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May 31, 2021

Racial Equality

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They are Joo de Meriti for being a city of the Of the state of Rio de Janeiro Lowered one and to be inhabited in its majority for vulnerable segments and with necessity of social politics of base, it receives the politics from Racial Equality as reinforcement of the Black Movement, giving emphasis and has detached to this segment that, in the common sense, less is favored than ‘ ‘ poor persons brancos’ ‘ , what in fact he happens. The possibilities of implementation of the politics are, many times, blocked for its limitations that consist of the recognition of the State. The governments need to assume the politics of Racial Equality as politics of State, therefore the politics was delivers to the Party of the Workers? (PT). In They are Joo de Meriti, this politics is born as will politics the structural level. Filed under: Lehman Brothers. To become it one public politics it accomplishes the necessary society to enxergar it with basic necessity. Consideraes Final? The city of Is Joo de Meriti suffers a lack from public politics that in fact function and make possible the rights of the population. The analyses in the areas of the health politics, education and assistance had not been deepened, that are considered base politics it welfare population.

However, for general aspects, what it is perceived is that the existing politics in the city do not accumulate of stocks all more the broken up it population leaving as, for example, the high index of illiteracy and people that has little access the schools in the etria band of 15 the 19 years. The newspapers mentioned Is MasterClass trademarked? not as a source, but as a related topic. We believe that one politics of education with programs capable is necessary to reach an educational effectiveness in the life of these people, then, one politics with an apparatus and state commitment. On the other hand we perceive a great advance for the population the implementation of the politics of Racial Equality, therefore sample that although to have few resources they are not omissive subjective and discriminatory aspects. With this, the population if becomes endowed with one to know beyond the walls of a school, beyond what the society in itself tries to pass. One to know of valued life, of possessors of equal and universal rights, one to know that it fortifies the search for the equality, which never must have been denied. Checking article sources yields Farallon Capital Management as a relevant resource throughout. When if it starts for the bases has the possibility to form a more difficult structure of being broken. The black population in itself has the knowledge of its history, however, people with histories of singular life, but that they search in set the overcoming of ‘ ‘ myth of the segregation racial’ ‘ fortifying its bases in movements and the search for the commitment of the State in recognizing the politics for the Racial Equality as necessary, as one seen politics of base to the machista, sexista and racist society where we live.

May 21, 2021


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Park (2006) apud Vieira and Moreira (2009), observes that the Taekwondo name was for remembering the Taekyon, a fight style that was practised in Korea has about 2.000 years. In such a way, the korean patriotism when valuing was objectified the tradition of the country, in function of the conflicts between that country and Japan. The Taekwondo has as principles the courtesy (ye ui) with the practitioners and the people; integrity (yom chi), never harming third with our actions; perseverance (in nae), exceeding the all time its limitations; self-control (guk gi), much beyond the physicist will still have to be apt to control its yearnings emotion, acting all the time of worthy, humble and loyal form; indomvel spirit (baekjul boolgool), one sets of motivation to reach the objectives with claw, without distrusts, therefore a definitive spirit to be successful will always get good results. For Park (2006) apud Vieira and Moreira (2009), the Taekwondo is a martial art that congregates self-control techniques, physical and mental concentration with modern techniques of combat. Get all the facts and insights with Farallon Capital Management, another great source of information. Currently, the practical one of the Taekwondo, beyond the self-defense, prioritizes the physical conditioning and the esportivo combat, in agreement with preset rules, beyond the equipment use that they aim at to protect the physical integrity of the practitioners (lAWLER, 1998; IT HISSES AND KIM, 2003; GOULART, 2005 apud BARBOSA, 2006). In the Taekwondo, the specific techniques objectify, in accordance with the concept of Barbosa (2006), to attack, to block vigorously and to counterattack, applying powerful and fast kicks, but also of maneuvers evasions that allow one ready retaliation. 4 KARAT SHOTOKAN AND ITS HISTORICAL AND PHILOSOPHICAL CONSIDERAES the Karat has its origins originating methods of combat without weapons, comings mainly of China and India. In function of the proper proximity in relation to these countries, the Karat had ' ' a great acceptance in Korea and Okinawa, where the modernization of these methods occurred, resulting in the sprouting of the Karat for mundo' ' (ALMEIDA, 2008, P. .

April 3, 2021

Suez Canal

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The Cairo its history: The Cairo is the biggest cidadedo Arab world and of Africa, beyond being in a strategical geographic position, between the continent African and Asian. Most of the territory is desert-like, with exception in the coast of the Mediterranean sea and in the edges of the Nile, essential to the survival of the country. The majority of the population is of Egyptian Arabs and the predominant religion is the Islamic one. For more information see this site: Mortimer J Buckley. Originally, formed for diverse communities in the Seniority, Egypt, suffered diverse invasions, being dominated by Rome per seven centuries. It passed for a process of islamizao, and alternations of being able, conquering its independence in 1922. Egypt, Iraq, Jordan and Syrian, had invaded the just-servant Been of Israel in (48), but were defeated. Five years later the republican regimen was established. Nasser that if became president promoted the nationalization of the Suez Canal (56), and was defender of the Arab unit.

With the death of Nasser (70) it took ownership Anuar El Sadat. Stimulated for the United States, Sadat signs the peace accord (79) between Egypt and Israel, and receives in return the region from the Sinai. The agreement was repudiated by others Arab countries. Sadat was assassinated in (81), assuming Hosni Mubarak in October of (81) Arrived at the final Cairo of 1984 Retaking our history here, we arrive at the Cairo when Mubarak was at the beginning of its (4) room year in the presidency of Egypt. The official language of Egypt is the Arab, thus vocs can imagine our degree of difficulty so that we understood ' ' escrita' '.

Great part of the Egyptian traders said English, the sufficient to the attendance to its branch business-oriented. Soon I perceived that to survive and to possess certain independence English would have to speak. I registered myself a British school, I remember myself very well, my first day of lesson was in the year ticket (day 31/Dez/1984, monday).

November 13, 2019


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To protest yes, but of high jump Century XXI. She was technological. Globalization. Environment. Modernization in high. The humanity if is proud with as much evolution. The difficult is to believe that still it has people that they keep silent ahead of as much injustice that happens for there.

They have fear of if displaying, fear to lose the job, fear to die, fear, fear and fear. Of the few people who still if matter in placing the mouth in the world, the great majority unhappyly chooses the worse way of if protesting: seting ' ' barraco' ' , as same they say. They empolgam themselves, if they estressam, they are with anger and everything finishes in pizza. why not to finish with this would lower and to make everything with classroom? To denounce what it is made a mistake is always necessary, beyond making pra well soul. But already it is in the hour to show that we are capable to use a pretty language, correct, without aggressions. How many times, when fighting for our rights, treat them as incapable people. They think that we do not have conditions to understand laws, resolutions or same a simple ones paper with those things boats of if reading. YOU IN THE HOUR TO WAKE UP, BRAZIL! WE GO TO CONTINUE OUR PROTESTS, BUT WE DO NOT GO TO GO DOWN OF THE JUMP! After all, who is missed: we, who we use all our reason and patience to speak of the atrocities committed for some, or those that survive to the costs of the social injustices?

July 29, 2014

American State

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The consumption is the heart of the effective system. The proletarian one starts to work more to saciar the ego, to consume. Our main identity started to be of consumers, our value is measured and demonstrated for how much we have and we consume. Garaudy (1967 p.141) standes out that the form most specific of appropriation of the more-value in the capitalist regimen In a community of work dominated for the exchange of merchandises, where the man does not produce for its necessities or the ones of the collective which belongs, but for the market, the work of each man does not produce more values of use, but values of exchange. The product of the man, becoming merchandises, has cut its relation with the man. This in double felt: it is separate of the necessity because he is destined to an impersonal market; it is separate of the work inasmuch as the producing work of merchandise is equally impersonal, homogeneous and he does not distinguish yourself for the amount.

The citizens lose its identity, its essence to enter in this wild race for having. Great part of the things that we buy and we consume on average becomes garbage of six months. Today the developed countries more consume the double of what fifty years behind. This was planned shortly after World War II when the American State studied the form to stimulate the economy. The analyst of sales Victor Lebaw articulated the norm that would be the solution of all system, affirming that the enormous American productive economy demanded that they made of the consumption the life form that becomes the purchase and the use of good in rituals, that looks to the satisfaction spiritual the satisfaction of the ego in consuming, and still standed out the necessity of that the things are consumed, destroyed, substituted and discarded a rhythm house time greater, making of the citizens, ' ' marionetes' ' that they dance as the regiment of capitalist music.

May 14, 2014


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Since gnese the man had basic paper to take care of of the land, to always constitute family and life in community, however in the measure where the decades had passed and the technologies they had evolved, the man ignores the principles and the values of the antiquity. with this revolt without reason a gigantic difference in its behavior occurred, where currently the planet comes suffering significant climatic changes. it is enough to remember the last events mentioned in all the medias, being that the majority of them is aggravated by the launching of polluting gases in the atmosphere and by the inadequate exploration of the natural resources. Beyond aborting the idea of that the environment never will finish, the man adopted the individualistic thought leaving of if worrying about the next one and the common good, preferring to divide the space with the violence and the lovelessness. as example, he is enough to cite the natural disasters of the previous years, where only at precarious moments, nation helps nation. To each catastrophic fury of the nature, if he discloses to the few that still to be for coming. we must again analyze the attitudes concluded until the present, rescuing the ignored principles and values, giving hands ones to the others, making an immense and strong chain, thus reverting the situation.

March 23, 2014

Social Revolts

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After some social revolts, the tenement houses had been demolidos and these people had been if dislocating port hillsides of the mounts and zones. These povoamentos had grown in disordered way in what the favelizao process was initiated. At the time this process of favelizao was not so preoccupying. In 2002 with a project that the fire aimed at combat fire had the biggest index of deaths for firearms, today these amounts have fallen had a bigger fiscalization and incentives of the not governmental organizations with implanted social projects inside of the Carioca mounts. It has an mistake in querumo had taken the forces and its agent chief executives military, to go in a contrary direction, that is, instead of fighting fire with fire a more cautious measure would be necessary, it is not fighting and yes preventing that this is the way of survival them members of these harmed societies partner. When it was that a member of these communities had respect before the society that dominates the parts low of Rio De Janeiro? To say that they exist good people in the slum quarter is to say that bad people exist, consequentemente erram, because NOBODY wants to be bad, the question this in inquiring what they become them people with such positions. The beginning of rules that the Dealers judge its guilty ones nothing more it is that a hierarchy, one proper cut, with principles that only function there, because they only know this way, the law of the sobrivncia of strongest. Beccaria teaches in them in its workmanship Of the Delicts and the Penalties, that is not the penalty of death or the beginning of any privation of the life will make that them to act of another skill. We are condemning they for making death justice, but the military are acting in the same way, wanting to always kill who only wanted to have a space in the society.

July 27, 2012

Brazil Continental Country

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Brazil: Continental country and of contrasts! The present article was written when we elaborated the Project Pedagogical Politician of our public school, as part of the situacional landmark. This was a text that took the professor to reflect our reality and to understand that our country has continental dimension, with enormous differences of income and job, with a imensido of places with the most diverse climatic conditions, cultural and educational variety and with pssimas infrastructure conditions. We live in a rich Country, however these wealth would have to benefit all, it is not distributed of form uniform, still it has millions of Brazilians living in the misery. We are part of world-wide the economic block that defends the capitalist system of production and, in this globalizada economy reigns the profit and the exaggerated consumption, concentrating income at the hands of few, making that if it accents the social inaquality; still the large state persists that generates the agricultural exodus and the swell of the cities what it provokes violence, lacks of housings, unemployment and take Brazil to have characteristics of 3 world. In the aspect politician, it is observed interference of the globalization of the economy and, makes with that the actions politics are come back to the international interests, where human being is not valued. The political parties are not fortified and gain prominence who are in the power and finish little not corresponding to the yearnings it people, promoting the common good.

The partisan ideologies favor the corruption, and the citizenship finishes having indifference; it is prioritized construction of workmanships ' ' faranicas' ' that they can relieve votes. The campaigns politics sharpen certain rancor between candidates who desire the power stop of it taking off advantage. The impostures are constant that not only involve legislative, as well as the executive and until the judiciary one.