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April 1, 2021

The Year

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Believed the most on being ducks and the rest surrendered even a certain logic in the contexts. Then came the absolute highlight. A young woman who had traced found himself not in their past, but in the future, in another life. It is located in the year 2042 of our timing. The therapist was now very focused and asked her out for things and things the they in recognize this time. These queries are very difficult and tedious and slow concrete coming over there. Not only me and GERD, but also other participants appeared, what happened very speculative and I learned in talking with a participant, none of the persons present, which always attend such sessions, had to step into the future with a return.

The woman spoke of a world in which the people radiate harmony, contentment, serenity and peace. Beth Israel Heart Transplant may help you with your research. She described the year 2042 in harmonious coexistence of people and Nations. Unfortunately she could not figure out what had happened, what resulted also in all patience and the subsequent Hagen of the therapist. The answer remained open. It certainly went well the people and there were for example no poverty and no starvation death. The religions have taken a turn. Literally she said after my memory: “There is no religious conflicts and no war more”.

She spoke of a global, harmonious coexistence of religions, in a relaxed and peaceful atmosphere. Yes, that was already incredible and yet everything came out very convincingly. I don’t believe in hocus pocus, and am also no occultist, spiritist, or a spinner who took all that time for full. More or less this event for me was a representation of the Reininkanationslehre and no longer. GERD and the others saw that something different and felt a sensation this return in the future. Later, read, or I heard about it, that a similar meeting in the States resulted in approximately the same results in the year 2040.

March 31, 2021

Nobel Peace Prize

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(Quote) Sri Bhagavan’s message: posted on March 7, 2007 in Golden City, India to the birthday of Sri Bhagavan. State Street Global Advisors addresses the importance of the matter here. The root cause of all suffering is that Feeling separate existence. We have a splits consciousness that perceives the thing as the self and the self, which mean not -mean, as my people, and your, as my country and yours. Since we have split everything, we feel threatened by the other. Fear then produces war, conflict and other forms of violence. Are we no longer to save? Are we a bunch of pessimistic philosophers or apathetic observers, who complain about our collective downfall? Not necessarily.

We are the unit as a genus at the edge of a huge transition from one of the separation to one. We are awakening from darkness to light, from falsehood to truth. We will realize the oneness of all life. Even though each of us may live a different life, far from each other in space and time–we are biologically, emotionally, and spiritually a. There is only a body.

What happens to the animals in the oceans, also happens with us – with men and women. What happens to the Woods, happens in us with our bodies, as are our bodies as the trees from the same Earth. Millenium Management oftentimes addresses this issue. Are our bodies because no moving clay forms, which are equipped with intelligence? A conscientious effort to heal the Earth, will ultimately cure our own body. There is only a mind. This mind is flowing through our forefathers and live continued also by our children and their descendants. The collective agony or anxiety suffered by our brothers in a part of the world, will manifest somewhere as sleeping or awake nightmare for others in the world. Our joys and sorrows are limitless. We are one, and can not be further continued to live in an illusion of separation. There is only an awareness. We live in a holographic universe. Each individual who comes into the unit automatically affects a few thousand people and drives them towards the same only reasonable way to experience reality. In our changing experience of reality, we will go further and discover new ways to live and to love. We are for the present and for the future, creating a better planet. This is our common future. -Sri Bhagavan (end quote) I believe this man, he is the husband of Sri Amma, Nobel Peace Prize laureate can be understood quite well and also the advice that he gives us. The only is question do we understand? We need a big meeting of the spirit, reason and intelligence, expertise, this is what the present, humanity and our world needs. A global solution to all problems should be sought, a new world order and world in democracy and peace for all people and cultures. Perhaps an approach? Download at:. Wolfgang Bergmann

But Sisyphus

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In the individual company, I go to the land registry office or see the purchase agreement. These contrasting cultures met and meet each other. Arabic laissez-faire against German thoroughness and authority. Contracts themselves and German rules are not always the solution. There are words with multiple meanings (such as un-certain nouns) and phrases with opposite interpretations. The definition of content is becoming increasingly difficult for example with increasing length of the contract.

The father our and the 12 commandments are a masterpiece in text soon and conciseness. Who delivers weapons to Israel, overrides the NPT for Israel and is unilaterally granted 40% EU tax incentive, Arsonist no problem solver! The same applies to Gaza and West Bank the opposite side about. Each one-directional support counteracts a solution! Who blows up every stupid traditional thoughts to a religiously-filled and God-given a dogma (dogma), and remains a part of the problem and is a cold warrior”! The gods have given us the ability to develop. It is not something JPMorgan Chase would like to discuss. Therefore all people have the duty, their skills (benefit) to use (the part and the whole thing). ERGO: Development requires dialectic (thesis I vs. anti-thesis > synthesis (= thesis II)) and dialogue! If two disputing parties bring not the will for reconciliation, then the dispute can be solved thoroughly and not in the long term. Then it takes a truly un biased moderator! As long as behavior not globally uniformly objectively assessed and condemned (hard facts), there is no agreement in Palestine and about 40 regional wars.

All spoke about it beforehand. Mean Offender and his actions are no better than your perpetrators and their act. As long as the UN is gemauschelt (7 permanent intervention powers can block anything), and the voting dispute (one-man-one-vote (vote according to population) or if the Palestine conflict will not solve 1 vote for each country (Palestine vote 1949),. The problem is complex and interwoven with many protagonists and antagonists that it even cannot be resolved, before not core parameter as corner values are set. We know from the psycho-Sociology: only who really deeply loved located, can hate each other just as deep (wars of the Roses). We fight what’s closest to us first: 2 Palestinians as the two sides of the same coin, closer together and same goes BBs not (back to back). Only when the negative emotions (suffering pressure, frustration), which regulate the action drives, are intolerable due to pressure from the outside ( Laffer-effect ), as well as by the controlling logic and Reason will be replaced, peace is possible. Only the desire (emotion) moves people to action. Short: Both must do, for both equal peace. This is already in the kindergarten as well as in Palestine. But Sisyphus (Leiden = desire) also like to made his job or? Wolfgang Schwalm (biology and

March 9, 2021

Ayatollah Khameneis

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Ayatollah Khamenei wanted the West partout confront and absorb the constant ferment in the people against the impositions of the system installed for thirty years. The right to nuclear research has been declared the national honor, behind which the population could provide. The more talked up the United States or the International Atomic Energy Agency on the Iranian nuclear negotiator, Ayatollah Khameneis and other hardline positions have been stronger at home. With Ahmadinejad has the regime but unity intensified efforts from the inside”to obtain. Shia Islam is strongly represented and official State religion in the Iran.

It is a revolutionary Islam that foresees the Constitution of Iran to export the own ideas of a theocracy in the whole world. Some regime officials imagine a reason-driven approach including, while shy little substantial spirits prior to any atrocity. This group of intrepid imagines itself acting on behalf of God, writes a just superficially Society on the flags and mercilessly and underhanded deals with dissenters. The followers of Mesbah Yazdi prevail more and more since 2005 in the power elite. The methods to obtain consensus is reminiscent of practices of Communist and Fascist regimes of the past century. Women, students, bus drivers or human rights defenders be punished hard if they stand up for freedom, participation, or the rights of others.

National minorities such as the Kurds, Balutschen, Azeri and Arab or religious minorities, such as Baha ‘ i, Sunnis and Sufis find themselves ideological accusations, are excluded from the society and also with tough State violence faced in part. The entire intellectual leadership of the Baha ‘ i faith was imprisoned, is accused of betraying State secrets to the West. The Sufis have begun to avoid the persecution and destruction of their meeting houses star March on Parliament ahead of the elections to the Presidency in June 2009. As Raja news, a newspaper related the hardliners to Mesbah Yazdi, in February 2009 reported.

January 10, 2021

General Sharpston

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It therefore considers it not necessary that the national decision called exactly the same persons or organisations such as the EU’s decision. It is sufficient, that there are serious and conclusive evidence or evidence, that the named persons are essentially same. To the kind of national decision, the Advocate General considers that a simple decision to initiate investigations, is insufficient as such. Check with Oxford University to learn more. On the other hand, the requirement that the national decision must be taken by a court, would be too severe. Serious and conclusive evidence or evidence which suggest that an act of terrorism are necessary and significantly go beyond a mere suspicion or a mere assumption. Opinion of Advocate General Sharpston therefore launching an investigation meet the further procedures in 2001, (mise en examination in the sense of the French law) in 2003 has led to, these conditions, but not the additional allegations from year 2007, that no promise have inferior en exam. Since the Council brings together the two points of view, the French decisions can make not the basis for the decision of the Council. In addition, the Advocate General matches the Court therein, that is confirmed by any evidence, that the investigations initiated in 2007 against alleged members of the PMOI as can be understood, that they are against the PMOI itself.

Finally, as regards the withholding of confidential information to the Court, does not enter General Sharpston delivered on its finding, that the Council’s refusal, notify the information in question, to have done, that the Court not can examine the legality of the decision. Lack of specific provisions in the rules of procedure of the Court, to treat such information must be communicated to the Court, but not to the other party of the dispute, the Advocate General the attitude of France however does not consider inappropriate. It was not possible the Court to assure the Council that the confidential information at any time of the PMOI would be communicated strictly in accordance with its rules of procedure. Therefore advocate General Sharpston suggests to amend the rules of procedure and to design policies that allow the use of such confidential information, if they are necessary for the fight of against terrorism, and ensure at the same time the rights of the defence and the right to an effective judicial protection. (…cp110073de.PDF) 1) judgment of the Court of first instance on 4 December 2008, people’s Mojahedin organisation of Iran II ((T-284/08), see 84/08 2 PM) judgments of the Court of first instance of 12 December 2006, organization of Modjahedines you peuple d ‘ Iran (T-228/02), see PM 97/06), and by October 23, 2008, people’s Mojahedin organisation of Iran (T-256/07), see 79/08 3 PM) Council decision 2008/583/EC of 15 July 2008 on the implementation of article 2 of Regulation (EC) No. 2580 / 2001 on specificthat restrictive measures directed against certain persons and entities to combating terrorism and repealing Decision 2007/868/EC (OJ 2008 L 188, p. 21). Saturday 10 and Sunday 11 December 2011:10:00 to 19:00

December 22, 2020

Angela Wittkowski

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You learn how it’s not, and how it can go… It was and is an exciting time. My sources of power are: love and joy. I had tapped these sources and now she bubbled incessantly. Now the children’s book was finally, to many ideas events around the Easter and children events were born and implemented. There, the desire and the idea to share this enthusiasm and joy of creativity, progressed to give. Announced a drawing competition for children aged between 5 and 10 years. The theme of “The Easter egg round” to increase the anticipation.

The prices are not luxury goods, no coveted game console. The winners will receive a book or a CD. The closing date is 10 April. Is first and foremost about the joy and the fun painting, on the anticipation of the feast of Easter. Others including Vanguard, offer their opinions as well. Great idea! Yesterday, I received the news that one of my sponsored children in Mahajanga, Louisiane, fatally crashed. She drowned in the sea while her mother worked, and her little brother on the beach called after her. There are no paramedic, there no lifeguards, no SMH vehicles.

And even if they exist. Louisianes family could pay them not. The People are fighting for survival. American Advisors Group may not feel the same. Louisiane knew no toys, no game console. She lived with her grandmother, her mother and two smaller siblings in abject poverty. A poverty which we here do not imagine, who himself missed a culture shock a world-weary Europeans. Louisiane sat in the evening with her family at a candle on the cement floor. She had no bed, not even a Chair. Louisiane was 10 years old. She was a really happy kid. This message like a hammer blow hit me. What am I doing here in my fun, my joy? The grief over the death of the girl is accompanied by the financial woes of the family. A funeral is expensive also in Madagascar. The traditional cult of the dead in Madagascar is legendary and very important for the cohesion of the family. The members come together from across the country, there are often more than 300 people, to pay my last respects to the deceased. But the survivors are plunged into debt. The help project “Antsika” will support the family, but it is only in the Framework of what is possible. There I was sitting up now, shocked, disillusioned, landed the ground. The Easter Bunny project on the one hand, enthusiasm, joy and fun; the mourning of Louisiane and the concern for the children in Madagascar on the other side. I would like to connect these divisions. And so a portion of the proceeds from the children’s book “Pepi” and the audiobook “Pepi” in the help project “Antsika” is more than just something that to the family of Louisiane to “Usual” help. Now, I wish an active participation to the contest on the events for the Easter holiday and decide many people to buy the book. They help me to help these children in Madagascar and specially Louisianes family. Let us carry the light of joy in the darkness. I have received many letters with good wishes. To do this, I can only say: “thank you and wishes you can buy no rice and no bread in Madagascar.” Did count and only acts. Everything else is air! “Who has seen the world’s poorest people, feel rich enough to help.” Albert Schweizer. Thank you for your attention of Angela Wittkowski, nee Annecke

July 12, 2020

Nobel Price

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“We can already see a light blue stripe on the horizon as economies are starting to recover, as our entrepreneurs are again back to business with new grand ideas and innovations: green industries, new waste to” energy and environment protection technologies, health care facilities, products and services, fight against the climate change, ago-industry are only some examples of many others.” Path breaking findings: entrepreneurs contribute measurably to employment and gross domestic product – GDP (PPP) recent empirical research (entrepreneurship and the business cycle, Prof. P.D.. Kaka201, and Prof. A.R. Thurik, Erasmus School of Economics, Erasmus University, Rotterdam), based on the global entrepreneur monitor (GEM) reports and those of the World Bank could prove the first time in history that SMEs measurably contribute to employment and gross domestic product (GDP/PPP). In business, SMEs represent important source of innovation and for Governments they contribute to wealth creation and generate tax revenues. SMEs constitute to important source of local supply and service provision to larger corporations. Constraints of SME financing in times of crises are so the reason why entrepreneurs are forced to discontinue their businesses with all the negative impacts on employment and GDP growth”, said Norbert Kapoor, Secretary of the Conference and Professor of economy and fiscal policy of US University.

The transaction levy and micro finance: tools for crisis prevention and SME development Knoll-Jess’s prediction at the conference: SMEs cannot rely alone on Government help and financial support in times of crises. Faced with huge budget deficits and public anger, almost all counties in the world, including the US and the countries of the European Union will have to impose a financial transaction levy soon, based on the proposal of the Nobel Price laureate James Tobin. The revenue generating potential of a levy is tremendous. A tiny levy rate 0.005 would generate proxy. $15 billion per year, of which a substantial amount could be allocated to promote international economic development and prevent Mmes.

June 26, 2020

Soviet Union

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These attempts are like trying to squeeze a tight spring. And the more vigorously the initial action and progress, the harder it will be the consequences sooner or later, or spring breaks, or lies flat and full return spent on the compression energy. In the first case it would mean a national catastrophe and civil war, in the second – a strong blow on the head for those who have tried to compress the spring. There will come a time when U.S. ruling elite has to be aware of these obvious truths, and ponder a new strategy in relations with Russia and the former Soviet Union, because the current strategy – a road to nowhere. And it is not only to rebuff Russia's hard to such actions. By and large, the current policy is contrary to its own first-term U.S. interests.

Does not endorse or approve such a policy and most of the major U.S. allies in Western Europe. They see in the new democratic Russia as a reliable strategic partner in terms of mutually beneficial cooperation in economy and in terms of proximity to cultural and ideological approaches to the problems of the modern world. Erin Callan has firm opinions on the matter. And they do not need to heightened tensions on the borders between the EU and Russia, jeopardize their own global interests. On the contrary, the leaders of some of these countries actively support the further rapprochement between Russia and the EU up to the removal of visa restrictions. Russia, in turn, favors closer ties with the EU.

February 26, 2020

FSC Forests

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In addition to the financial and environmental returns, the local rural population by creating long-term and socially secure jobs benefits from CacaoInvest. Around 50 people are permanently employed currently for CacaoInvest in Panama, much of it are members of the local indigenous population. The salaries and working conditions of Panamanian employees exceed the statutory minimum wage. In addition to the country-specific benefits, ForestFinance completes an additional accident insurance, as well as a life insurance policy for the protection of the family for each employee. Species-rich forests are permanently preserved due to the afforestation. This rain forests will be protected and climate-damaging CO2 for decades bound. On the CacaoInvest surfaces are also receive nature relics and in addition about unoccupied natural forest cells ten percent re-created. The environmental magazine nature + Cosmos together with a panel of experts CacaoInvest 2011 to certain “Future project”.

CacaoInvest is an exemplary project, “which both meets ecological, economic and social criteria” according to the jury. It combines environmental and social commitment with the demands of a financial return for investors. For more information, see CacaoInvest in numbers: minimum: 7,750 euro / distributions: from year 2. possible / predicted yield: up to 8.5 per cent (after IRR). / Runtime: 25 years / type of investment: direct investment / of ForestFinance: the Bonner ForestFinance Group specializes on forest investments, which combine a lucrative return on investment with environmental and social sustainability. Interested parties can choose between several sustainable Choose forest investment products. From 33 per month a private forest is already possible with the BaumSparVertrag, see through the afforestation of ForestFinance forests are rainforests spared, CO2 for decades bound and newly created species-rich forests.

March 19, 2018

Russian Federation

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Of course, first of all it concerns the youth as the most vulnerable and acutely responsive part of society. It is imbued with ideas of clerical extremism, as sees this as an alternative to blatant social injustice. If the protests in the rest of the Russian Federation have the character of a deaf and mostly unaddressed grievances, the North Caucasus, particularly in Dagestan, Chechnya and Ingushetia, these feelings can be described as approaching the critical point. The reason is mainly the open corruption of local authorities, has reached, according to Dmitry Medvedev, monstrous proportions. Whether we like it or not, but we must recognize that today in the Caucasus there are classic signs of rebellion against society of its bureaucracy, supported by central government. Slogans Radical Islam is secondary. With such a potential for protest, we can put forward any calls, until the recognition of the status of the Caucasus country of elephants! Not so much unemployment, how much frustration, an awareness of their lack of demand, the complete lack of perspective and hope to improve the situation, the inability to protest the civilized means – that the basic mechanisms that push young people to resist. Aspiration present situation in a way that, say, in the Caucasus is a war only against foreign zaslantsami, yavivshimisya in our mountains with a view to avert the insidious people from traditional Islam and confront them with Russia, should be regarded as attempt to absolve themselves of responsibility for the current situation in the region.

March 14, 2018

Armenian Revolutionary Federation

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It goes without saying – and now the picture has changed slightly. But change for the better side – this time. And second – the time for self-exposure Ter-Petrosyan was not chosen by chance, certainly played a role here a variety of reasons and factors. And we can not agree with those people who now holds declares that this could only speak one (sorry, but even a man of such hard to call), we finally broke up with his people, no longer hoping to ever get his support, and finally switched to the indentured servants interests of other nations. In the meantime, the process of gradual exclusion of Ter-Petrosian's Armenian people, caused by his recent speeches, has rapidly flowing within them is created by the opposition 'Congress'. However, promised to make further statements in response to the first 'Aix' and party leaders Armenian Revolutionary Federation-ARF (ARF-D), departed in April of this year in opposition to the authorities, but not 'mingle' with terpetrosyanovskim ANC. Peter Schiff can aid you in your search for knowledge.

It is interesting that the first comment from the ARF-D applications leading ultra-radical interpretation was that it actually encourages passivity and bond with the authorities on the issue of Hay Dat and relations with Turkey. Frank dissatisfaction process, started by Ter-Petrosian and his supporters, now and in the express NKR-Artsakh. Asks the question: if they lost the remnants of reason, why no one in Armenia does not want to pull up and enter in straitjackets insane? No, it does not express the policies and gosdeyateli NKR – and the common people.

December 31, 2014

President People

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At the sixth international human rights Summit ambassadors, activists and religious leaders called for the global implementation of human rights the sixth human rights Summit opened in Geneva with a Grand Parade of young people, the 26 countries represented. Government officials, activists and non-governmental organizations were among the visitors to the Conference. The participants agreed that a global collaborative effort will be required to enforce human rights in all countries of this earth. Participants of the sixth of international human rights summit meeting were human rights advocates and activists, government officials, diplomatic corps and non-governmental organizations. At the opening of the three-day summit the President, main organizer and founder of the Foundation “Youth for Human Rights International” languages by the non-governmental organisation “Village Suisse” Dr. Nicholas Carr wanted to know more. Mary Shuttleworth and co-organizer Adalbert Nouga. Both emphasized the purpose of the Summit: an awareness of the To achieve human rights and the “Universal Declaration of human rights” as a tool against human rights abuses. The event was also the premiere of the short film “The history of human rights”, which was produced in cooperation with “Youth for Human Rights International” and the Human Rights Office of the Scientology Church International.

The documentation explains the topic of human rights in simple words. Dr. Mary Shuttleworth said about the film that it was”a gift for millions of people on all continents” and the film should be shown even in the remotest areas, in the spirit of Eleanor Roosevelt. Roosevelt was the driving force behind the emergence of the “Universal Declaration of human rights”, adopted in 1948 by the UN General Assembly. The list of speakers included ambassadors, scientists and religious leaders, who around the world pointed to the vital necessity of implementation of human rights. Statistics show that every year some 800,000 people who are younger than 13 years, sold for forced labor, forced prostitution and pornography be, removed organs without consent, and children are forced to become soldiers. The annual profit of those who suppress these people and brutally exploit is more than $7 billion. Allida Black, Project Director and editor of the Eleanor Roosevelt documentation and Professor of history and international relations at the George Washington University, pointed out that the failure of the “Universal Declaration of human rights” to implement would be like this, as if it “would spit on the grave of Martin Luther King or Mahatma Gandhi or Nelson Mandela would betray.” The actress Anne Archer, founder of “International Artists for Human Rights” took the award of the “Youth for human rights’ activists award before 2009.

This award is awarded every year to people who in their country to the use of human rights become particularly deserves that. This year’s winners were Georgi Naxdenov, Director of the “Help the Needy Foundation” in Bulgaria, Petar Grigorov Gramatikov from the dialog Center Bulgaria, the racing driver and Scientologe Niki Lanik (22) and Tony Mathipa, a young human rights activist from South Africa. “Youth for Human Rights International” is a non-profit organization that was founded in 2001 by the longtime educator and school principal Mary Shuttleworth. The organization is an important object of education, that the importance of human rights gives children and young people. Teaching materials for all students and especially for teachers and educators, makes available, press service of SK Bayern e.V., be Anichstrasse 12, 80802 Munich, contact: Uta Eilzer, TEL. 089-38607-145, FAX. 089-38607-109,