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April 22, 2021

The Legend

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And before the impotence could not avoid spend their nights sleepless thinking how the bird was crying inside so it could never have with him. In a question-answer forum Beth Israel Heart Transplant program was the first to reply. The bird had a remedy for this, which was to close their eyes and let kiss the fish, and so temporarily forgot. But when it is watered a plant with the ignorance it grows until you reach a moment that cover vision. And both began to note their differences, their lifestyles, and their so opposing worlds. One more rainy day unusual the fish was to see her, and instantly resolved run towards her to kiss her as he used to, but something stopped. Something broke him in the heart when he saw his beloved bird all wet and sad. His eyes were bathed in tears that seemed to daggers for the fish, his lips do not smile, and his eyes transparentaban a soul dismisses. The fish looked long and approached slowly.

Seeing him, she dried her eyes and the fish their own bathed in tears realizing that while were together they could be happy, but they suffered to be missing each other. The bird looked at his beloved fish and could read your mind. And both had no alternative but to fail to see is. And it is now for the life of the fish? He spends his time not wanting to swim, leaving to the waves carried him wherever they want. The legend says that the volume of the sea rose to double its flow thanks to the tears of the fish and his sad eyes have made Ocean a sour place to live. Once in a while, without being able to avoid the cry of your heart, nothing towards the surface and sticks out his head, contemplates the bird to fly while she not She sees him and once again, for a moment, he is happy. More stories the bird and the fish (Online) original author and source of the article

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