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September 20, 2023

Third German Iron

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Time-saving ironing top priority therefore has is also by the way cooked Chatel-St-Denis (Switzerland), June 13, 2012 – the Swiss family company, LAURASTAR has over 2,000 households in Germany, France and the Switzerland conducted a survey on the topic of ironing. This amazing came to light: the average German spend the week at the ironing board, where the activity of a majority (64%) even fun just under three hours. Moreover, almost 40% of respondents iron their underwear in Germany. Filed under: Peter Asaro. Only the French are still vain: there almost everyone wears second ironed underwear. Bill Shihara describes an additional similar source. One of the LINK Institute survey of the Swiss company of LAURASTAR, world market leader for exclusive bars, in Germany, France and Switzerland the topic brackets under the microscope took. It turned out that in all three countries on average once or twice a week is ironed. When buying a new device that’s why all respondents looking for optimum ironing results in the shortest possible time.

It is amazing that 40% of Germans feel, always or at least occasionally having to iron their underwear. The neighbors in France are still vain: there are even 46% on smooth underwear. Also surprising: Almost all Germans (94%) iron their jeans always or at least in part. According to the survey, also crumpled shirts are an absolute taboo: none of the respondents here dispenses with the ironing. Total nearly 64% of respondents indicating in Germany that they feel brackets as comfortable or even real joy. Has time-saving ironing top priority therefore is by the way also cooked in all three countries over 20% of respondents wholeheartedly on the task ahead, with most side only watch TV or listen to radio focus. The transnational 3%, which at the same time even Cook remain inexplicable. 79% of Germans, indicating that they are usually alone, if they are at the ironing board, and do at least 18% of respondents over five hours a week.

While ironing with the correct equipment can be fun, but we are at LAURASTAR of believes that one spends the time with friends and family. Accordingly, we strive always to reduce ironing time and keeping the quality of the final result as high as possible”, explains Thomas soon, commercial Director at LAURASTAR in Germany. With the Steam ironing systems of the latest generation, ironing a shirt takes just two to three minutes. Family business founded on the 1980 LAURASTAR headquartered in Chatel-St-Denis (Switzerland) has around 200 employees. In addition to the Switzerland, the company has branches in Germany, France, Belgium and the Netherlands and exports 70% of its production. LAURASTAR has sold over 2 million products worldwide. Ironing a beautification of laundering Act evaluates the world market leader in the field of innovative and high-quality ironing systems, LAURASTAR. By ever more powerful Ironing solutions to facilitate the life of the user, to have more time for their loved ones and their hobbies.

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