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September 20, 2011

Processing And Utilization Of Cars In Moscow

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The car has been serving mankind for a long time. But, like any thing it has a limited lifetime. On average in Europe – this term is – is 3-5 years. In Russia this time – in 20 – 30 years. Where do the same for your car? One way – cause a tow truck and take it to somewhere in the village that he would pile metaloloma lay there. But I think that this is not the best way. The car must be processed and become the basis for a new car or become metal for the manufacture of other products. It is no wonder that everything in nature amenable to cycling – whether global water cycle, whether it is life and death or something else.

How did things with disposing of cars in our country, namely in two major cities of our country: Moscow and St. Petersburg. In 2004, active in the media stated on building in Moscow on 6 processing plants and cars open items for the reception and processing (about 72) in Moscow. Unfortunately to date are not available on all these projects in Moscow and continue to operate only two plant for processing scrap metal, abandoned cars, and black metal cities – Volokolamsk , and some factories in the city of Moscow. Much better was the situation with the pads on the Admission of abandoned cars. In St. Petersburg the situation is slightly better – there are several sites with the press, reducing the size of the car twice.

And as the city itself is a large recycling plant vehicles ‘Hetek’. For comparison, the above material can give an example that in the U.S. for 210 million Car – there are 20 plants for utilization of cars in Russia, 25 million accounts for only – 3 plants. But the major development challenges avtoretsiklinga in Russia is certainly not above, and byurokartizm, thereby preventing the natural Development of the processes that are necessary to modern society. Because each of us understands now that the constant increase in imports of cars and their production and their constant wear and tear they will accumulate more and bolshe.Nekotorye understand that this region is a source of income that tomorrow may give many people a job. And the unit understand kakoyvred it causes the environment today. To date, the law on recycling operates in 50 states. In 1995 the recycling industry has provided jobs for more than 1 million people. Profits, which were brought to this industry, are milliard dollars. We have also to date there is no law on recycling, correspond to our time. In connection with the above, I consider it expedient to each of the people who can influence the development of ‘Avtoretsiklinga’ to help the natural process, not slow it down. I think that in the future your kids will tell you for it very much. Lastly I would like to draw your attention to the strategy of European countries on recycling in general: – predostvraschenie waste – activities for the rehabilitation of environment – education of the population in the spirit of sustainable consumption – the inclusion of environmental parameters in the standards of product quality.

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