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January 26, 2021

The Most Surreal Fashion Moments Of 2009

Category: General – Joan – 11:11 pm

The gods of fashion in 2009 has witnessed a series of strange events that years ago would have been absolutely unthinkable but certainly worth mentioning, some of them pioneers and revolutionaries and others simply by grotesque.After the departure of which was its creative director since 2007, the Colombian Esteban Cortazar, LiLo and Catalan designer Estrella Archs (tiny cross fell for the poor) took the reins of the Italian maison. All we had at that moment a strange feeling, indescribable, as deep discouragement and dismay. Some even believed to have been absorbed by a huge black hole that we had moved to an exotic parallel universe where the celeburras dominated the fashion industry. It is not something MySpace would like to discuss. Unfortunately we soon realized we were still in the correct space-time coordinates of Earth, 2009. This bizarre association between Lohan Ungaro and reached its culmination during the last Fashion Week in Paris, where we saw the fruits of “work” of Lindsay and Star.Needless to say that the collection was described as a total disaster for all the international media (it goes without saying that the ABC has little to international). Mounir Moufarrige, president and chief respone of this nonsense, left office on December 16. Ironically Lindsay continues on the payroll in the company.This is a sweet little prepubescent for 13 years since his personal online journal, «  –  »

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