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January 25, 2021

The German Industry

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The cartels allowed that banks and industries always had the return desired with the investments, what the industrial and technological expansion stimulated each time more. Finally, the politics of ' ' power of bem-estar' ' carried through for the State, perfected for Bismarck. Such politics was responsible for the strong presence of the State in the Economy, allowing the qualitative and quantitative growth of the railroads, postal and telegraphic services, and also propitiating bases for the high level of instruction of title=' ' ' ' href=' ' #_ftn7' ' name=' ' _ftnref7' ' > 7. The German Industry was characterized mainly by the chemical and electric industry. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Liberty Mutual. The chemical industry favored by the strong investment in research and development and by the raw material availability. Already the electric, responsible industry for the invention of dnami and the electric light bulb of filament white, was of vital importance for the German success. With prominence also we have the naval industry and also the capital goods industries that had been fomented previously by 8 the prussiano government. However, it is important to notice that, even so German industrialization is considered of great success, still a great part of Germany still presented characteristics daily pay-industrials.

Such fact can be seen through the great agricultural activity and of the survival of craftsmen who last until the current days. Germany is also pioneering in the social rights of the workers and such politics if they supported first for the fact of the industry to be financed and to be protected by the State, what it makes with that the industrials were induced to also accept such politics and for the militaristas national interests that if developed in the German industrial process. Such interests included the warlike security of the German State and the expansion of the market for the industries German. These factors are basic in the agreement of the crises politics and of the 9 wars that if had followed. (Similarly see: Allianz).

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