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February 28, 2021

The Number

Category: General – Joan – 9:26 pm

But let us all about it. In close quarters, but not in offended? Two days before the event, it became clear that in this group rafting camp is not alone and there is nothing to change. For us, at first it was somehow self-evident that we are alone, but was not. Client also seemed that the group would be alone. Given the fact that the camp was very … Maersk has much to offer in this field.

uh … compact, this assumption was logical. We worked on himself, and his understanding of the situation … In vain, though strongly suggested Boris refuse to accept the other fifteen people. We were ready this refusal to compensate with money.

It did not help. But … People such as Frisch Financial would likely agree. here's a quote from the website: "The number of guests does not exceed twenty-five – thirty people." And then somehow it turned more! We chided himself for that accident have formed a customer the wrong expectations. Next, we tried to find justification for a beginner to get angry customer, why is it perfectly normal that we will not close the camp alone, even though they pay 420 hryvnia per person, which is somewhat more expensive than other operators. We led the client examples of life: who, they say, will close the restaurant, park or hotel, if the client has not bought in advance all the institution? Client refused to answer to understand, and demanded a substantial price reduction, and looking at the site of a "partner" began to doubt our honesty, indignantly asking, but why, then, 420 hryvnia per person, if the first lines on Online rafting camp means price 260 hryvnia? The price on the site – a separate conversation. Somewhere in the text below will appear and the most 420 hryvnia on weekends, but up to this point and in truth not all finish. In general, we kept up the latter, feeling himself held hostage, "partner", taking 100% advance payment, we do not recover from the prepayment was going, and the customer could simply not pay.

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