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December 25, 2020

Ukrainianthree Navarros

Category: General – Joan – 7:26 pm

8, to eat at the bar La Vina where for nine euros, have served me an excellent menu based pasta salad (delicious) and a (good) St. Jakob, here, after eating while I enjoyed a cup of coffee and a shot, I’ve started to write this story surrounded by more heterogeneous Diners, a moreno with a white with pint being Ukrainianthree Navarros(no hay ninguna duda de ello por sus caras y su acento), two unclassifiable, one; pint of poor, another; It seemed a clerk and a couple who seemed to be scolded each other by the faces that showed. The two waiters, with much more efficiency and professionalism than sympathy, have served me circumspect but fast and good work, and in their behavior, beyond reproach. Here writing because they are 15: 00 hours,’m half sleepy and I will try to listen to the news that den on TV since I’m interested in knowing them since apparently, a flying device has crashed this morning in Madrid. until then! . . .

. . . After listening to the news on TV where reported that a small plane has fallen in the vicinity of the M-40 Madrid, one turn I have come by the city. I’ve approached the Town Hall square to admire the facade of its City Council from whose balcony the famous Fiesta launch beginning of the fiestas of San Fermin, and from here, crossing the plaza del Castillo, who was beautiful and well sunny, I’ve gone Street up avenida Carlos III the Noble, until you reach plaza de Conde Rodezno, where the NCR offices were once located, I’ve come to the portal and there follows the cafeteria Reta and the bottom of the self-taught Blogs related Free plaz chigrin articles Blog Archive What You Should Know About five happy Cinco de Mayo RantouRage routes camino de Santiago To Enjoy Games for Cinco de Mayo Friends Mex Spanish Restaurant BLOG Austria, a rural ideal destination for winter Blog Toprural Organic Baby Cotton break in Grey by Imps & Elfs Estella Blog 10 Tips For Taking Better Photographs of Your Child Rosario Central San Lorenzo Live stream Match Highlights Join Me For Cinco De Mayo The Angel G Movement Watch Rosario Central v San Lorenzo Live Watch Live Football TV

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