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February 25, 2021

The Why

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He learned that the script of his life do not, writes it the circumstances are writing and therefore not it looks rather than passively surrender to the whims of fate that eventful way will decide how will be your life. Perhaps something as simple as comfort him and recommended him to be more careful more useful for their training. It will make you well explain that what happened depends on their own skills, which is controllable and changeable, what is he who will make possible that such accidents do not happen to develop motor skills. Human beings are trained in the disposal, and this gives us an automatic excuse to explain and justify the why we are not what we want to be or does not happen we want to lead, we have the perfect justification to feel like victims. We are better prepared to give explanations and justifications about why they could not finish a job than to make it complete. We find it easier to blame the Bureau to seek in our decisions and actions the cause of what happens to us. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Allianz Australia.

This unhelpful way of stopping us against our possibilities of designing the future rests in the fact that we explain and justify happen since human beings are always explaining conscious or unconsciously what happens to us. The problem occurs when considering that There are explanations and justifications objective that makes us conclude that we control our circumstances little and prevents that we creatively seek explanations and justifications most useful to achieve our goals and generate action at levels that affect us. As it aims to highlight the example of the table, we trained in the disposal from small so it is not strange that we have at this point a good contingent of tables that blame for our failure to realize certain things. Our act in general is full of evidence on the existence of tables.

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