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May 25, 2021

Device Settings

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If not, then you have to buy their own. If you have a TV of another type, usually in these types of TVs, video input "Tulip" or SCART. In this case, you need to plug S-Video-Tulip" or S-Video-SCART After that, you need to do the following: 1. Shut down the computer and TV. 2. Disconnect the monitor from the computer, leaving the keyboard and mouse. 3.

Connect the computer and television graphics suitable cable. For even more analysis, hear from Craig Menear. 4. Turn TV to AV. 5. Turn your computer. On the TV screen should show screen saver Windows.

If the Windows screen saver does not appear, you will need to make additional settings. For example, you have a video card GeForce4 Ti4200. For other opinions and approaches, find out what MasterClass has to say. You need to the following steps: right click on the desktop in the window that appears choose "Properties" then "Options", "Advanced", "Adapter", in our case 'GeForce4 Ti4200'. There, select the item nView, located on the left remote panel. Turn the mode of "Clone", click "Apply." On the TV screen should show screen saver desktop Windows. If the image on the TV screen turned black and white, then in the menu "Display", select the item " TV ", then select" Device Settings ". To use all the options in the menu that appears, you can click the "Define the display." Then in the "Device Settings" press "Select the output device." The main screen leaving the computer monitor. Click the item "Change Format", and select one of the formats of PAL. Click "Apply", and check the results. TV should now show in color. Now choose resolution for the TV. In the remote panel, select the item management position (in English – Overlay). Here, on the "Full Screen Device", select the item "Secondary display" and click "Apply." This allows you to remain without a video card or a TV. and in the worst case and no video and no television.

March 3, 2021

Global Navigation

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Another advantage of Nuvi 1410 – a very big screen – as much as 5 inches! The instrument is 'super thin' – just 1.6 inches, and its size – 13, 7 x 8.6 inches. And it weighs a marvel of modern engineering 221 grams. In addition, it is possible to keep in memory up to 10 routes. Can specify multiple destinations, and the unit itself will offer the optimal order of visiting the given points and will pave the appropriate route. This model also has the function already mentioned 'ecoRoute', allows you to select the most economical in terms of fuel consumption route. To know more about this subject visit Jamie Dimon. And built-in Bluetooth, which allows to make calls that hands-free – a nice addition to the numerous opportunities 1410.Pribor Nuvi comes with a card loaded the latest Russian version. Global Navigation – Navigation producing company with a rich bundle, a good stuffing at a very affordable price. In the assembly is practically all you need to motorists. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out China’s Ant.

Their model is not particularly distinguished from each other, yet less than fully responsible to their expectations. Of the models GN4368, GN4373 GN4392 and the difference between them is not as great for the price and content, you should choose the design that we think is very interesting and original. GN4392 slightly more expensive due to the steel hull. The highlight of this company is the GN7076 – navigator with a large 7 "screen with a clear and bright 800 x 480 at a price slightly more expensive 9500 p.

January 26, 2021

Fire Alarm Equipment

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To maintain a clear continuous operation of any organization, enterprise, institution, for personnel safety and preservation of property is established fire alarm and firefighting equipment. With a furious pace work, and accelerated development in the direction of the organization, sometimes out of control security personnel, and the work of the organization. Fire alarm equipment is a complex of modern technological systems, which in time will inform on the possible sources of ignition. With the help of fire alarm equipment can save lives and protect the staff from the organization of large losses. In general fire alarm equipment consists of: 1. Control panel – a special technical device that monitors the sensor readings fire alarm triggers an alert about the outbreak of fire, and gives commands to eliminate fire works quickly and accurately. 2.

Computer Configuration – displays the status of fire alarm equipment, and monitors the activities, processes, and teams. 3. Power supply (bespereboynik) – a device that allows the possibility of uninterrupted continuous operation of the fire alarm system. 4. Fire detection – special devices that are used for notification of finding the source of fire. Just fire alarm equipment has a type of fire alarm: 1.

Sound 2. light 3. combined. Which type to choose depends on the installation site. With a choice of experts can help, they will learn the scheme and the principles of the organization, technical data and information about equipment, then make the conclusion that it fits your organization. Fire alarms sound equipment for fire detection, alarm sound issues, both within building and across the organization. light, when an initial stage of a fire, issue warning light (flashing light, red light, etc.) combined, when detecting the source of fire, notify a light effects and sound. Fire alarms have the same types of systems: 1. Analog – defines the place of fire in a special number of the segment to such segment is about 20-30 sensors alert, so reduced and the accuracy of location determination. This type of system is suitable for small spaces, and it costs an order of magnitude lower than other types of fire systems. 2. Address – accurately describes the address and location of fire tech advanced warning system and the destination. The cost of this system is higher than analog, however, mounting and installation consumes less resources and energy. 3. Addressable analog equipment – used to strengthen of the entire fire system. Let us summarize, as you see that fire alarms are many varieties and types, some cost less, in some – some more, some include all the features of lightning and quality work, of course you choose, but to save on security is not necessary.

June 21, 2020

Bath Selection

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Choose the right bath for you – it is not easy, but frankly speaking, even very complicated and troublesome. We will try to at least a little easier for you to primary knowledge and familiarity with the huge market of cast iron baths here in Russia … Well famous old people we know – These cast iron baths manufactured in the USSR baths are familiar to all residents who lived in the Soviet and continue to live in post-Soviet Russia. It is these iron tubs were and still stand in our apartments, most of us, and many of their parents received from the Soviet state for free. As you can imagine there was no alternative, and could not be all these years and so many who have done the most complete repairs in the apartment, including bathroom and could not so far to change the old to the new bath. Farallon Capital Management is likely to increase your knowledge. It should be noted, and is fair to say that the cast-iron baths so far, but the majority continues to great pleasure to enjoy the whole world.

Of – of what is going on? The thing is that the most stable iron material to corrosion, it is unlike the other great stores and bath stores heat for a long time and it's almost main advantage. After all, just imagine how many times you have to change the chilled water in the steel and acrylic baths. And finally, it absorbs the noise and the quality of this leads to the fact that when filling the bath water, you do not hear the thunder and noise. If you want to relax and enjoy half an hour, maybe more in warm water, then this course as a bath is not some one for you. Most of the cast-iron bath in our Russian market are domestic manufacturers. But it is not surprising. Imagine how difficult it is to lead us to the heavy bath.

June 2, 2020

Beauty Treatments

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Cleopatra, the legendary queen of Egypt, took a bath every day from milk with added petals of blooming roses. In ancient Greek chronicles mention washing before peers, where apart from water basins for washing attended the petals of flowering plants. In India and China into the water when bathing and washing add salt, extracts and decoctions of medicinal plants. Throughout the world, we will not deal with medieval Europe, a lot of attention paid not only to clean the skin, but its cosmetic condition. In our time in publications devoted to cosmetics, much attention is paid to cleaning the face and body. Not least of these is the purification and with lotions. But let’s understand what the requirements provides human skin cleaning agents – in this, case, for lotions.

First, the lotion should have excellent cleaning properties. It should clean not only the surface of the skin, wash it and from the skin pores and grease mud plugs, providing fresh oxygen to skin cells. Second, the lotion should not irritate the skin. Usually stimuli are the preservatives of chemical origin and spirit-based fluids needed for more effective cleaning of the skin surface. It is worth noting that the vast majority of today’s lotions are composed of alcohol in one or another concentration.

This, of course, increases the excretion of water and nutrients to the skin surface. Unlike alcohol, natural lotions are based on extracts, and extracts decoctions of products of plant and animal origin. As a preservative used in them bee products and extracts from the venom of snakes. The composition of most natural lotions included hyaluronic acid. Its action aimed at removing dead skin soft layers of the skin and cleansing the pores of grease and mud tubes. The main advantage of natural lotions is that natural ingredients complement each other perfectly and may be present in the lotion in any combination, expanding and enhancing the properties of lotions. So lotions containing in the olive oil, will have different nutrients and moisturizing properties, and lotions on the basis of aloe will have excellent antibacterial properties and help you get rid of the causes of acne. It is worth noting that the cost of natural lotions, lotions significantly higher alcohol, but their action is directed not only to cleanse the skin. In its effects, natural lotions, creams can often be replaced in terms of removing wrinkles, a global nutrition and hydration of internal layers of the skin.

August 1, 2019

Modern Cookware

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Aluminium – is one of the most popular materials for modern cookware. Durability and lightness (density 2.7 g / cc. Author is open to suggestions. Cm) aluminum cookware over the years attracted a buyer, and not in the least cheap products. However, aluminum, as well as all the material has its advantages and disadvantages for the light which is created and the material. As always, try to understand all together and quite objectively, dear reader … First of all, the main advantage of aluminum – it increased thermal conductivity, which provides quick and even heating, and therefore, saves energy and contributes to the rapid cooking. But that With respect to claims made on the pan of aluminum, the main – that is metal is easily oxidized and reacts with alkalis contained in some foods.

For example, such bases are in a potato or Some soups. In addition, the aluminum reacts with acids, but they are in the jam, compote, meat and sour sauce – we will not further mention cookbook … Let's take a little tour of the school course of chemistry. First, today is used for dishes not clean aluminum alloys and special food, giving the dish durability and resistance to deformation. But in these alloys may include magnesium, manganese, or zinc, and this matter is not entirely and inert to the food environment may well respond. Also sulfur contained in small amounts in some foods, is capable of heating to form aluminum sulfide, which teaches us the same chemistry course, decomposed by water on aluminum hydroxide and hydrogen sulfide.

May 17, 2019

Working Clothes

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But the very considerable range has some difficulties in minuszaklyuchayuschiysya choice. When you choose to help a few important rules: These days, working clothes sewn from high quality natural, mixed and synthetic fabrics, and often with special impregnation and coating in the case of protective clothing. Prior to exercise choice or make a reservation, it is very important to familiarize yourself with the composition of the tissue and its basic properties. Overalls must meet state standards. Should take the producer working uniforms required certificates.

In modern conditions the working clothes should not have a lot of decorative parts or components when you can do without them. Any part of the working clothes should carry out a specific task. These days, work clothes should be more stylish and attractive and. Now work clothes and uniforms – a great opportunity to look at the market and to attract good attention. Uniforms – a calling card company, and registration cards taken place the most important consideration.

Employees large number of industries are often recognized by protective clothing company, and it proves that their leadership has made the right choice. Have a positive impact if the working clothes cause approval from the workers themselves, so good to connect them to the selection of clothing and uniforms, using the pre-poll or finding out their opinion on the submitted samples. A very important factor that characterizes the contemporary work clothes, namely – branding, that is, placing the logo on the clothing firm. Work clothing with printed logo performs the functions of the business card itself, about which we have already said. On top of that clothing with company logo – this is a good tool of advertising. For the application of logos used technology of screen printing on fabric, embroidery, foil, etc. Special attention is paid to the color of the uniforms, which may have symbolic meaning. Professional designers will gladly take up the development of models of working clothes, making it a truly stylish and fashionable enough. At the same time these days working clothes satisfied all the requirements, because when its use the most modern means. A good custom clothing – is the pinnacle of comfort and safety for workers and can easily be certified by European standards across the enterprise. In Finally, we note in today’s conditions will help to make clothing a necessary step on the path to success.

June 26, 2016

Attracting Customers

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Attracting customers and keeping their main goal of any tour operator. Increase customer loyalty, in turn, the key to both attracting new and retaining old customers to. This is achieved through a tradeoff value operator services in the eyes of the customer to the price for these services. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Peter Schiff by clicking through. From here follow five basic strategies to increase loyalty. 1.Povyshenie service quality – this is achieved through the accounting features and wishes of a particular group clients, through more careful selection of hotels, airlines, tours and additional sets of travel, all types of bonuses for free trips somewhere, free massages, etc. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Dennis Lockhart has to say. are being fairly cheaper services add value to the customer. 2.Vybor the most suitable time (timing) – I will bring a selection of the best time to communicate with the client.

If you come to the moment when the client is just looking to go to or by whom, then you just in time:). Given the seasonality of your client or his particular tastes and preferences of the operator can always go with the "best" offer. For example, if your client has children, it is very logical submit proposals on family vacations and summer camps for children not long before the holidays. 3.Uchet personal characteristics – matching supply to a particular client, whether it's pass, cruise, tour, will be tailored to suit this client, you will be able to show him that it was working for him and offer something that suits him, not something that you offer to others. 4.Psihologiya and social factors – tourist industry – the business of emotions experienced or expected, and therefore the solutions it is often made on emotion. And then to play their part can then looks like a manager, how it communicates with the client, sent a postcard for my birthday or New Year, etc. 5.Snizhenie prices – reducing Price does not necessarily mean an immediate price reduction. This may imply a more convenient form of payment, to selectively give discounts (ie discount on what is important is that customer), discounts in various systems, such as discounts for group or one-time discount cards through discounts. Applying these simple strategies – a direct way to increase customer loyalty and attract new customers, respectively.

March 11, 2016

How To Pick Pans

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One of the types of business products needed by each owner, a frying pan. No frying, no kitchen can not be held this cuisine. But the choice of the pan is not as easy as it seems. First, we must focus on the weight of the pan, than it is, the pan is more reliable. Because of the weight depends on the thickness of the bottom, and the thick bottom of the key to successful stir-frying. Pans are made of different materials, and the material is largely dependent their functionality and use of the area. It is now widely distributed pan made of aluminum alloys, they are cheap, but very insecure, thin bottom quickly deformed, and working non-stick coating deteriorates. So if you do decide to buy an aluminum pan, at least try to choose such a thick bottom which at least 5 mm.

Certainly better to choose a frying pan made of titanium or iron. Cast-iron pans – unique in its properties, and often old, the rest of his grandmother, a cast-iron frying pan is much better than newfangled with different coatings. Choosing a skillet, pay attention to the bottom, it must be perfectly smooth, only with a frying pan flat bottom can be considered qualitative. Do not forget about the thickness of the walls, they can be thinner than the bottom, but not much. Pay attention to the mounting knob, it is better if the pan is cast.

If you have a gas stove, it is better if bottom groove on the outside is, it helps to evenly heat the pan. For electric oven pan and fit without the groove. Modern glass-coated plates with the require special form of dishes, if you have such a range, better check with the seller. Our best advice – buy a quality pan, which will be several times more expensive, but lasts much longer than the cheap, then there will pay a price. And most importantly – the food cooked in a frying pan is really delicious.

February 11, 2016


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But such methods of payment are not popular, and you lose most of the potential buyers. When using Western Union, we must remember that this system does not guarantee a refund in the event of fraud. Others including Peter Schiff, offer their opinions as well. It has long been observed that people easier to part with those that he has no hands or in the public eye. So were introduced at the time non-cash payments (not the only reason, of course!) Is now successfully used electronic payments. Almost without thinking person spends their e-money! On Auctions are usually already built the possibility of direct payments for goods purchased, the electronic money WebMoney, Z-PAYMENT, RBK Money, Yandex Money, etc.

To take full advantage of electronic currency should adjust your account to receive Direct payments: The first online auction, send all the required data: numbers of bills, e-mail addresses, etc. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Federal Reserve Bank on most websites. Second, the merchant must set up systems used in e-currencies: WebMoney-Merchant, etc. How this is done, you can learn sites appropriate services. Then, when you set up the lot, among other forms of payment indicate direct (directly on the site.) Do not forget to specify the methods and shipping your goods. If the auction is an international, must keep this in mind when describing the goods and means of delivery: Specify whether you are ready to send their goods abroad and how much it will cost (customs, postal and insurance fees). I almost forgot. Basically, when trading auctions, adopted well-known formula: in the morning – the money in the evening – the chairs.

It is therefore essential for a successful sale that you trust. Trust and good reputation in the auction can be earned only honest business conduct. The fact is that the completion of the transaction the buyer and the seller has the right to evaluate how it went. And the more the seller positive feedback, the more readily trust him! Do not forget about it! Good luck and successful sales! Alexander Prokhorov, admin Popular online auction ICQ587464658

November 16, 2015

Gift With Bad Luck

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To give or not give? When choosing a present for any occasion can never forget the famous joke about the gift shop "is a place where a lot of things, one form of which plunges you into horror at the thought that someone might give them to you?" – she says. And this joke is only a fraction of a joke. So you should make a list of gifts that it is better not to give, for various reasons. Rather, for some signs. Often the gift of the gods is God's punishment (Jean Racine, French playwright). Bad gift, from the point of view to take is the towel. Bath or kitchen, it has no relation to the misery in the literal sense.

However, this thing belongs to the list of items, which is involved in funeral rites, so to give something like that is always inappropriate. The same recommendation applies to candles, decorative look, regardless to the church or not. "Link" to the funeral and has such a gift as handkerchief, because this thing handed out to all those present in the memory of the deceased. Another reason to call this gift is an unfortunate fact that? giving a handkerchief, as if you pass all your troubles. Get as presentations this thing – to tears.

By the tears daritsya and pearls. If you decide to buy a gift jewelry loved one, this option is to forget (and, it is as natural pearls, and the artificial). The basis This marks formed a belief that pearls – they are tears poor widows and orphans. Not too good a gift, in terms of signs, a few hours. Despite the undeniable usefulness of this thing and all of its versatility as a present, You can find plenty of signs, discouraging anyone to present such a gift. On the one hand, the clock symbolizes the breaking of relations (love, friendship, business), on the other – the inevitable aging.

October 30, 2015

VAT Income

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This measure would allow enterprises to more actively invest in the business. For example L. Erhard, the author of the German economic miracle, used the method of accelerated depreciation of property – in the first two years one could write off 50% cost of production facilities, and in 1951 in Germany, it was sanctioned by the direct reduction of the tax base for capital expenditures. On the contrary, we have investment credit was repealed in 2001. One of the most important tasks of fiscal policy is shifting the center of the tax burden from corporate tax to taxes on individuals. For even more opinions, read materials from Peter Schiff.

It is obvious that such a measure would not stimulate consumption and investment, stimulating reducing inflation. As is known, the share of income tax in the budget of the Russian Federation has a less significant weight in total revenue, compared with developed countries, they have – at least 30-40%, while in Russia less – 10%. In most civilized countries a progressive income tax rate, for example, in the U.S. scale is between 15 and 40%. Such a tax is actually a tax "on wealth." And the introduction of a progressive scale of tax, voiced by S. Stepashin, would help solve this problem. Raising taxes on the income of the richest people should be required "payment" for social stability.

Rate on income from level 7-10 thousand dollars a month could be raised to the level of 15%. But maximum bet on a progressive scale should not exceed 18-20%, otherwise they will not pay. You must change the attitude of Russians to taxation – when everyone will understand that the money from the budget spent for the benefit of the country and its citizens, citizens and entrepreneurs will be much more willing to pay them. The most important task – in principle to increase tax collection. But the efficiency of tax collection for the state must not only work with taxpayers, but also improve its own credibility, develop a system of faiths. The tax system in Russia should be such as to payment of taxes is not a problem. The more reasonable tax rates, the will collect more treasury. The issue of reducing the VAT has been postponed until August. Soon it will be clear on what economic model we go: in a civilized, transparent and innovative model of development or resource with the "gray background". VAT reduction – an effective political move that could significantly improve the economic situation and the mood in the society.

November 21, 2014

Wooden Stairs

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Wooden stairs of this design give the interior a country style, so they are harmonious with the design of the house and therefore are less common tetivnyh.Etazhnost building, its purpose and define the layout number pair of stairs, depending on what there odnomarshevye, two-and mnogomarshevye. All of them may be turning. Straight ladders are more simple, easily manufactured, are durable and convenience in ispolzovaniya.Esli number of stages over a decade, including the flight of stairs with steps in it for more than ten are usually divided into one intermediate platform, forming a twist. Therefore, it is called turning. In To save space in the home may replace the intermediate sites zabezhnymi steps, which differ in that their outer edge of the wider internal. Rotary stairs smaller compared to direct ladders due to the fact that they occupy less space while retaining the same height.

Such steps taken to establish along two walls, equipping them under various storage rooms and other ancillary pomescheniya.Povorotnye stairs diverse in form. For example, in the manufacture of curved structures is required to comply with the mandatory width of the narrow end of the 10 cm curved shape, for all its monumentality in the economy differ Unlike the ladder zabezhnymi stages at which human leg feels not enough support, and therefore they are less and are made of. Rotary stairs can be circular, and quarter-poluoborotnymi. In quarter turn staircase angle composes 90 degrees (like stairs along the adjacent walls are applicable) in poluoborotnyh this angle is 180 degrees and have a circular rotation of 360 gradusov.Vintovye lestnitsyVintovye stairs on another is called a spiral. They are made for premises that do not have enough places where you can apply straight stairs. Screw designs are less convenient when traveling over the lines, but advantage in terms of saving floor space..

November 28, 2013

Print Flyers, Moscow

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Printing of leaflets – this is a simple but effective solution to the issue of advertising the product. Tell about opening the store, promotions, discounts, new product or event – all this can be done easily by making a leaflet. At Order a print shop, you need to know exactly for what purpose will serve the leaflets. Accounting for the target category, the nature of the advertised product and the process of communicating information to the consumer in the sum will give excellent results, namely – interest of buyers. If the end user belongs to the category of middle-class or even above average, he probably will not have to mind the fact that the leaflets are made for poor quality paper, they do not design thought, and the paint remains on the hands. Quite legitimately, they may decide that a company which belongs to the so advertising your own products, can not assert itself as a fairly presentable. If you are printing flyers and printing booklets designed for young people, their appeal is bright and unusual design, and advertising in children's products need to rely on information for parents, discounts and promotions.

Print brochures roizvoditsya on both sides, which allows place twice as much information, not overpaying for the paper and printing services. Even taking into account the fact that the leaflets will be repaid in the near future, we should not spend too much money in vain. Advertising by handing out leaflets implies that the volume of circulation will be large enough. In this case, production of leaflets produced by offset printing. In this case the print edition will be fairly quick and inexpensive. Thoughtful design. Perhaps in some cases, an abundance of flowers will be out of place. It depends on the subject of advertising.

Opening a new store, you can declare a bright and bombastic, but the advertising business-class cars do better restrained. Leafleting requires the same forethought as the printing order. Leaflets intended to advertise the goods of the youth should not be promoted outside of kindergartens, and the opening of a new fitness club is not worth talking about hospitals. This ads cause offense to the consumer and the campaign will fail. With proper promotion of constructing the cost of printing leaflets and posters will be repaid in the near future and will be profitable in the geometric progression. This is really beneficial and effective solution for advertising.

April 21, 2012

Housing Partitions

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The "Stalinist" houses and the old foundation walls of the inner often a plank wall. In modern building interior walls made of gypsum concrete generally, foam, etc. giprokartona Partitions of the above materials have very little bearing capacity and durability. It is recommended before final selection of "To tap" the wall. If the wall is concrete or brick, even if it is thin (for it is ventshahta) can safely hang up on her water heater to 100 liters in volume. Water heaters up to 200 liters are advised to hang up only on the load-bearing walls. If the walls have a low carrying capacity, then we recommend installing heaters on them no more than 50 liters, or make them a special metal frame.

I would like to add that most amount purchased – it is 50 liters. 2. Selection: Choosing a stainless steel or enamel water heater, you will inevitably face a dilemma: water heater tank with an internal stainless steel or enameled with a tank. Enamelled tanks are cheaper, but the Russian people by ear certainly nicer word "stainless steel". "Corrosion" in our mind represents something sturdy, perpetual, well made. Conventional wisdom is that "stainless steel" is expensive enameled tank at 30 – 100%, but is several times longer, and with it you get trouble with frequent replacement of the magnesium anode, in other words in the Russian context, where the low quality of cold water, the optimum use water heaters, stainless steel. 3. Size, shape currently range of water heaters is very wide.

April 19, 2012

Design Drawing

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Another important question, which depends on the design drawing – is its location: in the corner against the wall or on the "island." In Depending on this, and the type of drawing is angular, island or wall. EXACT SIZE One of the main parameters that must be considered when selecting exhaust is its width. Hoods should not be already cooking surface, otherwise not all the evaporation from the surface will fall into the hood, some will continue to spread through the rooms. Too broad range hood, much bigger area of cooking surface, also useless. No, of course, pulling the air, it will be better, but the noise – is stronger. NOISE But the next most important parameter – this is noise. This parameter by itself can do little to characterize the hood, it is always necessary to bring (and perceive) only in conjunction with the corresponding value of the noise performance. If you want to determine which model is less noisy, you should compare the values of sound pressure at equal performance.

There is another approach. You can compare which of the extracts will be more productive at the same level of noise. For information: whisper creates noise 25 … 30 dB, the compressor refrigerator – 38 … 43 dB, the conversation – 50 … 60 dB, the allowable for a permanent job is considered noise v70dB. Productivity No matter how important the appearance of drawing, and whatever requirements are imposed on it "noise" performance is one of the main parameters which determine how well and how quickly air can be cleaned in the kitchen.

April 17, 2012

Checking Devices

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The word 'verification' in our world it's not so long ago. Most people hear 'verification' in a hurry to fix – 'check'. And wrong – just checking. Without the letter 'P'! However, these words are not only consonant with, but close to nature. Verification – the same check, but + devices! Testing, which from time to time subject to the instrument, so that was confirmed by their suitability for further use for other purposes. It is understandable, because, sooner or later, any device wears out and starts to cheat. How we test clock for precise time signals, and test instrumentation (and well: confide!) For the most accurate – the standards! Therefore, calibration is konkterny view Test instrumentation for their professional competence.

Verification – this is a very serious matter. Because the organizer span affairs in Russia today metrological principles was himself Dmitri Ivanovich Mendeleev. With the direct participation of the great scientist in 1900 was created the First Moscow tent verification of weights and measures. Today it is a Federal State 'Rostest-Moscow'. Russia's largest institution of practical metrology. Segogodnya annually more than 2.5 million measuring instruments are checked against etalolnami that are in Rostest-Moscow. But widely in the home with the notion of verification, we have encountered just recently.

Literally a year or two ago, meter verification was concern for energy suppliers. At that time the price 'for the light', 'the gas' very few cared what exactly is considered the counters. And we trust takes readings, especially without thinking whether they can trust, and how, who and how often should verify their authenticity. Now the situation has changed.

March 29, 2012


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Today the shoes – it's not only one of the attributes of clothing, designed for our convenience and protection from the cold, but also one of the ways to emphasize our style. And sometimes, choosing shoes, we pay attention not only for convenience and quality, but also the beauty and style of shoes. Sometimes for the sake of this we do not mean, to select the shoes more expensive. But how could it be a shame if not cheap fashion boots or shoes suddenly after a short time to come disrepair. This may occur because of improper, untimely or lack of care.

Let's turn our attention to a few simple tips for footwear. One common mistake – cleaning shoes before out on the street. Footwear, which is worn on a daily basis, should be cleaned immediately after coming off the street. Thus, dirt and dust will not get into the room and will not eat shoes. Mud and snow on their shoes, you must first clean brush, wipe with a damp and then dry with a cloth or napkin. If the shoe ripped off a piece of leather, and there is no glue on hand, you can use nail polish, causing it to pre-dried surface. New, neraznoshennuyu or just shoes of hard tough skin can be softened, but also make a waterproof, vterev glycerin, vegetable oil or petroleum jelly. You can also use a mixture of wax and grease, lubricate joints along foot and after polishing. Leather shoes need special care. To clean, use shampoo to shoes and warm water. In no case do not wash their shoes in the washing machine and do not use cleaning detergents containing chlorine with bleach.

March 11, 2012

Food Items

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What is different from the pastes marshmallows? Now most people immediately respond – form. In fact, the form – not the main difference between them. Few people know that candy – traditional Russian dish. It was born in the XIV century, when apple and honey rescued were brewed from honey and jam Antonov apples. The mass turned out so thick that it had to be cut into pieces. It looks like an old recipe for marmalade.

It is. But unlike jelly, candy Russian had its own secret, which is carefully stored and protected. In the mass, to make it white, added to egg whites. In the XIX century, the Russian secret goodies still found abroad. French chefs have also added to the its jelly proteins, but in a somewhat different proportions. Thus began the story of a new confectionery product, which for lightness and whiteness has been called "Zephyr." Next, the history of the marshmallow and pastes was similar to the history of marmalade. Since the XIX century, when the invention of a variety of analogs – dyes, fragrances, thickeners, delicacy became more diverse in taste, color and flavor.

Zephyr began to cover with chocolate or sugar glaze, add nuts, pieces of fruit jelly, shower wafer crumbs – all limited only by the imagination of confectioners. Unusual relative of the pastes and marshmallow sweetness is an American called marshmallow. In terms of composition, it's a treat close to the original recipe pastes – applesauce and sugar. But there is a significant difference. Instead of proteins, the Americans were added to the mix water, cornstarch and boiled grape juice. These ingredients give the same quality as proteins – a treat was white and easily whipped. Now marshmallows with different tastes and flavors enjoyed the same popularity as marshmallows, candy and marmalade. Interestingly, in English language does not make a distinction between the marshmallows, candy and sweets of the American version, compiling all the three delicacies under one common name of marshmallow. But the real sweet tooth always feel the difference.

January 1, 2012

Belarus Plastic

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In this article we describe the plastic containers, its main characteristics and materials used for its manufacture. As is known, heat-resistant plastic ware can be reusable and disposable. Many used to use on his farm hard plastic cups with a low thermal conductivity, which are less amenable to deformation in contrast to the thin plastic cups, which crumpled under the influence of even minimal force. These glasses are made from polystyrene or polypropylene. Polypropylene is now playing an important role in the packaging industry. In addition, it is manufactured from plastic products and household goods.

Polypropylene has the strength and resistance to temperature. The main useful properties of polypropylene – it is resistant to grease and weak solutions of acids and salts, fermentation products, transparency, wide temperature range. That As the temperature regimes, which can withstand plastic dishes, then, according to experts, different manufacturers are not the same. This information and other information about products, manufacturers indicate label. All manufacturer's thermal characteristics are different. There is a single standard classification of heat-resistant plastic utensils – by type of material.

The strength, thickness and heat resistance – these options develops and defines itself by the manufacturer. Should take into account not only the temperature of cooked food, but the temperature inside a microwave oven, where he can use certain brands of plastic utensils. For food the best option are containers made of polypropylene. In such a dish must be specified mark PP. This material is suitable for refrigerators and microwave, can withstand temperatures up to +150 C. Also, plastic produce these types of dishes, like dishes and mugs. For a family of reusable plastic ware is quite suitable, but under the circumstances of different people, such as catering, There are some limitations. Therefore, under these conditions apply disposable dishes. Who delivers today to the Russian market plastic bottles and plastic household products in bulk? It is easy to see that the Russian market plastic products, unlike other industries, American and Chinese manufacturers have little meaning. The main volumes of dishes as polystyrene, polypropylene and manufactured in Russia, Belarus and other CIS countries.