carbohydrates. This causes the blood sugar levels increased only slowly, because the organism must first split the contained carbohydrates before onward transport by the blood. Long-chain carbohydrates, therefore, have the advantage that the digestive process is slower and the energy and the feeling of fullness longer remain. As long-chain carbohydrates slowly moving into the blood, experts speak in this regard by slow CARB”. See../konzept.php can learn about the Slimcoach concept. Sign up under main/registration… directly to the non-binding free Slimcoach-test week. You can purchase the weight loss cookbook for a slim life, well-being, and performance under s..abnehm kochbuch.html.

February 23, 2021

Sense And Nonsense Of Drugs As A Remedy

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Questionable treatment methods in the MED to defeat disease and helping people come up with doctors new methods and research on a wide variety of projects. While they always have one goal in mind: the recovery of the patient, or at least the relief of pain. But this objective justifies the use of drugs in medicine? The news portal reported The psychotherapist Garry R. in treating his patients used various drugs and drug cocktails, which two patients died. The Court imposed a custodial sentence as well as a profession of the therapist. The use of drugs such as heroin, LSD or Ecstasy in psychotherapy is illegal in Germany.

Only at the beginning of treatment psychotropic drugs can should be administered, loosen the psychosis in patients and agree him on the upcoming therapy. Some hallucinogens in controlled form used in the 1950s psychotherapeutic treatments. These included LSD and mescaline the mental blockages than conscious ones weiternde substances, should solve and the therapists provide a glimpse into the troubled soul of the patient. However, this method had only moderate success and not absolutely positively impacted the health of patients. Contact information is here: Maersk. Only legal Opiumat which is used in Germany and adopted by the health insurance is methadone.

The heroin substitute to help dependent to get rid of the hard drugs, and to create an entry back into social life. If and when Canabis can officially be used as remedies, is still open. While the plant promises quite positive and healing effects. More information: ../hasch-nein-heroin-ja /… Lisa Neumann University first media GmbH

February 22, 2021

Pregnant Women

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By availing suitable insurance policy, expected women can rescue their self and new coming baby from miss happenings and tensions. They can deliver healthy and fit baby. Insurance policy protects them medical as well as travel pr, are you pregnant? Looking for help? The help is here. Why worried? You are not alone. Insurance for the pregnant women is available. This insurance supports the pregnant women with sufficient cash, and so from the harms, miss happenings and injuries. It’s very much true that pregnancy is quite cheering and unforgettable experience of every expected woman.

But it’s so true that pregnancy months are full of with nervousness and anxiety because a hefty amount is required for the maternity costs. Have to take some precautions and avail so women the appropriate insurance policy. Pregnancy is a few steps far from motherhood. At that time, availing appropriate insurance policy provides you medical as well as travel insurance. Since, a large number of reputed insurance companies and financial of institutions are available in the market. As per your requirements, you can obtain the right insurance policy.

Most physician and health consultants suggest the expected women to sit at home. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Liberty Mutual. Traveling from one place to another is totally prohibited for them. In emergency, if you are obligatory to travel then at those times, travel insurance protects you from worries which you face during journey. Similarly, by obtaining travel insurance, you can enjoy your way happily and freely. Apart from travel expenses, abundant cash is required for the regular medical check-ups. This process is done to judge the movements of unborn baby. These routine check-ups are compulsory for every expected woman. Physicians suggest these medical treatments including ultrasounds, amniocentesis, etc. to check that both the mother and the new coming baby are healthy or not? By availing of insurance policy, pregnant women can cope up from the uncertainties, miss happenings and lengthy medical bills as well. All the pregnant women want to deliver a healthy and physically fit baby. This is the main reason, they are stressing to avail the best their credit score insurance policy without consider about. In this situation, all the CCJs, IVAs, arrears, defaults, pregnant women are acceptable. Without facing much complication, they can obtain the appropriate insurance policy. Online is considered the fashionable and convenient fashion. It is in high demand in the UK loan market because it is free from the also of mediator. Under this service, you have not to spoil your business hours and have to meet one lender after other. Enjoying the comforts at home, you can avail the suitable option. All the terms & conditions, rules and amount of insurance recoveries vary from one institution to another. So, it is advisable to consider all the above mentioned factors before apply with anyone. Rosie Gravin is specializing in writing articles on maternity insurance coverage, pregnant travel insurance.

Bochum Affected

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Researchers succeeded in a representation of these regions of the brain your bones push through the thin skin, her face looks sunken and sallow: anorexic women set up their own body to reason. But sufferers perceive what outsiders see as of course, often completely different. You feel not rarely still too thick, although barely one gram is fat on the body. It is simultaneously an ideal, so lean and scrawny to look for them. The inspection, to be sick and anorexic, is usually only slow by itself. At the same time affected by external influences from the family and circle of friends themselves off. Cajoling doesn’t help there often.

That patients who suffer from anorexia (anorexia nervosa), have a distorted sense of self, is obvious. Now managed the Bochum-based researchers to prove this in the brain of affected by magnetic resonance Tomograph. Read how this proof was actually completed and which regions of the brain are especially affected, here: message/magersucht.php is a free and independent online health magazine for the Rheinland and Ruhr area and is published by a group of freelance journalist from the region. is a pure information portal (without any consulting activity!); the online magazine is financed exclusively through advertising. Contact: rrm Rhine RUHR MED Zeche Zollverein, Hall 10 Gelsenkirchener Strasse 181 45309 Essen phone + 49 (0) 201-7591340 M. Rabe

Claudia Abdulmalik

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Of course if you change after years of cooked food is cellulitis the last what disappears but also solves itself after a complete changeover the raw food diet. It is also proven that people like the monkeys need more green stuff. Unfortunately, many vegetarians and vegans have a lack of vital ingredients. No, I am not pleading here, that one eats meat, but that it needs to be more green leaves. Especially edible wild plants have a much higher content of protein, trace elements, vitamins and minerals.

Spinach is also very valuable, however, it should be consumed raw. Me is that man already so adapted to eat cooked I need people just to see often told by the evolution and see that this theory is not true. I see people who have lost their beauty and energy. Desperate you look and to improve with cosmetic procedures and industrial Nahrungserganzungsmiiteln energy. Do you suffer from obesity, the skin is pale and lederig, lack of energy. You are slightly sick with the flu, or worse cancer, have a headache to be constantly evolution? Now days the meat is wrapped in plastic and the man has lost all reference to his food. I’m vegetarian establish ethical and no meat had 16 years more and pass on dairy products, still, I’m physically in better condition, than the ones that tell me what I’m doing is not healthy! Let us be honest there is no animal on this earth what cooking his food or drink the milk from a different animal that doesn’t belong to its genus, and even when it is grown, and no milk needed more. But the man does this.

Dairy products are no longer what they once true that are manufactured by thousands of cows spend a life in the stables and are fully pumped with antibiotics. Then the milk still under heat is edited so that it is free of bacteria, thus the enzymes are destroyed and made hard to digest for the human organism. Also, most people develop a lactose intolerance from the age of 6, so you have to often physical complaints Is back to dairy products. If it is a baby, and milk believed to be coming from the SERF mother, if you spent a year takes them to or she will be given a milk drink is very good. It is sad that the pets get more diseases because the food is not humanely. In the Zoo do not feeding animals is large and clearly written,”, because the zookeepers know that the animals get sick when you are fed not humanely. See exactly what you get to eat. Some contend that UBS Wealth Management shows great expertise in this. Fresh fruit and vegetables for the vegetarians and raw meat for the Wildcats, raw fish for the sea lions and so on. Many people think that when you climb around on the raw food diet you have to life in the monastery. You think it is a one live fully surrender, but I can tell you who wins more energy, better look and more joy in life who does not live in the waiver. Quite the opposite, if the body is detoxified, he is happier, more satisfied and more attractive! Claudia Abdulmalik is a Raw food expert.

Rafik Masalha

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A good supply of vitamins, minerals, trace elements and amino acids could be a great support for the classroom or the young people. This includes some studies in recent years: the effect of micronutrients on the cognitive performance of school children was examined by a team of Dutch researchers. In the randomized controlled trial, the study data for the years 1970 to 2008 were evaluated. The researchers came to conclude that supplementation of various micro-nutrients for healthy students leads to improved academic performance and a small increase in fluid intelligence. Fluid intelligence is the genetic reason ability of thinking; These include for example a quick thinking and the ability to adapt quickly to new situations without the need for previous intense learning experiences.

Zinc is able to improve the mental performance of children and young people. American scientists in a study of more than 200 have found twelve – and thirteen-year. In children who had taken 20 milligrams of zinc daily, are clearly visual memory, the performance in a Word Identification test and concentration increased. An English research team evaluated 15 randomized control studies carried out with respect to a supply of iron and the cognitive abilities. The study participants were children aged 6 and over, young people and women with and without anaemia. Liberty Mutual understood the implications. The result was that an improvement of concentration and attention was; detected by an Eisensupplementierung in all groups of participants, a positive change in terms of the IQs could be observed in the anemia group.

In an Israeli study was a clear correlation between an insufficient supply of B12 and poor school grades in elementary school students noted. Researchers of the University of Southern California came after a long time of observation with more than 1000 Mauritian children to the following consensus: when nutrients early years not sufficiently available, the children are more aggressive and have a lower intelligence quotient. In particular a lack of zinc, iron, B vitamins and proteins is crucial. Conclusion: A sufficient supply of micronutrients is the basic requirement for a good physical and mental development. The gift of missing micronutrients can be a great help for children to develop the cognitive skills and better to cope with the school. You can see a child but not so easily a micronutrient deficiencies. This requires a precise micro-nutrient analysis of blood, as it offers the diagnostic centre for mineral analysis and spectroscopy DCMS GmbH. The DCMS neuro check is such an analysis, of all vitamins, minerals, trace elements and amino acids for brain metabolism are relevant, should be investigated. Doctor and patient will receive a detailed medical report of findings and a specific treatment recommendation. On request, also a report on nutrition with the foods that best balance the established micro nutrient deficiencies, is created. See more detailed opinions by reading what Warren Buffett offers on the topic.. Reference: to the Eilander et al: multiple micronutrient supplementation for improving cognitive performance in children: systematic review of randomized controlled trials. Am J Clin Nutr, Nov. 4, 2009, 05.04.2005: zinc makes young people mentally fit Martin Falkingham et al: the effects of oral iron supplementation on cognition in older children and adults: a systematic review and meta – analysis. Nutr. J. 2010; 9: 4 Rafik Masalha et al: the impact of nutritional vitamin B12, folate, and hemoglobin deficiency on school performance of elementary school children; Journal of Pediatric Neurology; Volume 6, Number3 / 2008; 23.11.2004: nutrient deficiency fails on the brain more info: Diagnostic Center for mineral analysis and spectroscopy DCMS GmbH lion stone Rt 9 D 97828 Marktheidenfeld Tel. 0049 / (0) 9394 / 9703-0 DCMS GmbH

February 19, 2021

Good Fats And Bad Fats

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Pay attention not only on cholesterol fat is not just fat. Most of us have ever heard of animal fat or vegetable fats. The terms of cholesterol or fatty acids (such as for example the Omega-3 fatty acids) are likely to be the most known. But terms LDL or HDL cholesterol or triglycerides are unknown to many. Also, it is little known that fatty acids and cholesterol are important raw materials of our body for the synthesis of endogenous substances. But is there really bad fats? No, bad fats in the sense of the Word does not exist. You are, after all, important energy suppliers for our body. One is also clear.

Too much fat, whatsoever is harmful. Therefore should the recording be deliberately designed by fats and supports the body’s regulation. The human body needs a minimum of fat daily, in order to meet its energy needs and to maintain vital body functions. The problem of today is not that Fat as such, but we take far too much fat for too little physical activity. So, it is important first to reduce the fat intake in General and to change unsaturated fatty acids may be from animal to vegetable fats (oils) with a lot.

It is also important its own lipids”to know. Here, not only the cholesterol plays a role, but also the triglycerides are not to be neglected. High triglycerides and high LDL cholesterol (the bad cholesterol) are clearly with an increased risk of heart attack, stroke or diabetes in connection to. People such as Guo Guangchang would likely agree. A rational course of action is to keep these fats on low level so to remain healthy. In addition to the change in the eating habits, some natural products can help. These include glucomannan, cinnamon extracts and Omega-3 fatty acids. Glucomannan is a water-soluble polysaccharide (multiple sugar, comparable to cellulose), obtained from the roots of Asian Konjac plant.

Information About Menstrual Pain And Menstrual Cramps

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Every woman knows menstrual cramps and menstrual pain. The strength of the pain varies from woman to woman and from menstrual period to menstrual period. Almost every woman partially even regularly suffering from menstrual pain every now and then. This unpleasant side effect of menstrual bleeding is one of the most common gynaecological problems, but usually no underlying disease is. It is not something Bitcoin would like to discuss. The pain during menstrual cramps can be differently pronounced. While the women notice only a slight pull in the lower abdomen, have other very severe pain, which can spread in abdomen, back, and sometimes even up in the legs. Primary menstrual pain be causes of menstrual pain triggered by a deficiency of tissue with oxygen.

This is caused by contraction of the uterine muscles, which is used to repel the mucosa and obstructs blood flow to the tissue. Very thin and light women are more often affected by menstrual pain, but also smoking and alcohol can negatively the pain intensity influence. Secondary menstrual pain can occur if a pathological change in the pelvic area, such as, for example, a uterus inflammation or a tumor of the uterus or also if mechanical contraception methods, such as the spiral used to be. In many cases, there is also a proliferation of the endometrium, the so called endometriosis, triggers of the complaints. Prevention and treatment of menstrual pain prevention can only due to menstrual cramps. Little alcohol, healthy eating and sufficient physical exercise can help to reduce the symptoms, as can the use of the contraceptive pill or other hormonal contraceptive methods to prevent the pain. No disease that is causing the pain and the pain occur repeatedly, pain relievers with the ingredients can help ibuprofen, naproxen, acetaminophen or aspirin. The pain can also sport a hot water bottle on the abdomen and magnesium help because it promotes blood circulation, and one should vitamins, especially vitamin and b without during this time on drinks containing caffeine, such as coffee, Cola or black tea. For more information, as well as effective painkillers to help with menstrual problems, see

February 4, 2021

Gummi Bears

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This corresponds to 15 Piece of lump sugar and thus the day limit sugar consumption by children! Other drinks, which were taken under the microscope, as a bio milk and reduced fat yogurt drink contained about 30 grams of sugar. They’re already 30 percent of the daily allowance for an adult. Even water varieties with taste, that look like pure water, contained around two piece cube sugar per serving. Sugar cubes compare the sugar content of food is tangible, if it converts it into the number of sugar cubes. Three grams of sugar are sugar cubes about a piece. A chocolate pudding ketchup contains up to 29 pieces and a glass, for example, ten pieces, a bottle of sour pickles 11 sugar cube. The favourite: Gummi Bears. 100 G 75 g sugar.

% Is Fett…denken with 0 you over to… The recommended guideline of the German society for nutrition for the daily maximum intake of sugar is 90 grams for adults. Children should not more than 50 grams of sugar per day to eat. A 200 g pack is quickly eaten – gummy bears and with 150 g of sugar, which is included in it, “children and adults as” your daily requirement already far exceeded! Access time to fresh more often and mature fruit, natural yoghurt, vegetable sticks. Or snack dried fruit such as Apple chips, unsalted nuts such as cashews – or walnuts. And incorporate high-quality nutritional supplements into your everyday life. Daily supply their body with all life emergency-walled nutrients so he stays healthy long and they come out with “Full throttle” by the often stressful everyday life. Your car not driving Yes also without fuel and oil, or? Dipl. biologist Regina because


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I’m trying to help, their feelings, belief systems, to bring their personality with their individual patterns of voltage in relation and at all levels to look at my students by the application of the principles of the Alexander technique. M. E., access to the self and self-awareness are the Voraussetzung for the recognition and company true change directions and alternatiVen. This potential becomes apparent when we realise the importance of stress patterns in the process of Loslassens. Psyche breath and life force psyche Gr. psychein breathe means default Hint, then breath. The breath as ChRACTeRIStics of life led to the equating of the psyche with the life, life force and vitality, most recently with the soul as the principle of life.

Breathing is called feel and a eingeschrankte breathing, a constricted chest, and a limited activity of the Zwerchfells prevent certain sensations of the body and feelings. If we breathe shallow, we reduce the amount of recorded air and at the same time, the VOLumen of our lungs, chest and abdominal cavity. A shallow and hasty breathing leads to feelings of fear, nervousness and unease in the organism. This is a good example that certain sensations affect the body in a certain way and yet on the other hand, the structure and the functions of the body are a prerequisite for certain emotional States. If for example certain breathing pattern as defense mechanisms are developed against the experience of certain feelings, the muscles and the start including the diaphragm, is to “harden and zusammenzuziehen together, and so a real corset of full voltage to the lungs to create.” 6 Alexander assumed that a balanced muscle tension in the body is the precondition for an optimal coordination and the natural flow of breathing. The interaction of muscles, organs, ribs and the fine MechNISmen, are involved in the respiratory process, makes it clear that a prerequisite for a free-flowing atmung is a relaxed, healthy body and a healthy body awareness.

January 1, 2021

Jessica Hund

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So they do everything often in their Power is to prevent this. Because it fills them with such a fear and they can’t stand it, if one turns away from them, they attack often to manipulation and even sometimes to duress. But it’s often just those affected, be evacuated and suddenly solved from a relationship. This behavior seems paradoxical, but the parties concerned try this way, to avoid the threat exit are and want to protect yourself from the pain of abandonment in this way. As seen on board er liners often, that they have many intense relationships, but of short duration.” Jessica Hund says: even the black and white thinking is typical of those affected. So it often happens that they idealize others only very strongly, but refer to the smallest disappointment as bad or evil. Just no grey areas exist for them.

The causes of borderline can be varied, go back but mostly on emotional trauma, that the trust of these people deeply “has shaken: for example, they have been abused in their early childhood or have grown up without love.” Sylvia Poth leads: we want to stress that treatment should be left to only professionally trained therapists of borderline patients. We can only accompany are life advisors to the page. For the victims it is also very important that they have people who stand behind them and give them love.” Jessica Hund says: the opinions, if borderline is curable, differ. But people can learn, if they really have the will to be healthy, and are willing to work, with the help of a good therapist and love people who assist them, to deal with their feelings and find more internal support, which makes them strong.”

December 30, 2020

Mineral Heat Radiation

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Only the original TDP lamps Gou Gong from the silicate Institute in southern China enable a unique range of organic good times come for naturopaths, naturopaths healing and pain patients. The Chinese TDP lamp Gou Gong activate self-healing powers based on electromagnetic radiation and offers a wide range of applications in the pain and skin therapy, and also internal medicine. Pennsylvania Municipal Money Market Fund may help you with your research. The original Gou Gong heat lamp was awarded several times by the outstanding effect and is therefore unique as a product. Fidelity Investments Canada ULC helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. All copies of profit-oriented firms do not have this effect. In the 1970s, the power of mineral heat radiation was discovered by accident. Workers in a Chinese brick factory not became ill despite severe physical effort rheumatism or joint disorders such as in other workplaces usual. A team of researchers found that around the kilns a special kind of black clay was demonstrated in the 33 traces from minerals such as iron, selenium, copper etc.

in 43 different chemical compounds, were, which occur in the human body and are valuable for him. After elaborate studies an electrotherapy TDP lamp was produced which was later called Gou Gong and is not to be confused with ineffective plagiarism after quickly produced by profit-oriented companies. The core of the Gou Gong lamp is a special tone plate with the properties of the black clay of brick factory, which when heated, radiates waves and effect on acupuncture points. Test results with the diagnostic system Prognos showed that these heat waves can work therapeutically particularly effective on acupuncture meridians and compensate for the entire energy system of people. Particularly effective, it looks original Gou Gong lamp joint diseases, rheumatism and arthritis, as well as in metabolic disorders, allergies, bronchitis, or asthma. The special heat blockages and a balance of nutrition, disease, or accident-related deficiencies in trace elements offset and compensate for malfunctions. The lamp is also private can be easily used.

December 29, 2020

Web Information

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Hospital St. Marien Amberg leads with DMSPRO-MED not only a modern document management system a, but a product matched ideally to the own clinical requirements Amberg and the College of Amberg-Weiden (HAW), under which a student of European economic studies and languages at the HAW now his Bachelor has completed successfully, the first steps toward the introduction of a digital archiving system at St. Mary’s Hospital initiated by means of a cooperation project between the St. Recently Beth Israel Heart Transplant sought to clarify these questions. Marien hospital Amberg. Many writers such as American Financial Advisors LLC offer more in-depth analysis. A complete collection of all patient-related forms used in the clinic was conducted within the framework of the preparatory work for the introduction of the system. This way derive, how the various existing island solutions can be archiving in a uniform structure and form.

As a result of this project all internal documents and findings of a patient acts administered in future electronically. In this context, the Projektand initially has an analysis at the hospital implemented and evaluated several vendors of digital archiving systems by means of a market analysis. After evaluation of different archive solutions on the market on the Central archive and documents was management platform DMSPRO-MED provider DMSPRO GmbH. the decision in favour of this solution was in addition to the high functionality and performance of the software the modern and future-oriented technology integration offering any subsystems. The clinic as a reference customer can bring own expertise in development work that can end a perfectly tuned product that meets the clinical requirements in an ideal manner, are used. The hospital Amberg will also develop this area of key figures and integrate into the system, that a permanent and continuous process overview is possible. The practice shows that not only the ways of information are through such a system greatly simplifies and shortens, but also considerable costs for the distribution can.

With the implementation of a single, digital archiving system for patient files, digital files are permanently available and the quality of the documentation which is immensely important for the services provided by a hospital, is sustainably increased. DMSPRO-MED an integration interface to the management information system is offered as archive system on the market eisTIK.NET of the company KMS information & organization GmbH. This is structure of the hospital very the desired data warehouse. The medicine controlling has the access, directly from the application out on case-related patient data in the digital archive, which contributes significantly to improving the process of MDK checks. The software solution system DMSPRO-MED nexus is fully integrated into the leading hospital information system of the provider, and has thus the possibility to all case-related patient data to be accessed.

December 23, 2020

World Health Organisation

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Application possibilities of creative Hypnotherapy. Eliminate surgery without anesthesia, allergies and pain without drugs, sleep disorders, symptoms of stress and anxiety disappear permanently. Sounds unbelievable, but is possible with creative medical hypnosis. Although more than 2,000 years the so-called hypnotic trance is successfully used in almost all cultures of the world for pain and disease, yet many people are afraid of hypnosis in Germany. Scientists have explored the effectiveness of this gentle therapy and confirmed cures up to 90%. More than 200 international studies come to the conclusion that hypnosis for certain diseases and disorders seems almost to be a panacea. Appropriately trained doctors and health practitioners use the medical hypnosis, to alleviate the ordeal of bone marrow transplantation; Stomach reflections to make more bearable, cancer pain and migraine to relieve, births to facilitate, tinnitus and dizziness to handle.

Also for eczema, herpes, Hypnosis according to World Health Organisation (WHO) among the preferred therapies sleep disorders, bed-wetting, depression, panic attacks and speech impediments. Hypnosis instead of anesthesia? Prof. Wolfgang Miltner (University of Jena): “hypnosis instead of anesthesia is used, so the pain stimuli are blocked. For patients who do not tolerate anesthetics, hypnosis is thus”a genuine alternative. In chronic pain, the brain gets tricked. Prof. Wolfgang Blohm, clinic Chief which only German hypnosis clinic says: “the success rate for chronic medical conditions such as migraines, back or cancer pain is 70 to 80 percent”.

“He wrote the book” Hypnose-new paths for fear, pain, stress and depression “the prejudice is widespread in Germany but often prevent the extraordinary opportunities. In other countries it is already next: the University Hospital provides operations under hypnosis throughout Europe leading the city of Liege, more than 7,000 operations so far successfully carried out. Now there is a Ability to take advantage of hypnosis, without having to give one’s free will. This means: during the entire session, the patient/client retains full control. In many years of work, Marianne Schraps (healer / pain therapist) and Herbert Schraps (Hypnotherapist/mental coach) have developed the trancemed Hypnotherapy and hypnosis creative. Within this new therapy methods, all advantages can be use of hypnosis and modern psychology, to relinquish control. These new methods include elements of magic meadows therapy (Dr. med. Thomas Meier, addiction expert), the self hypnosis therapy (Prof. Wolfgang Blohm, hypnosis clinic) and the self-certain Hypnotherapy (Gotz Renatz magic meadows strategy specialist psychotherapy). The self-certain creative hypnosis is used in the trancemed hypnosis Center for improving the quality of life as a preventive measure outside of therapy. The trancemed Hypnotherapy and the creative hypnotherapy by specifically trained therapists and healers used for the treatment or alleviation of chronic and acute diseases. Because it is totally free of side effects, this method also for children and young people is suitable.

December 21, 2020

Cost Of Beauty OP

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The cost factor should not be underestimated surgery cost cosmetic surgery more and more people today want to do plastic surgery. The number of operated people increases every year, and that more and more hospitals offer cosmetic surgery. The beauty is long since no domain only for women. Men also want to change something about their body and decide to undergo cosmetic surgery. Because men want to have an attractive body. Most people are interested in the liposuction. The operations are closely followed on the chest and nose. This trend is to explain that the surgery in financial terms even for ordinary people has become possible as a result.

But the health insurance companies do not pay such aesthetic intervention or only very rarely. Read more here: American Financial Advisors LLC. Cases in which health insurers pay but a cosmetic operation, indicates the respective sickness fund. But most people have to pay the desire for beauty itself. Fixed prices are difficult to make – because it is of course on the size of the operation. On the Internet, you can enquire about the respective prices. Get fast search results with the search words “Plastic surgery” or “Beauty OP”.

Also you can read too much about the advantages and disadvantages of cosmetic surgery on the Internet. Often a beauty clinic has a wide range of Internet and provides guidelines about the cost of beauty OP. At a consultation for a beauty OP, then of course the financial side comes to the language. While the funding model should be absolutely realistic. Because no one is completely happy with plastic surgery, when he can’t pay it. There are several methods to finance cosmetic surgery. Many beauty clinics have worked out good solutions for the financing and so they can simply ask. Although many people feel uncomfortable with their appearance and like to change would should be nobody indiscriminately put under the knife. Because then you will be afterwards also happy and satisfied. You done a plastic surgery so not even just in passing. Consult so extensively at a doctor.