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April 17, 2021

The Tango Is Alive

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The Living Tango Has Legs And Heels By Leopoldo de Quevedo and Monroy. Colombian delicious life has attractions that the mortal can not miss when you give the step. You must stop his desire to work, to think seriously and have the leisure goal deep into your pores. So are seduced with my beloved by a wheel that came on the wind in his armpits in “Evocation” Dagoberto Hernandez with the news that the company offered its A Pure Tango show at the theater Jorge Isaacs, second gala held by the Cali. There we went nose because the pace measured, solemn, sensual tango, maleva letter full of poetry and dance so refreshing, martial and slow at times and others caught up, as the passion of love, are counter to quench thirst the wandering soul. They were off the stage as a duo winners of world championships in Argentina, Medellin or Japan and the company that just won in Argentina. The couples applauded and theater scene and filled out their eyes and movements ears of colorful emotions and their bodies and clothes. The anchor recited bits of tango lyrics, sometimes tragic, sometimes sordid in the language of the old port of Buenos Aires. Charles and Diana, Sebastian and Viviana and danced the tango and milonga that runs through his veins since he left the seed Carlitos Gardel in Guayaquil and Manrique de Medellin.

Carlos and Eliana dressed in red and black in her lap, in his suit and shoes were the delights of their city with their joy. The platform was dressed in beautiful faces, smooth and sexy back, long legs, body sculpting and mercury in their throats. At the ball crossed the actors looks like daggers deep, narrow cheeks, chest and then threatened to throw the feet swell or between uneasy flirtation. Many times the ground was mocked because feet and drew a semicircle or half-dead woman slipped and I fell into delirium. The legs are raised, shrugged, embraced, they wanted to put in a cave as imaginary in the legs of his partner.

The man clutched his wife extended with the palm on the back, caressed by the torso, was in the air and almost fell on stage. It was a sensual and beautiful rite, was a song to dance and endless orgy of motion. First John Erban and Clarissa Sanchez of Venezuela * amazed audiences with its speed, its hieratic plasticity. Clarissa vibrated in a dress that was broken glass in tatters with the curling and turning back the well-measured steps. Then came the couple gaucho Biscione Roberto Castillo and Juliet with her evening gown. Looked like a black heron in flight with their endless legs rigorous nard and snow. Juno only in spring and between the Graces may emulate the beauty of her gesture and her figure. He closed the brilliant festival of couples on stage Group A Puro Tango Medellin, winner of the 2009 world championship in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Presented a struggle of love in fusion of contemporary dance, tango time and dramatic theater. Leave the soul is breathing in the air and dreaming of a time unattainable.

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