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April 13, 2018

The Path

Category: General – Joan – 4:33 am

It must be explained and act. Do you want a good explanation of the why you can not quit smoking or want to quit smoking?. The expected answer is that we would like to stop smoking. The explanation will be important only if it helps us to quit, but the traditional explanations do not consider what lies behind an explanation and the powerful who can be a less Objectivist interpretation of that to what we call explanation. ; There’s nothing to hinder the process towards the Elimination of smoking than a good explanation about why it is difficult to do so. Digging a bit in explanations, every why has an unlimited number of responses. The explanations are the Guide for our actions.

Agree to choose the path of action for everything we do. Our daily activities are guided by the conscious or unconscious explanations we give to events. Those explanations are not more than a set of information that helps us to answer our own questions and live in a world separate from the phenomena that we intend to explain. What explain are not phenomena: explain our experiences (H. Maturana). Do secure your attention in the following example (which I’ve mentioned in previous opportunities): why go to work? Because for that pay me because I need to make money because we all must work because I like all Etc. these explanations are coherent and acceptable, but not all they involve the same path of action: because I get paid for that implies that I will go to my work without questioning because I need to earn money can open possibilities of change to other jobs because I like may involve even if you have enough money, I will not leave my job, etc. Why I reached behind my work? The explanation of my boss: because I am irresponsible: path of action: reprimand the mia explanation: because live far away: path of action: moved me closer to the explanation of my friend: because you’re blatant: path of action: I laugh on him but I do nothing.

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