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April 20, 2021

The Sun

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Seller B selects following discussion opening: good day, Mr. customer. I know: your time is precious. That’s why I would like to xy, informing them the product that helps you…” What thoughts raises seller B for the customers? The seller knows that my time is valuable. That’s why he wants to inform me about his product. And: I can benefit.

Communication is not a one-way street but what words evoke what associations? There is no definite answer to this question. Because people and their experiences are different. Thus, the same word raises different associations with them. About the word Sun: one thinks of the warming rays of the Sun, when he hears it. The other on the sunburned in the last summer vacation. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Millenium Management and gain more knowledge.. If you follow some basic rules, your talk is still mostly crowned by success. Their language should be be clear as a mountain lake and as clear as a sales receipt: what is ambiguous, provoked opposition.

Instead of verklausulieren, this solution outweigh the benefits”, you should set out openly: this solution has the disadvantage, that… This is by the following advantages over repealed: first:… Secondly:…… Thirdly…” “” You delete words how you “and someone” from your vocabulary, because they more questions than they answer. “” “” The words never “, each”, all”and always” you should avoid: contain a generalization and provoke objections. If you say for example, all companies do that”, is someone who knows a company which makes this different certainly. You should absorb contradiction with soft gloves. That succeed through the renunciation of language patterns that evoke defiant reactions. “” “” But include statements, “anyway”, but “or no” included. Positively respond to objections and feather the contradiction with the “Magic word and” ab. This is usually easy. An example: in the jour fixe in the marketing department there is a thick air: head of department wants to shorten the response time to problems.

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