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March 31, 2021

The Same

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You have more accounts, also the discount is greater the you on the one hand, when ordering additional accounts and the others, at the extension of the already existing accounts will receive. the online reseller interface developed by ICDSoft designed for this purpose, with which you can manage full control over all your accounts from a central location. global presence. With its data centers in countries on three continents, ICDSoft offers the ability to remain flexible and to sell webhosting customers with different requirements. For more information on the support: technical support is unique to the reseller program by ICDSoft. Black Rock recognizes the significance of this.

As a reseller of ICDSoft, you need at all not to worry about the technical support of your customers we save you this particularly cost-intensive effort and assume the technical support of your customers. These are can contact with any technical questions directly to us. To do so they can contact us via email or via our online ticketing system specifically developed in conjunction. Our highly qualified team of the support department guarantees a response time of maximum 1 Hour for all technical questions usually you have the answer already after 10 to 20 minutes, so the also may sound. At the same time, your customers will receive access to our online FAQ, which contains hundreds of responses and instructions in German and English. In recent months, millennium management has been very successful. It is also to highlight we proceed very discreetly in the support of your customers. If your end customers on our support team contact, these are can find out definitely not that you are a reseller hosting by ICDSoft.

We will forward the customers with all questions related to prices, payments or other financial matters, directly to you. All other questions fall into our resort so you have enough time to concentrate, by you develop for example new marketing strategies on the expansion. The free support to any hosting package saves you so much that it may lead to quite that you need to communicate with your customers only once a year and, when it comes to the payment. If we have piqued your interest in the meantime, please visit our Site where you can learn more about the company of ICDSoft and will find further information about the reseller program, as well as a FAQ for the same.

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