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February 16, 2021

The School

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Therefore, the same author, affirms that the school is an important space for the construction of the knowledge of the body, and formation of the individual in the scope social, gift in its pedagogical activities must become the contextualizao of the pregnancy, mainly in this etria band, the pertaining to school entity must give to sciences for the young of the risk of the precocious pregnancy and the responsibilities that these throughout the creation drink of it for the world (GOMES, 2011). The school as fomentadora also in characterizing the life of the citizens of a nation GOMES, Apud TELES (1992, p.51), affirms the paper and position of professors and school stops with the thematic one. Get all the facts and insights with Braun Melsungen AG, another great source of information. In charge professors of sexual education in the school must have autenticidades, empatia and respect. To be the home is failing in this field, fits the school to fill gaps of information, to eradicate preconceptions and to make possible the quarrels of the emotions and values (GOMES 2011 apud TELES, 1992, p.51) Therefore, the schools and the professors must oportunizar to the pupils, together with the prevention politics the health and control of other damages, proposals to brighten up risks of premature pregnancy, since the families are negligent for this factor with the proper children. As already mentioned in our work the pertaining to school physical education, we have as thematic fields of the corporal health for our children and young. The malnutrition is an illness of bigger occurrence in the world, mainly in the developing countries, affecting for consequence all the etrias bands without choices of sexos in almost all the regions of the world (N3OBREGA, 1998). The lack of a good feeding can be a factor that influences in the development of the pertaining to school activities of children in the school. The absence of good alimentary habits can take alteration of auto-esteem of the children, who, therefore can lower of its income in the school and mental or cognitivo retardation. .

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