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August 2, 2019

The Revolution

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Only that the common citizen will not be, still, enough despreconceituado chemical preparation and for, public, giving to its contributo from its proper example, with resource to the experiences lived deeply throughout the life. In this preparation or, as he intends yourself to defend, in the education and formation of the citizen of the future, not if he can nor if he must ignore the decisive paper of the Church, the family and the school, as the main agents socializadores, of among others important. They allow that the religion can accept of the Philosophy, some dose of rationality in the attempt to interpret the designs The holy ghosts, exactly knowing itself that the disclosed religion, or if it believes or is not given credit, or if it has Faith or it is not had. The paper of the Philosophy would be in the direction of contextualizar the religious dimension of the man, in a set of other important dimensions. Also it is known that it was the Philosophy to breach with the mitolgico thought, however, never the Philosophy if will be able to substitute to the religion and vice versa.

He seems much more profcuo that the Philosophy and the religion if complementarizem, for different passages: ' ' The Revolution monotesta and the Philosophy are two parallel ways that can never meet. However, it is possible that two parallel ways can be very next and to go in same direco.' ' (MALHERBE & GAUDIN, 1999:58) Therefore, will be in this to walk parallel, as a way-railway one, where Religion and Philosophy will be the carris for which have-of circulating the convoys of the values, the principles and the dimensions human beings. But other carris can symbolically be used, such as: freedom democracy; family and school; rights and duties and as much others, however, are necessary to know to distinguish the differences and, didacticamente, to establish the complementaridade. . Nicholas Carr has firm opinions on the matter.

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