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October 30, 2015

VAT Income

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This measure would allow enterprises to more actively invest in the business. For example L. Erhard, the author of the German economic miracle, used the method of accelerated depreciation of property – in the first two years one could write off 50% cost of production facilities, and in 1951 in Germany, it was sanctioned by the direct reduction of the tax base for capital expenditures. On the contrary, we have investment credit was repealed in 2001. One of the most important tasks of fiscal policy is shifting the center of the tax burden from corporate tax to taxes on individuals. For even more opinions, read materials from Peter Schiff.

It is obvious that such a measure would not stimulate consumption and investment, stimulating reducing inflation. As is known, the share of income tax in the budget of the Russian Federation has a less significant weight in total revenue, compared with developed countries, they have – at least 30-40%, while in Russia less – 10%. In most civilized countries a progressive income tax rate, for example, in the U.S. scale is between 15 and 40%. Such a tax is actually a tax "on wealth." And the introduction of a progressive scale of tax, voiced by S. Stepashin, would help solve this problem. Raising taxes on the income of the richest people should be required "payment" for social stability.

Rate on income from level 7-10 thousand dollars a month could be raised to the level of 15%. But maximum bet on a progressive scale should not exceed 18-20%, otherwise they will not pay. You must change the attitude of Russians to taxation – when everyone will understand that the money from the budget spent for the benefit of the country and its citizens, citizens and entrepreneurs will be much more willing to pay them. The most important task – in principle to increase tax collection. But the efficiency of tax collection for the state must not only work with taxpayers, but also improve its own credibility, develop a system of faiths. The tax system in Russia should be such as to payment of taxes is not a problem. The more reasonable tax rates, the will collect more treasury. The issue of reducing the VAT has been postponed until August. Soon it will be clear on what economic model we go: in a civilized, transparent and innovative model of development or resource with the "gray background". VAT reduction – an effective political move that could significantly improve the economic situation and the mood in the society.

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