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February 19, 2021

The Existing

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Namely then to realize that hope is a State of being, which includes the true knowledge of what is wise in all, hope arises from the confidence which we have in possession, when we encountered the divinely real. “” In other words, when we us not on the supposedly comforting unreal hope “support must, which is only a unreal it is all good” justified to artificially increase the quality of our life. But during the encounter with the divine reality remind us that everything is already absolutely perfect and good. We see here that there are at least two ways for us to define hope and this is a big difference in the Same experience and results in their application, whereupon again fully let me now in General and in particular. First I would like to face the two as a basic and simplified theses and then link the whole thing with our everyday experience. So would I hope call constructive principle, as constant and as an access to the deep knowledge and define hope as aspect of wisdom, as perspective from higher divine perspective, and as the realization that everything is all right. And they describe as basically contrary to the destructive hope which is being abused from a victim attitude, to justify our passivity, in which we look towards a distant long-awaited rescue and our responsibility to an external authority. We so because of the sense of hopelessness that arises from the unwillingness to confront us with the reality a deceptive hope space grant, the us the future change of experience masquerading as without that we must face reality here, and without that we that need to go into action. Very often I hear someone say that he’s bad, I hear sue someone over the existing situation, or if the question is asked after his health, he mentioned that it could be at least better.

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