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February 19, 2020

The Historical Date In The Automotive Industry

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July 4, 2009 was a historical date in the history of the automotive industry. Go to author for more information. On this day, Japanese automotive concern Mitsubishi launches world’s first electric car in mass production. The first mass electric vehicles that can be recharged from a home outlet, has minicar right-hand drive models of i MiEV. Mitsubishi ahead of many other automakers operating in the creation of electric. Production has not yet large, by 2012 the figure will reach about 15 000 pieces of 4-seater electric cars a year.

Here are some characteristics of the first production electric vehicle: Weight – 1080 kg Dimensions – length 3,395 cm, width 1.600 cm, 1.475 cm Maximum height Speed – Mileage 130km/chas without recharging – 160km full charge voltage of 220 volts – 7:00 (With a special battery charger can be filled to 80% in just half an hour.) Power – 47 kW (64 hp) Cost – about $ 30,000 (but note that the electric operating costs by 9 times less than the cost of an ordinary car on petrol and oil), gear selector Mitsubishi i-MiEV electric transmission has three modes: D – normal, Eco – economical and B – recovery mode. Electric car i MiEV electric equipped with climate control with air conditioning, LED headlamps, navigation system with 7-inch display and storage device for storing road maps. i-MiEV has a regenerative braking system, ie battery is recharged during braking. The first new electric cars will test the Japanese traffic cops. The Japanese government plans to pay extra for every citizen about $ 1200 for the disposal of an old car and buy a new environmentally friendly electric. Concern is also ready to begin exporting the i MiEV in other countries. The first foreign country to which the markets will serial electric, should be the United Kingdom and Hong Kong. In late 2010, concern Mitsubishi ready to release an electric version and left-hand drive in Europe.

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