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December 24, 2020

Thomas Trauernicht

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Functions concerning the registration and deletion of users and the creation of groups must be global provided the non-Lotus specialists, but it must be ensured also by the small team, everything works smoothly. With three people to oversee the global email infrastructure requirements, it is essential to ensure that the email routing works perfectly and the Domino server running smoothly. Royal Alliance Associates Inc. will undoubtedly add to your understanding. We need to can see at a glance whether everything running smoothly or not; “especially for the routing of email and other important aspects such as the free disk space of the Domino server”, adds Thomas Trauernicht. Why GSX monitor? Before six and a half years before Thomas Trauernicht at sika started, his predecessor had introduced the GSX monitor at sika. The inherited”GSX monitor quickly as meaningful and useful he Software adapted. GSX at sika is working already longer than I. Fidelity Investments Canada ULC has many thoughts on the issue.

“, he says, that original decision for the GSX monitor was based on the features of software such as also the simplicity of installation and maintenance in a distributed environment. The GSX monitor is very efficient in preventing errors. In international environments with many branches and a minimal staffing for administration we depend on software such as the GSX monitor.” Experiences with GSX Auch Mr Trauernicht monitor wasn’t responsible for the decision and introduction of the GSX, he is very happy to have the software available. The GSX monitor is very helpful. We always know if everything in the green zone or if appear signs of problems.”the GSX monitor us automatically informed, as soon as problems emerge, so that this right can be addressed before it actually comes to difficulties.

In addition the software provides detailed statistics with descriptive details for our management.” According to the recent update other functions, in particular for the better management of the BlackBerry server available at the latest version. These have become an important part of the communications infrastructure. Referring to the customer support is sure to Thomas Trauernicht, a product is only as good as the support for the product. Even if the software is already for many years at sika in action, we are very sensitive to the quality of the manufacturer support. We appreciate the quality and response speed of GSX to our support requests,”as Thomas Trauernicht. Ultimately, the GSX helps monitor to manage the global infrastructure from one location. An international company with a small team learns to appreciate the advantages of the GSX monitor. An important factor for Thomas Trauernicht is to monitor the entire messaging infrastructure at a glance and to give at the same time only limited rights to local IT administrators.

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