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December 30, 2020

Time For The Garden

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ecowelt builds garden sprinklers of iron filter reverse osmosis filter ponds of course the experienced garden owner will maintain his garden and blow, when lack of rain (beginning of April the first forest fire warnings were issued!). Fully automated irrigation systems, however, save not only this work, but make it even better and pay through saved water consumption. You can program very easy a sprinkler system on the optimal times, namely in the morning, when less evaporated and the plants during the day need water for photosynthesis. For allotment owners account for the daily duty visits”after work. No feel guilty more to go in the holiday: You need no longer to seek your neighbors, because the automatic control is intelligent thanks to rain sensor your garden is watered just when he needs it. You have a ground water pump? Thus the Hunter, RainBird, Nelson or Gardena systems of course. There are sprinkler systems for some 100 euros. Our Trink(?)water it is not a question of faith: pesticides, hormones and drugs not simply disappear, but appears also in our groundwater.

Our Berlin tap water as well as our well water is gut…auch good enough to drink? Once regarded a protective layer formed in water pipes. Even lead pipes should be officially no reason to worry about officially… With the increased aggressiveness of water, for example by chlorine compounds, but this layer is affected. Zinc, copper and lead from entering the water. Impurities that escape the careful scrutiny of the waterworks, below the official limit or get on the path to your faucet in the water to be added. Can be chloride, nitrate, coliforms, viruses, dioxins, arsenic compounds, and many others. Well water often has the characteristic of high iron content, brown discoloration.

Then accompanied by unpleasant aftertaste. “The solution: the multi-stage filter system of a so-called reverse osmosis system” allows only the smallest particles to happen, so the water molecules (H2O). Everything else, because bigger, stays outside. Peace of mind for parents and anyone else who want to lug any bottles of water. Coffee and tea taste better when you know that you drink only coffee or tea, omitting hazardous copper, also without residues of antibiotics and hormone drugs. To choose systems with pressure booster pumps at low or uneven pressure. Prices start at 99,-euro for a portable and 279,-euros for a permanently installed system with chromed tap, which is built into the kitchen sink. Berlin is the installation for flat 75,-offered this is but easy to make. The water specialist Dipl.Ing.Christian Jackson one water test you by (Tel. 030-31808034,)

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