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November 16, 2013

United States

Category: General – Joan – 5:12 am

The second is the most cowardly way and to which I personally have referred to as the bravest cowardice of the State Colombian many readers ask the reason for this appellation, others will say me crazy by using these two words nonsynonymous; but it is not anything crazy and I explain it this way: when I say cowardice is by actions of the Government and its military and paramilitary allies did what once recruited a very large number of people, mostly peasants and peasant and piled up in camps far away from the urban area, they are tortured forms quite unusual to others keeps them days without liquids or food until the moment in which his body exhausted of fighting it abandons its functions and other acecina them is simply with rifles so that they may appear as guerrillas killed in combat. But I also speak of courage and this is more easy to understand yet, the corpses of these annihilated peasants are dressed in guerrilla uniforms and presented to the global masses as a result of his alleged fight is not counter-terrorism to the contrary is eminently terrorist and that is why I speak of courage because it is necessary to be too brave or very stupid to simply believe that everyone is going to pay and will applaud their fight or believe that they are all so cojudos like them not even fighting for his glory nor freedom but rather converted to simple mercenary slaves from the United States of America. Now if both a person who talked and described their qualities and combat abilities is Lord alvaro Uribe one of the best representatives of fools tooling for the U.S. Government.

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